From Drop to A Pearl : Journey of Narendra Jetley


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 10, 2016           10.00 P.M.

With Narendra Jetley in my Office

With Narendra Jetley in my Office

If my memory is not failing me, the year must have been 2010. Narendra Jetley was a students of Batch No. 32. [ Technically he is not a student of VIDUR ACTING INSTITUTE ].

I still remember his first few tentative baby – steps in the class. Confused but eager to correct himself ………… doubtful but always ready to remove doubts …………………. prone to mistakes but always willing to make amends. It was a normal journey of a budding actor. He, at that time, was just an ephemeral, inconsequential drop of water in the seamless, endless ocean of FINE ARTS.

It has been 5 years now. And if I look back and try to analyse, the same ephemeral, inconsequential drop of water has miraculously metamorphosed as an immortal, precious pearl.

And let me make it clear. It is his personal victory. All his accomplishments are fruits of his own tireless efforts. No acting trainer or acting institute can make that kind of transformation in any actor.

Just look at his body of work and variety of roles, which he essayed in his ads.



In between he has done variety of roles in few films also. It’s just a start. His zenith has yet to come.


Movies / Serials / Telefilms :
1) One Night Stand, (Dir – Jasmine D’Souza)
   StarringSunny Leone,Tanuj Virwani
2) Ishq Click, (Dir – Anil Ballani)
   StarringAdhyayan Suman,Sara Loren
3) Gabbar, (Dir – Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi,krish)
    Starring: Akshay Kumar,Kareena Kapoor,Shruti Hasan
4) Raja Natwarlal,(Dir – Kunal Deshmukh)
    Starring: Emraan Hashmi,Humaima Malik,Paresh Rawal
5) Hum Tum Shabana, (Dir – Sagar Ballary of Bheja Fry)
   Starring: Tushar Kapoor,Shreyas Talpade,Minisha Lamba
6) Ur my jaan, (Dir – Aron Govil)
   Starring: Mikaal Zulfikar,Aman Verma
7) Don Bhaisahab, (Dir – Virag Mishra)
  Starring: Vinay Pathak,Mona Singh,Satish Kaushik
8) Powder,TV Series by Yash Raj Films (Dir – Atul Sabharwal)
9) Punaah, Telefilm (Dir – Shashant Shah)
   Starring: Ranvir Shourey
10) Aftermath, (Dir – Rama Rau)
      Screened at Cannes Film Festival 2011


In these 5 years, Narendra Jetley worked hard and made his mark. He had no connections of any kind in the world of films. But he made his place in the industry with sheer grit, tenacity and will power.

Today when I look back and watch his growth an a thinking actor, I feel so proud.

I see a very bright future for him and wish him all the best.


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4 Responses

  1. All that I’m or ever hope to be…its only bcoz of consistent guidance,motivation and hardwork of my teachers….whatever little bit of acting I’ve learned it’s only the perseverance of my teachers …

    Words coming from vidur sir….mean a lot…vidur sir is sm1 who doesn’t praise any1 so easily…so with all due respect…I take every word written above by sir with great pride and responsibility and promise to live upto his expectations…

    I’m what I’m only only only because of my teachers at kreating Charakters…

    Long live my teachers…love you vidur sir… More power and more energy to you…

    You are a fab teacher….😊


  2. Simply fantastic & outstanding journey My Bhai !!😊👏congo dear Narendra Jtly.Truly desrving!!😊💐& Sir,these kinda of appriciation from you,alwys means a lot for us.Big Thnx for your Guidance & Motivation.yours Rajen Vyas😊


  3. Simply fantastic !!😊👏congo my dear friend Narendra Jtly.Truly desrving!!😊💐& Sir,these kinda of appriciation from you,alwys means a lot for us.Big Thnx for your Guidance & Motivation.yours Rajen Vyas😊


  4. It’s always a pleasure to watch my humble friend in all these lovely ads and movies. He is a great man and an inspiration to many … Instinctive actor with lots of grace and potential. Hindi Cinema need actors like Narendra Jetley. Keep Shining. You’re truly a rising star !
    P.S.- Amazing blog – From Drop to a Pearl : Journey of Narendra Jetley !!!


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