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MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 01 , 2013           05.00 P.M.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 36,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.




An Internet Bloomer : 2011

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           January 07 , 2012            01.50 A.M.

My last year’s article about my forays into internet was an impromptu effort . Since the activities are escalating by each passing year , I decided to give it a proper shape and post an account of my internet activities every year in the first week of January .

FACEBOOK : / Vidur Chaturvedi


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As I have stated last year , Facebook was my first foray into internet  . In 2010 , I had 517 friends , which jumped to 1468 friends in 2011 . In one year 951 new friends joined me in my journey . In 2010 ,  I had created 16 albums and up – loaded 1163 photos .  In 2011 ,  it jumped to 24 albums and 2078 photos . In one year , a jump of , 6 more albums and 915 new photos .

I started posting THOUGHT of the DAY every night post 12.00 A.M. from August 2010 . Tonight when I posted my thought , I was surprised to notice that its number is 510 . Uninterrupted run of 510 days is quite a long journey indeed .



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I started blogging in March 2009 . My first blog was posted on March 30 , 2009 . I created my account on WordPress on that day and started blogging .

Till the end of 2010 , I had posted 150 blogs . At the end of 2011 , its number is 227 . This blog will be 228th in the series . A leap of 78 blogs in one year .

Till the end of 2010 , I used to write in 28 categories . At the end of 2011 , I am using all the 32 categories . In 2010 I had 566 tags and in 2011 they have jumped to 1,963 . It is a big leap of 1,397 tags .

In 2010 , September 27 was the busiest day . I got 108 hits in a single day . It seems to be norm now in 2011 . 124 hits on April 14 ; 114 on September 07 ; 142 on September 20 ; 105 on December 28 , 124 on December 29 and 113 on January 06 , 2012 . April 18 , 2011 was the busiest day for my blog space . I got 219 hits . In 2011 , on 06 occasions , I got more than 90 hits per day . Total number of hits in 2010 were 8,107 . 2011 took a gigantic leap . Total number of hits are 25,549 . 17,442 hits in one year . It comes to 1453 hits per month and almost 50 hits per day . It is a far cry from 4 / 5 hits per day in the beginning of blogging .

In 2011 ,  I added flag counter to my blog space . To my amazement , I found that people of 84 countries have visited my blog space . In 2010 Flag Counter was not there . So comparative data is not available . But I am ecstatic .  Apart from India , name of other nations , whose nationals visited my blog space , are ; U.S.A. ; UNITED KINGDOM ; TAIWAN ; PAKISTAN ; NETHERLANDS ; CANADA ; U.A.E. ; SAUDI ARABIA ; BELGIUM ; BANGLADESH ; FRANCE ; AUSTRALIA ; GERMANY ; MALAYSIA ; QATAR ; ITALY ; NEPAL ; SINGAPORE ; BAHRAIN ; HONG KONG ; OMAN ; SERBIA ; SWEDEN ; SWITZERLAND ; SRI LANKA ; THAILAND ; POLAND ; INDONESIA ; SOUTH AFRICA ; MALDIVES ; PORTUGAL ; SOUTH KOREA ; BRAZIL ; JAPAN ; UKRAINE ; NEW ZEALAND ; GREECE ; RUSSIA ; TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ; TUNISIA ; ROMANIA ; MONTENEGRO ; MAURITIUS ; ISRAEL ; FINLAND ; ECUADOR ; ALGERIA ; PHILIPPINES ; ICELAND ; HUNGARY ; MEXICO ; URUGUAY ; BULGARI ; AUSTRIA ; MOROCCO ; AZERBAIJAN ; MOLDOVA ; LEBANON ; KUWAIT ; MOZAMBIQUE ; TURKEY ; BELARUS ; BHUTAN ; ALBANIA ; GHANA ; KENYA ; VENEZUELA ; SLOVAKIA ; CZECH REPUBLIC ; COLOMBIA ; VIETNAM ; HONDURAS ; EGYPT ; NORWAY ; LUXEMBOUR ; GLATVIA ; BOLIVIA ; DENMARK ; CROATIA  and  IRELAND . Apart from above mentioned 84 countries , there were 19 other visits from unknown destinations . It makes the number of visiting country 103 . It is very encouraging for a non – entity like me .

List of my most – read blogs are also increasing . In 2010 , only 10 blogs had got more than 100 visits . In 2011 Home Page had got 7,016 hits . One blog post got more than 1,081 hits . Another one got 6,21 ; one got more than 430 ; 4 blog posts got more than 3,00 ; 2 got more than 2,00 and 19 posts got more than 100 hits .

I am in real ecstasy . I am numb . I am humbled .



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I started twitter account on June 17 , 2009 . Till the end of 2010 , I had posted 2,740 tweets and had got 142 followers . Till the end of 2011 , I had posted 4,977 tweets and had got 392 followers . A jump of 2,237 tweets and 250 followers .



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Till the end of 2010 , I had just 11 Linked In connections . It jumped to 48 connections in 2011 .

Apart from above mentioned activities , I have Wikipedia Profile , YouTube Channel , Google Account and few others . All these accounts , for convenience , are assembled in Gravator Profile .

It is now 32 month – old passion . I would like to call it A Dream of Passion on Internet .



An Internet Bloomer

It is the last day of 2010. A year, one more year of my life will end within an hour, rather a decade of my life is going to be finished very soon.  Previously I used to learn one new language every year. This seems to be impossible now, firstly because of the advancing age and secondly because of the extremely hectic schedule of mine.

thank you 2010 :)

Image by naoK via Flickr - Thank You 2010

As they say, empty mind is Devils workshop ; luckily I saved my mind from becoming Devil‘s workshop. In 2009 I started dabbling in internet. Slowly, hesitatingly and after several bouts of procrastination, I managed to learn to use internet. Here I will try to chronicle my forays into the maze called internet.

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Facebook : [ Vidur Chaturvedi ]


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This was the first account which was opened for me by my son Raunak Chaturvedi. He used to egg me on to use it but it remained dormant for years. I don’t remember exact dates but I started using it in March 2009. Now I have 517 friends. I have created 16 albums and up-loaded 1163 photos till today. In August 2010, I started posting THOUGHTS OF THE DAY every night and today on 31st night of 2010, I will be posting 140th THOUGHT OF THE DAY. Seems to be a satisfying journey for a reluctant traveller.

Blog : [ ]



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My blog space was created on wordpress for the website of my institute KRATING CHARAKTERS. I posted my first blog ” Putting Pen to Paper ” in the month of March , 2009. I copied same blog and pasted it on the above mentioned blog space in the month of March, 2009. It was 30th March 2009. One year and nine months have passed . I assume , I am quite successful. This is my 150 th blog. I write blogs in 28 categories and have 566 tags. September 27, 2010 was the busiest day, as I got 104 hits in a single day. Till now I have got 8,107 visitors on my blog space. I have received 40 comments also. All these things happen without any kind of optimization. In fact 10 blogs have got more than hundred visits per blog.

Twitter : [ ]


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It is the newest of the lot. It was opened again by my son on June 17, 2009. Till now there are 2,740 tweets with a tiny bunch of 142 followers, who ,God knows why, follow me.

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Apart from these above mentioned accounts, I have Linked in account with 11 connections. Wikipedia, Google, Jai Bhojpuri and Flicr profiles are also there along with YouTube channel. All these accounts are assembled in my Gravatot Profile account.

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In this 20 month-long journey, I feel I have managed to cross few milestones. It is very gratifying and satisfying journey indeed. This journey is now going to enters in the 21st month in just few seconds. Oh, It has now entered in its 21st month. God !

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One Year Of Blogging

Today is March 30, 2010 and I am posting my 96th blog. One year back on March 29, 2009 and almost around this time in the night, I started my blog space :

I must admit that it was a hesitant start. I had lots of doubts about myself and about the new medium, I was venturing into.  Then I was computer illiterate and definitely not a net savvy person. I was initiated into it and wrote my first blog for Kreating Charakters website – “ Putting Pen To Paper ”. It was few days before March 29. But that was it. I never pursued it further. But on March 2009, suddenly I felt an urge to write and I wrote and posted a new blog on my above mentioned blog space. Gradually I started writing and posting blogs regularly and religiously.

As I started writing regularly, I found to my amazement that I have so many topics to write on and then I divided my blogs in 09 Categories. They are :

1 – 1…………………………………………………………..02 ===Postings
2 – Films…………………………………………………….36 =====”
3 – Memoirs………………………………………………..09 =====”
4 – Miscellaneous…………………………………………05 =====”
5 – Neighbours-China……………………………………03 =====”
6 – Neighbours-Nepal……………………………………04 =====”
7 – Neighbours-Sri Lanka………………………………03 =====”
8 – Politics…………………………………………………36 =====”
9 – Social Issues………………………………………….04 =====”

Till date, in all the categories, I have posted 95 blogs. This is my 96th blog. It means I wrote and posted 08 blogs per month or 02 blogs per week.

In the first month ( March 2009 ), I got only 09 hits. Scenario completely changed after a year in March 2010. In this month, till today I have got 523 hits. From 09 hits a month to 523 hits a month ! What a sea change, what a journey ! In total I have 2809 hits. The average comes to 08 hits per day. But there were some special days also, when I got too many hits. On November 19, 2009 there were 60 hits. On March 19, 2010 there were 42 , on March 24 there were 40 and on March 27, two days before anniversary there were 61 hits on my blog. On March 28, a day earlier the anniversary, I had 44 hits. Not very discouraging figures. But there is scope to improve. It has to improve.

In the year I had some unexpected VIP visitors too. People from L. K. Advani’s office, Narendra Modi’s office and Telugu Superstar Nagarjuna’s office visited my blog space. Eminent film directors like Shekhar Kapur and Mahesh Bhatt too found time to visit it. My student Vivek Oberoi visited it and so many others students also hit it regularly. Yesterday I had Taslima Nasreen as a visitor. I am happy she visited my blog on the 1st anniversary. It’s like icing on the cake.

It has been a successful endeavour. I hope this fascinating obsession will continue unabated in the coming year too. Amen !!

I celebrated the anniversary with my family at a quiet dinner at a new eatery KHAU GALLI in Andheri , Mumbai.


Putting Pen To Paper – My First Ever Blog

 2It happened in 1969 . I joined Allahabad University for graduation . English Literature was one of my subjects

 After graduation , again I got myself enrolled in the same University for Post graduation . Again English Literature was my subject .

I was introduced to the world of Chaucer , Milton , Shakespeare , Wordsworth , Shelly and Keats . One expression was very common and that was putting your pen to paper . When you write you put your pen to paper .

Years later I am writing , but I didn’t put my pen to paper . In fact there is no pen at all . Still I am writing . And it won’t be published , it will be posted .

 Everything is changed . Just 35 years and such a drastic change . I am 56 years old now and tonight on  March  05 , 2009 at 11.55 p.m. I am writing the first blog of my life and that too without putting my pen to paper.

I don’t know how will it be received by my students and other youngsters , but I am loving every moment of it . Putting my fingers to my BlackBerry .

Pehlaa pehlaa pyaar hai
Pehly pehli baar hai



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