This Is Not Fair Niranjan Bhai ….


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 20, 2015           08.00 P.M.

Hi Niranjan Bhai !

What you did is not fair! Yes I am complaining.

It was the night of December 16th. As the clock struck 12.00, date changed and it was beginning of December 17, 2015. It was my birthday. 63rd birthday. From 12.01 AM onwards, I started getting messages of greeting. On 12.10 AM I received a message from your son Gautam Shah. He always wishes me so I thought it was a birthday wish. But it was not. I read and was shocked beyond belief . The message which I got on WhatsApp was :


At this hour of sudden sad demise of My beloved Father, Mr. Niranjan T Shah , I want to inform you that his Condolence Prayers (Prathna Sabha) is scheduled today on 17th Dec 2015, Thursday, from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm at :

Mahavir Nagar, Opp. B.C.C.I Ground (also known as MCA Ground), Kandivali – West.
Mumbai -400067.

Gautam Shah & Family.
RPG Wealth Maximizer.


I was shocked. You called me on Diwali to wish me and my staff. You did tell me about your illness but you also talked about my printing work. I thought that I would you meet you soon. But it was not meant by fate and destiny was scheming some wicked scheme.

Niranjan Bhai, it was a 10 year-old association.

I first met you in 2005 in your Ballard Pier office regarding my acting institute’s brochure. We worked late in the night to complete the work. And it was not one or two days. It was for almost a month. You never complained though you lived in Borivli, far away from Ballard Pier.

Our association grew. You were perfectionist and I like clean and well designed work. I remember, on many occasions even if I said that everything is flawless and you can go for printing, you always said, “no I will give you one more dummy and then we shall proceed for printing.

In 2012, when I contacted you for the new brochure, diction book and other materials for VIDUR ACTING INSTITUTE, you again did my work with perfection. I paid you after almost a year but you never called me even once for the payment. You knew that I was struggling with my finance and wont be able to pay immediately. You cooperated without making me say so.

In December 2014, when I again printed my new brochure, notepad and some other things, the bill was huge. You said without me saying a word that since the amount is big you can pay me in installments.

Niranjan Bhai, I am indebted to you for your cooperation during my struggling days and moreover without making me feel guilty for not being able to pay.

It is not about payments only. In 2012 I wanted to print something in my diction book. You told me that it is bad in taste and I should not do it. You were rather adamant that I desist from doing it. In retrospect I think, you were absolutely right. I feel fortunate that I took your advice.

Niranjan Bhai, like a true friend you stood like a rock in my support.

But I am sad that you left this world on my 63rd birthday. In the morning I cut the cake, which was brought by my students and in the evening I rushed to PAWANDHAM, Mahavir Nagar for your prayer meeting.

At the PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting of Niranjan Bhai

At the PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting of Niranjan Bhai

I never thought that one day I will only see your portrait and not you in person. But this is life.


PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting - 1

PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting – 1


PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting - 2

PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting – 2


I met your son Gautam but could not utter a word. I sat in the rear row and saw your photo. Memories of our first meeting in 2005 came rushing down in torrential form.

Portrait of Niranjan Bhai at PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting

Portrait of Niranjan Bhai at PAWANDHAM Prayer Meeting


What more can I say? I lost a true friend and supporter.

Rest in peace Niranjan Bhai!

We shall surely meet again in our next life.

Good bye till then. Good bye Niranjan Bhai!


Vidur Acting Institute Logo

On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I offer condolences to the family of Niranjan Bhai.







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