My Association With ” O Teri “



MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 01 , 2014           11.45 A.M.


I thought to write this blog and post it on March 28, 2014, when Atul Agnihotri produced film ” O Teri “ got released. But I was unable to accomplish my wish because of two factors. First was the coming national elections of the 16th Lok Sabha and the second was the incessant and gruelling work pressure of my acting institute.

2014 Indian general election  were conducted in 9 phases from 7 April 2014 to 12 May 2014 and the results of the election were declared on 16 May 2014. So watching evening and night news on various channels became a must and I was not able to sit and write my blog. Night after night, I sat in front of television set totally engrossed in the election news. As per my habit, I am not interested only in the new batch of my acting institute like few upstart and wannabe acting trainers. I have my social, political and national duties, commitments and obligation to fulfill too.

Then there were work related issues. These days I don’t even find time for lunch. Morning, evening and special classes take all my working hours and it is simply not possible to fit in some time for writing blogs in a  10 hour-long working day. So this much delayed blog is being posted today.

” O Teri “ got released on March 28, 2014 in approximately 1000 theatres across India. As per industry trade pundits it met with mixed response. But this Atul Agnihotri produced and Umesh Bist directed film is very close to my heart.


With Mr. Atul Agnihotri, Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

I am very close to producer Atul Agnihotri and his family. I have worked with his wife Alvira Agnihotri also. His sister-in-law Arpita Khan is also close to me. Atul ji is kind enough to call me whenever he wants an acting trainer for his actors. I worked with Hazel Keech for his ” Bodyguard “. I was again called by him to conduct acting workshop for the lead actors of his new venture  ” O Teri “. As required, I started acting workshop with Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi in Atul ji’s office.

With Mr. Atul Agnihotri in His Office

With Mr. Atul Agnihotri in His Office


With Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

I first trained Pulkit Samrat, when I was working with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor. After completion of the training, Pulkit was chosen for the role of  Lakshya in Ekta Kapoor’s mega serial  ” Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ” [ 2006 ]. I, again worked with him privately in 2007 when he quit ” Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi “, and was searching for work. 6 years later, I worked with him briefly for ” Fukrey ” [ 2013 ]. So when I was called to train him for ” O Teri “, I was very happy. Thus with Pulkit Samrat, it is a 9-year old relationship. His fiance Shweta Rohira is also my student. Pulkit, unlike some other stars of his generation, is very hard-working and always smiling up – coming super star.


With Pulkit Samrat & Amit Kapoor in a Party

With my Wife, Pulkit Samrat & Amit Kapoor in a Party


Bilal Amrohi was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised, when I got to know that he is grandson of legendary producer – director late Kamal Amrohi. He is very emotional, yet he has impeccable comic – timing.


With Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

” O Teri “ is special to me for one more reason. One day I came to know that my son’s friend G. J. Singh has been signed as the music director of ” O Teri “ and his brother Jas a.k.a. Jaspreet is singing songs in the film. They met me one day and made me listen one particular song. It immediately caught my attention because of its very catchy tune and peppy lyrics. Song in question was ” ………….. Ummbakkum Ummbakkum ……………… “. I asked them, “who has written the lyrics?”  They told me that the lyricist is none other but my son Abhinav Chaturvedi. I was surprised. My son made this baby step without my help. And thank God! he never allowed himself to be degraded for getting work. Unlike some uncouth revellers, who, to get a B-grade film, became factotum and doormat of their own student, he never allowed himself to become subservient to anyone.

Raunak Chaturvedi

With my Son Abhinav Chaturvedi in 2011

Abhinav Chaturvedi in April 2014

Abhinav Chaturvedi in April 2014

Irrespective of the box office verdict of ” O Teri “, I am happy to be associated with the film. Apart from Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Agnihotri, with whom I am so close, ” O Teri “ also has Pulkit Samrat, Bilal Amrohi, Jaspreet, G. J. Singh and my son Abhinav. They all are closely associated with ” O Teri “.

IMG_0869 (13)

With Playback Singer Jaspreet

” O Teri “ remains and will always remain a special film for me. To commemorate ” O Teri “, I made a video and up-loaded the same on YouTube.

Vidur Club News Video 3 – ” O Teri ” & ” Main Tera Hero ” :


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , I congratulate all my above mentioned students and the team of ” O Teri “.

VIDUR Editing Studio, VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise would also like to wish them well.




Celebrating ” Gulaab Gang ”


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           MARCH 10 , 2014           01.20 A.M.

I was eagerly waiting for ” Gulaab Gang “ to release . I am an admirer of Madhuri Dixit and desperately wanted to see her on-screen with Juhi Chawla . But the true cause of my excitement and wait was something else .

” Gulaab Gang “ will always be an important film for me because it features two students of mine . One is Tanvi Rao , who is an actor and an accomplished danseuse and the second student is Pawni Pandey , who is the playback singer in the film and her song ” ………………… Sharm Laaj Moh Maar Kar , Hata De Ye Pallu Jhaad Kar ……………. “  is filmed on Madhuri Dixit .

So the wait was on and it ended on March 07 , 2014 , when the much awaited film ” Gulaab Gang “ was released .

Collage of Posters of "Gulaab Gang"

Collage of Posters of “Gulaab Gang”

Tanvi Rao and her father Shri Hari Prasad ji visited me two years back , when Tanvi was signed for ” Gulaab Gang ” . I was stunned to see a small girl sitting in front of me and talking to me in supreme confidence . I was shocked to know that she was going to be a co-actor in the film and will perform with Madhuri Dixit . Time was less and she was in Mumbai only for few days . It was a challenge for me and as usual I don’t shun challenges and responsibilities . So I started training her immediately .

I must make it clear in writing that Tanvi , the always smiling cute girl , is very hard-working student and extremely disciplined artiste . I thank her parents for inculcating this culture in her and giving her such great values and ethics , which is fast vanishing from the present day generation . She completed the training and along with her father , went back to her native place Mangalore . But they always remained in touch .

Tanvi , along with her father , came to meet me again and seek my blessings before the start of the shooting . It is so heart warming . It is so unlike some of the students , who make it a point not to acknowledge their teachers before shooting or after the release of their films . Tanvi and her father were full of respect and gratitude , though I had only done my job . Yet they came to me to seek my blessings . It brought tears in my eyes . I was overwhelmed .

With Tanvi Rao in My Office

With Tanvi Rao in My Office

With Tanvi Rao & Her Father Shri Hari Prasad in My Office

With Tanvi Rao & Her Father Shri Hari Prasad in My Office

Tanvi Rao with Madhuri Dixit

Tanvi Rao with Madhuri Dixit

Tanvi Rao Sitting on the Ground

[ With Madhuri Dixit ] Tanvi Rao Sitting on the Ground

Tanvi Rao with Madhuri Dixit

Tanvi Rao with Madhuri Dixit

I must make it clear that apart from acting in ” Gulaab Gang “ , Tanvi Rao is an accomplished dancer and she has toured the world for her highly successful dance performances on stage . She has won many awards .

11th President  of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Blessing Tanvi Rao

11th President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Blessing Tanvi Rao

My second student in ” Gulaab Gang “ is Pawni Pandey , who has sung the song ” ………………… Sharm Laaj Moh Maar Kar , Hata De Ye Pallu Jhaad Kar ……………. “  . She is currently getting trained in the Batch No. 82 of  VIDUR Acting Institute .

IMG_0934 (3)

Batch No. 82 – Vidur Acting Institute

With Pawni Pandey in My Office

With Pawni Pandey in My Office

She started as a participant in ” Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs ” in 2006 and was a finalist and stood at 5th position . She started her singing career with Sohail Khan’s film ” Kissan ” [ 2009 ] . 

Since she is in the current batch , I will talk about her later .

Collage of Pawni Pandey

Collage of Pawni Pandey

Komal Nahta Interviewing Pawni Pandey for His Show on Etc Channel

Komal Nahta Interviewing Pawni Pandey for His Show on Etc Channel

In the Silver Jubilee year of my Acting Training career , ” Gulaab Gang “ is the 4th film in 5 months in which my 5 students made debut . 5 debuts in just 5 months is incredible . The list is envious .

Urvashi Rautela ……….. ” Singh Saab The Great ” [ November 2013 ]

Daisy Shah ……………….. ” Jai Ho “ [ January 2014 ]

Preeti Desai ………………. ” One By Two ” [ January 2014 ]

Tanvi Rao …………………. ” Gulaab Gang “ [ March 2014 ]

Pawni Pandey ……………. ” Gulaab Gang ” [ March 2014 ]

” Gulaab Gang “ is doing quite well at the box office . I am posting tweets of trade analyst Mr. Taran Adarsh to show that among the 3 releases of this week , ” Gulaab Gang “ is the highest earner .


#GulaabGang Fri 2.41 cr, Sat 2.90 cr to 3 cr. Total: 5.30 cr+ nett. India biz only.

#Queen Fri 1.75 cr [revised], Sat 3.50 cr. Total: 5.25 cr nett. India biz only.

#TotalSiyapaa Fri 1.11 cr, Sat 1.43 cr. Total: 2.54 cr nett. India biz only.


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , I congratulate Tanvi Rao and Pawni Pandey for their stupendous success !

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to wish them well for their glorious future !

Thanks for making me proud ! Thanks for being wonderful students ! Thanks for being cultured and respectful ! Thanks for not being abusive and disrespectful like few others ! Thanks for not being scheming upstarts and conniving fakers ! Though I am a small man , just a speck in the scheme of the things and can make no difference in any way but still I thank Tanvi Rao and Pawni Pandey from the bottom of my heart !

शत – शत तुमको धन्यवाद है , सुखी रहो जीवन भर ;

झरें शीश पर सुमन सुयश के , अम्बर तल से झर – झर ॥

May God bless you both always !



Urvashi Rautela , Singh Saab The Great & A Poetic Justice


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           NOVEMBER 28 , 2013           07.10 P.M.

URVASHI RAUTELA ; Miss Universe India 2012 / Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2011 World / Miss Asian supermodel 2011 / Miss Teen India 2009

All the above mentioned titles belong to Urvashi Rautela , my student , who just made her debut in ” Singh Saab The Great “ opposite Sunny Deol . The movie is directed by Anil Sharma , who earlier made Gadar – Ek Prem Katha ” [ 2001 ] .

Urvashi Rautela - Batch No. 68

Urvashi Rautela – Batch No. 68

She was sent to me by Rikku ji and joined my acting institute in November 2012 and was in batch no. 68 . When she joined , she was on the verge of signing the film ” Singh Saab The Great ” . There was no time for the stipulated 4 months course . She had just 2 months . So I told her to attend morning and evening both the batches . To my amazement, she did that dutifully and completed the course . Sun or rain she used to come for the class religiously and worked hard , worked very diligently .

Batch No. 68

Batch No. 68

When shooting started she got busy in that . In November 2013 I read that the film is complete and one day suddenly I got the message and was given a link of the title song of her film . I watched the song and was greatly impressed . It was spectacular .

Last week she invited me for the trial of her film ” Singh Saab The Great “ at Sunny Super Sound . I watched the film and liked it . I was particularly impressed by her bewitching screen presence and confident acting . She was opposite Sunny Deol and she is much younger also , still there was no trace of nervousness or discomfort .

” Singh Saab The Great “ got released on November 22 , 2013 and got positive reviews . I am posting relevant tweet from the twitter-handle of trade analyst Taran Adarsh :

#SSTG review: Clapworthy dialogue, undercurrent of emotions should appeal to those who relish desi fares! …

To know about Urvashi Rautela , you can click the above mentioned link and read about her debut making film and about her performance .

Along with ” Singh Saab The Great “ another big film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein was also released on the same date . But that Karan Johar film was rejected by the critics and public alike . ” Singh Saab The Great “ had only Sunny Deol while ” Gori Tere Pyaar Mein “ had Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan . Punit Malhotra directed this film , while the music was provided by Vishal-Shekhar . Karan Johar’s name was also associated with the film .

Incidentally Kareena Kapoor , Imran Khan , Punit Malhotra ( Director ) and Shekhar Ravjiani ( Music Director Vishal-Shekhar ) of ” Gori Tere Pyaar Mein “ are my students too . I was praying for their success also . But ” Singh Saab The Great “ is special to me and will always remain special because it stars Urvashi Rautela . She is the first student of VIDUR ACTING INSTITUTE  to hit the Hindi Film World . I am not obliged or forced to share her success with anyone else .

For any newcomer , success of the debut film is very important . I don’t want to brag about the collections of ” Singh Saab The Great “ . I would only post few postings from a website : :


1 – Singh Saab The Great : 1st Friday Box Office Collections

November 24th, 2013 by Team

Singh Saab The Great on its opening day at the box office kicked off with a good start, better than this Friday’s other release [ Gori Tere Pyaar mein ] . Mainly a single screen film, the film on its 1st Friday made an earning in the range of 5.50 crores to 6 crores, as per early estimates.

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

The film with great mass value fared the best in U.P, Delhi and Punjab circuits. Being set in the same region, the reliability factor will work in the favor. Though the film’s performance was dismal in Southern states and Bengal, good performance in Bihar, Rajasthan and C.I will help the film’s box office tempo.


2 – Singh Saab The Great : 1st Saturday Box Office Collections

November 24th, 2013 by Team

Singh Saab The Great on its 1st Saturday showed a marginal pick up at the box office. According to early estimates, the film earned in the range of 10 crores to 12 crores on Saturday. While the film’s first day performance wasn’t exemplary, this one was specifically fashioned keeping in mind tastes of single screen audiences. The film has so far earned in the range of 15 crores to 17 crores at the domestic box office. Though the official figures are still being compiled, the numbers will remain in the same range.

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol’s association has always worked wonders at the box office. This time too, the duo have tried to create magic by keeping the film simple and impactful. Though the box office performance of the film won’t be mesmeric, it will surely be on the better side.


3 – Singh Saab The Great : 1st Weekend Box Office Collections

November 25th, 2013 by Team

Singh Saab The Great made 16.25 Crores on its first weekend at the domestic box office. The movie has done pretty well compared to the other release this weekend Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The GreatSunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

The movies daily breakdown for the 1st weekend is as follows:

Friday: 5.50 Crores

Saturday: 5 Crores

Sunday: 5.75 Crores

With Sunny Deol’s brilliant stunt execution on-screen, the film has a rustic appealing flavor to it which is making it ring with most in mass-based circuits of Punjab, U.P, Delhi-NCR, C.I-Berar and even Rajasthan. Though the film failed dismally in the Southern States as well as West Bengal, it can be expected to hold on well on the weekdays for its popularity in the single screens.


4 – Singh Saab The Great : 1st Monday Box Office Collections

November 26th, 2013 by Team

Singh Saab The Great on its 1st Monday at the box office saw a customary weekday drop in its numbers. The film which has been faring substantially well so far went on to make 2.75 crores on its 1st Monday. Now, the film’s domestic total rests at 19 crores after the lapse of four days at the box office.

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Being a mass catering venture, Singh Saab The Great scored over the other release because of its great hold over single screens. Performing well in many circuits, the film’s primary target at the moment will be recovering its investment from the box office.


6 – Singh Saab The Great : 1st Tuesday Box Office Collections

1 hour ago by Team

Singh Saab The Great on its 1st Tuesday again witnessed a 10% drop in its numbers as it made only 2 crores at the box office. With that the film’s total domestic collections now rests at 21 crores at the domestic box office.

Sunny Deol and Johnny Lever in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Sunny Deol and Johnny Lever in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Though the film saw a decent beginning, trade insiders were hopeful that due to Sunny Deol‘s presence and the film’s strong ability to ring with the single screen audiences, the film will fare well. However, Singh Saab The Great could not soar up to its expected amount because of the overpowering performance of Ramleela remained consistent in both single screens and multiplexes even in its second week.


The film was made with a moderate budget of 30 crores . And it garnered 21 crores in just 5 days . It is on the verge of becoming a moderate hit .

Singh Saab The Great : daily breakdown for the 1st weekend is as follows:

Friday : 5.50 Crores

Saturday : 5.00 Crores

Sunday : 5.75 Crores

Monday : 2.75 Crores

Tuesday : 2.00 Crores

Now, the film’s domestic total rests at 21.00 crores .


As an acting trainer / acting tutor I am proud and feeling happy for Urvashi Rautela . Apart from her , ” Singh Saab The Great “ , has 2 more students of mine . They are Alan Kapoor and Asseem Merchant . Co-producer of the film Dhaval Gada is also my student . But as I said earlier , Urvashi Rautela is the fist student of my new dispensation . I am very happy for her and satisfied with the results .

I am also satisfied and happy because ” Singh Saab The Great “ did offer some poetic justice to my detractors . Some upstarts , who never miss a chance to denigrate me , always make false , fake , preposterous and misleading claims about their non-existent and imaginary success . With , ” Singh Saab The Great “ I celebrate the debut of its leading lady and main female protagonist Urvashi Rautela , who is my student and with the same film , they , the GAALI GURUS  of Facebook Acting School , are celebrating 2 blink-and-miss roles of their students . It is poetic justice . It is God’s way of showing them their place under the sun . The repositories of  the ” craft ” , the crafty craftsmen have fallen flat . I congratulate GAALI GURUS  for their blink and miss success . May they always achieve such negligible milestones !

The Date November 22 , 2013 , The Film , ” Singh Saab The Great “ and The New Star on the Horizon Urvashi Rautela will always be etched in my mind till my last breath .

” Singh Saab The Great “ settles down dust and makes matter clear . Since the release of , ” Singh Saab The Great “ there is virtual deluge of old students to my new office . They must have watched the writing on the wall .

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate Urvashi Rautela for her debut and success .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to wish her well in her glorious journey ahead .

May she shine radiantly and reach the zenith of stardom .

[ I have quoted extensively from the twitter-handle of Taran Adarsh and from the website . I express my gratitude . ]



My Association With ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 16 , 2013           01.55 A.M.

” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ got released in the last week of May 2013 and it took the nation by storm . It was , though , expected to do good business at the box office but success of this gigantic proportion was not expected .

It collected 62.11 crore in the opening weekend itself . It went on to collect 100 crore in the first week of its release and now it is the 2nd fastest 100 crore earner till date . Its overseas weekend collection stands at 22.10 crore . It is Ranbir Kapoor‘s biggest opener in overseas . It is the biggest opener of 2013 till date .

It is the 3rd biggest all-time grosser in the history of Hindi cinema .

Top 3 grossers in India: #3Idiots – 202 cr, #EkThaTiger – 199 cr, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – 155.28 cr [still counting].

Because of the humongous success of ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ , Ranbir Kapoor has become the biggest star in overseas after 3 Khans ; Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan and Aamir Khan .

I have every reason to celebrate this success . My name appears in the titles of the film .  I am billed as Diction Coach . My elder son Abhinav Chaturvedi’s name is also there in the credits .

I spent almost a month in Manali with the unit . Ranbir Kapoor is my old student . During this period I worked extensively with Kalki Koechlin and briefly with some others stars .

With Ranbir Kapoor before " Saawariya "

With Ranbir Kapoor before ” Saawariya “

Kalki Koechlin in "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani"

Kalki Koechlin in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”

It has become the norm for acting trainers to revel in fake successes . Revellers beg their friends to promote their film on social networking sites so that they get more shows . And in spite of the limited shows , they brag about its so-called stupendous success . If a film collecting a paltry 50 Lakh is cause to revel for revellers , then I should be ecstatic  because ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ is the 3rd highest grosser of all time . At the time of writing of this blog it has garnered 155.28 crore and it is still going strong .

To present its step by step and day-to-day success , I am re-producing some relevent tweets from the twitter-handle of Shri Taran Adarsh , one of the most respected film journalist of our country . It is for the sceptics , who love to blow their cacophonous trumpets :

  1. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr, Tue 12 cr, Wed *est* 11 cr. Total: 98.11 cr. Nears 100 cr mark!

  2. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd NZ$ 80,648, Mon NZ$ 25,535, Tue NZ$ 16,256, Wed NZ$ 5,415. Total: NZ$ 127,854 [Rs 57.71 lacs]. Super

  3. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd A$ 268,224, Mon A$ 38,125, Tue A$ 54,276, Wed A$ 21,459. Total: A$ 382,084 [Rs 2.06 cr]. Wonderful!

  4. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd £ 408,491, Mon £ 42,015, Tue £ 57,321, Wed £ 70,971. Total: £ 578,798 [Rs 5.08 cr]. Excellent!

  5. So #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani will achieve its target of 100 cr today [Thu]. Before Week 1 comes to a close… Super!

  6. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wednesday *early estimates* seem like 10 cr +. Wait-n-watch!

  7. At the rate it is faring, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani should touch 100 cr mark by Thu noon. Before Week 1 comes to a close!

  8. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr, Tue 12 cr. Total: 87.11 cr. MONSTROUS HIT!

  9. Incidentally, #HumTum [2004], #BuntyAurBabli [2005] and #Fanaa [2006] were also released in the last week of May.

  10. Last week of May/first week of June – Here’s yet another week producers can eye while planning the release of their film/s. Think about it!

  11. There’s something about this week. 4 June 2010 – #Raajneeti, 3 June 2011 – #Ready, 1 June 2012 – #RowdyRathore, 31 May 2013 – #YJHD

  12. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd NZ$ 80,648, Mon NZ$ 25,535, Tue NZ$ 16,256. Total: NZ$ 122,439 [Rs 55.54 lacs]. Fantastic!

  13. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd A$ 268,224, Mon A$ 38,125, Tue A$ 54,276. Total: A$ 360,625 [Rs 1.96 cr]. Terrific!

  14. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd £ 408,491, Mon £ 42,015, Tue £ 57,355. Total: £ 507,861 [Rs 4.39 cr]. Superb!

  15. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Tuesday trends indicate 11.5 cr. Humungous. Wait-n-watch!

  16. At the rate it is faring, don’t be surprised if #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani touches 100 cr mark in Week 1 itself. BLOCKBUSTER.

  17. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is rewriting the rules of the game. A double digit [13 cr] Monday? Most biggies don’t reach that number on Sunday…

  18. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani passes Monday test with distinction marks. Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr. Total: 75.11 cr.

  19. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Overseas *weekend total* stands at approx. $ 3.9 million [Rs 22.10 crores].

  20. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is super-strong on Monday. Early trends indicate 9.5 cr to 11 cr, taking 4-day total to 70 cr+. Wait-n-watch!

  21. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani collected Rs 62.11 cr nett in opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr. Outstanding!

  22. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – New Zealand: Collected NZ$ 80,648 [Rs. 36.33 lacs] on 10 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 5 position.

  23. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – Australia: Collected A$ 267,920 [Rs. 1.46 crores] on 17 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 5 position.

  24. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – UAE & GCC: Collected AED 3,000,000 [Rs. 4.61 crores]… Note:- Thu to Sat figures. Sun data yet to be updated.

  25. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – USA & Canada: Collected $ 1,651,000 [Rs. 9.33 crores] on 162 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 9 position.

  26. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – UK: Collected £ 405,784 [Rs. 3.49 crores] on 88 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 8 position.

  27. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has also emerged Ranbir and Deepika’s biggest opener in Overseas, overtaking #Barfi [Ranbir] by a good margin.

  28. OVERSEAS: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has emerged the year’s biggest opener [so far], crossing #Race2 in key markets.

  29. EXCLUSIVE OVERSEAS DATA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is a smash hit. Xclusive *weekend data* of UK, USA, UAE, Aus & NZ …

  30. Oh yes, it’s a 60 cr+ opening weekend for #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani. Data being compiled…

  31. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has a superb Sunday. Much better than Fri and Sat. Data pouring in, but trends indicate 23 or 24 cr. Wait-n-watch!

  32. #YJHD Fri-Sat: USA-Canada $ 1.1 million, UAE AED 3 million, UK £ 280,000, Aus $ 180,000. Overseas total: $ 2.6 million [Rs 14.71 cr].

  33. #YJHD Fri-Sat Overseas total: $ 2.6 million [Rs 14.71 cr].

  34. #YJHD crosses $ 1 million mark in USA. Sat $ 607,000. Total: $ 1.07 million. Debuts at No 9 at USA BO. OUTSTANDING!

  35. Looking at Sun trends, a 60 cr + weekend is on the cards for #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani. Week 1 may close at 80 cr+, if the momentum continues!

  36. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Sunday trends: Seems bigger and better than Friday and Saturday!

  37. At the rate it’s faring, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani will cross $ 1 million mark in USA-Canada by Sunday noon itself.

  38. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri NZ$ 20,028, Sat NZ$ 25,845. Total: NZ$ 45,873 [Rs 20.60 lacs]. SUPER… #Race2 [wknd] was NZ$ 71,341.

  39. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri A$ 69,501, Sat A$ 104,632. Total: A$ 174,133 [Rs 94.15 lacs]. EXCELLENT… #Race2 [wknd] was A$ 183,750.

  40. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri £ 118,150, Sat £ 160,468. Total: £ 278,618 [Rs 2.39 cr]. SUPERB… #Race2 [wknd] was £ 356,258.

  41. INDIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr. Total: Rs 39.61 cr. FANTABULOUS… #Race2 [wknd] was Rs 51.35 cr.

  42. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is all set to emerge the BIGGEST *wknd opener* of 2013 in India & Overseas, overtaking #Race2 by a margin…

  43. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani data being compiled, but Saturday biz looks in the same range as Friday. Could be 19 cr, 20 cr or more. Wait-n-watch!

  44. YJHD Overseas gross US $ 1.4mn. USA $400k. UAE 2.1mn Dirhams. UK £120k. AUS $70k. Balance ROW. Extraordinary.

  45. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani USA-Canada Fri $ 334,678 from 119 locations. 43 locations yet to report. MIND-BOGGLING!

  46. Now this is a super start! #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani USA-Canada data still pouring in, but the film opens at No 9 position. Fabulous!… contd.

  47. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri NZ$ 20,028 … #Barfi NZ$ 22,815 [wknd], #Rockstar NZ$ 21,547 [wknd].

  48. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri A$ 69,501 … #Barfi A$ 138,257 [wknd], #Rockstar A$ 99,676 [wknd].

  49. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri £ 118,159 … #Barfi £ 229,783 [wknd], #Rockstar £ 184,592.

  50. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is on a record-shattering spree in India and Overseas. Here are the figures…

  51. Those asking, #Dabangg2 holds the record of No 1 *non-holiday* opener. Will #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani emerge the biggest opener? Wait-n-watch!

  52. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani takes not just India, but Overseas markets by storm. Is all set to beat #Barfi and #Rockstar by a big margin!

  53. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani data being compiled. Like I said earlier, Ranbir’s BIGGEST opener. Will be 2013’s biggest opener too [so far]!

  54. In Overseas, Ranbir Kapoor is right next to the 3 Khans: SRK, Salman, Aamir. #Barfi and now #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani have cemented his status!

  55. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani UAE *revised* Thu AED 900,000 … #Barfi Thu was AED 600,000 and #Rockstar Thu was AED 500,000.

  56. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani *initial trends* suggest 18 cr Friday. Humungous opening!

  57. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani takes a Blockbuster start in UAE. Thu AED 800,000. #Barfi Thu was AED 450,000.

  58. As per trends, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani should be Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest opener – Day 1, opening weekend and Week 1.

  59. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani opens to a Fantabulous start. Huge opening!

  60. Looking at the craze and screen count of #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani, the film should have a record-breaking start across India on Friday!

  61. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani review: A wonderful cinematic experience. Watch this celebration of love and get mesmerized! …

  62. Ranbir and UTV = Lucky combo. #WakeUpSid, #Raajneeti and #Barfi, all Ranbir-UTV films, have been Hits. Will they strike gold with #YJHD?

As an acting trainer / acting tutor I am happy with the accomplishment . This time though I am writing about my association with ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ but I am fortunate enough to have associated with all the 3 all time biggest hits of Hindi cinema . ” 3 Idiots “ has Kareena Kapoor , ” Ek Tha Tiger “ has Katrina Kaif and now ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ has Ranbir Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin . All four are my students .

Self-proclaimed most famous acting school of Mumbai , self-appointed most famous acting institute of India and self-anointed most famous acting academy of bollywood , along with some revellers have only a 50 Lakh grossing film to brag about .



On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate the cast and crew of ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ” . VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to congratulate them for this stupendous success .

It was a nice experience to be associated with the biggest hit of 2013 and the 3rd biggest hit of all time .

[ I have quoted tweets of Shri Taran Adarsh from his twitter handle . I express my gratitude . ]



My Association With Animation Films of India


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 04 , 2013           11.55 P.M.

Hollywood has long tradition of successful animation films . In India it is the recent phenomenon . Roadside Romeo ” [ 2008 ] , ” Arjun – The Warrior Prince ” [ 2009 ] and Delhi Safari ” [ 2012 ] are the most successful and well – known animation films of India . But they are new compared to the 100 years old Indian Cinema .

” Roadside Romeo “ was produced by Yash Raj Films & Walt Disney Company .  ” Arjun – The Warrior Prince “ was made by UTV & Disney . ” Delhi Safari “ was a film by Nikil Advani .

Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a poster for Arjun. The poster art cop...

Poster of Arjun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though , in India , animation films are latest phenomenon , but it all started in 1974 . Ek Anek Aur Ekta ” [ 1974 ] is considered to be the first animation film of India . But the first 3D animation film of India and till date the most talked about animation film is ” Roadside Romeo ” [ 2008 ] .

” Roadside Romeo “ , technically most perfect animation film of India till date , was produced by Yash Raj Films and was written & Directed by Jugal Hansraj . Voice for the lead characters were given by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor . Saif and Kareena are my old students . Jugal , who was trained by me for Yash Raj Films ” Mohabbatein ” [ 2000 ] , made his directorial debut with this film .

Through ” Roadside Romeo ” , I made my contribution in the world of Indian animation films also . It is so heartening .

List of Indian animated movies

List of animated TV series produced in India

  • The Adventures of Tenali Raman:The Adventures of Tenali Raman (26 X 11 min) is India’s first animated 2D television series by Toonz Animation India.
  • Little Krishna: 13 episodes 3D animated series produced for global audience by BIG Animation (I) Pvt. Ltd. and The Indian Heritage Foundation in both languages Hindi and English. Aired on Nickelodeon on May 2009.
  • Chhota Bheem:Super hit series on Pogo ‘Chhota Bheem’ produced by Green Gold(co-production with Turner International). It started as a 13-episode TV series, and based on the popularity it got extended and till date more than 60 episodes were delivered and work is underway on more episodes.
  • Krishna Balram: 26 stories, of 22 minutes duration each, follow through the capers of Krishna, Balram and Radha. Once again by Green Gold Animation. This series aired on Cartoon Network.
  • Shaktimaan Animated: It is the animated version of the hugely successful Shaktimaan series of the 1990s. The animated series is aired on SONIC.

[ I have taken the above list of animation films and serials from Wikipedia . I express my gratitude . ]

I am happy that my 3 students contributed in the first and most successful 3D animation film of India . I wish and hope that in future more students of my acting class Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  should take part in such endeavour .



My Association With ” Student Of The Year “

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 21 , 2012           11.00 P.M.

Karan Johar‘s much – awaited film Student Of The Year got released on October 19 , 2012 . As expected , this much – hyped film got tremendous response from the youngsters .

To make my point clear about the film , let me post some tweets from the twitter handle of some most famous and eminent trade analysts of India :

Fun, frolic, full masti! That’s what the newest hit, SOTY, is. KJo is the Maker Of The Year! Read my review at …

In spite of Navratri,Durga pooja,SOTY day 1 is aprox.9.25 crore(this is not final figure).FANTASTIC for a film with no establishd lead star!

Update: #SOTY proves KJo’s BO power, clout amongst audience, film opens BIG …

English: Karan Johar in London during the prom...

Karan Johar in London during the promotional UK tour for My Name Is Khan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know every Acting Trainer worth his name would love to be associated with such kind of films . Dharma Production is a prestigious banner of Hindi Film industry . Every Acting Trainer of Mumbai would love to be associated with the banner in any way . I am lucky that I am regularly called by this banner for the acting workshop for their films . Even if there are no acting workshops , I am always called to train their stars if needed .

One day while I was sitting in my office , I got a call . The caller introduced himself as Varun . He told me that he would like to join me for training . When he came personally , only then I got to know that he is Mr. David Dhawan‘s son . He impressed me with his impeccable behaviour and insatiable thirst for learning the skill . I told him that I would love to work with him .

He was trained by some other Acting Institute of Mumbai but he still wanted to join me . It shows his faith in my training and the unflinching belief in my by Dharma Production . I cannot say no to anyone with such amount of respect and faith in me .

As the above posted two photographs suggest , he worked with me for months and completed the course . First photo was clicked when he started training and second one was clicked when he completed the training . I am happy that among the actors of ” Student Of The Year “ , he is being praised most for his acting skills .

Another student of me , who is associated with the film , is Shekhar Ravjiani of music director Vishal – Shekhar fame . He was recommended to me by Yash Raj Films . He is coming as celebrity judge on various channels and there are other coming projects also . So I worked with him . He , along with his partner Vishal Dadlani , has composed music for the film and it is big hit .

Any Bollywood Acting School would love to have such accomplished actor and music director as their students . I am lucky that I have an impressive array of such students .

” Student Of The Year “ is being liked , being praised . And as an Acting Trainer of India , I am satisfied that work of my students are being acclaimed .



My Association with ” Dhobi Ghat “

Today , on January 21, 2011 Aamir Khan‘s film Dhobi Ghat is releasing worldwide. Aamir Khan is known for his quality work and penchant for perfection. But Kiran Rao is unknown as for as her working style is concerned. So when I got a call from Advait Chandan , Kiran Rao’s Associate Director , for supervising the dubbing of the film, I was apprehensive initially. I was wary of a star wife, who is making her debut. I didn’t jump at the offer. But since Aamir Khan’s name was involved and in the credits of the film , he is billed as the producer as well as lead actor , I agreed to be part of the film.  After all, who will not be tempted to work with Aamir Khan ?


Image via Wikipedia

I reached a studio in Bandra and met Kiran Rao. I must admit that after meeting her all my apprehensions disappeared and I was pleasantly surprised . Kiran Rao is so unassuming and easy-going girl that I developed an instant admiration for her. She introduced herself to me and then introduced me to her artiste Kriti Malhotra and other assistants and members of her technical team. I started my work. Kriti Malhotra started dubbing her part. You can see the studio and Kriti’s photo on the monitor in following photos.

Kiran Rao’s penchant for perfect accent of Uttar Pradesh and her insistence on details was a revelation. She was very particular about Urdu pronunciation also. She was insistent that accent of Uttar Pradesh should come clearly and prominently in the dialogues of Kriti , as she is playing a muslim girl from Uttar Pradesh. I am posting my photo with Kriti Malhotra.

I must admit that Kriti Malhotra is very hard-working girl, though she is not an actor by profession. She is a costume designer and lives in Pune and has never visited Uttar Pradesh. Despite the obvious handicaps, she worked hard and mastered the accent. I must say that Kiran Rao should also be congratulated because she had guts to cast a rank newcomer [ who is basically not an actor by profession ] in her debut film as a director.

From Bandra to Versova, dubbing continued in various dubbing studios and I got opportunity to know Kiran Rao personally. Now I admire her as a film maker.

Her Sound Designer and the whole technical team was fabulous. It was a nice working experience. I shall always be proud of the fact that I have an association with this amazing film called ” Dhobi Ghat .” I am yet to watch it completely, but I have gut feeling that after ” Lagaan ” , ” Taare Zameen par ” and ” Peepli [ Live ] ” , Aamir Khan has again a winner in his hands.



I (dont) Hate (such) Luv Storys

As I am writing this blog, I am confronted with a strange fact. I started my twitter account on June 17th, 2009 and till date I have only 83 followers. Its one year now. But Mr. Amitabh Bachchan started tweeting on May 18th, 2010 and he has 2,16,425 followers. Its has been only 46 days. The fact of the matter is that he started his journey on twitter almost 1 year after me. I am not cribbing, or voicing my anguish. I am just stating a fact. This twitter account statistic shows that I have yet to cover a long distance. It shows that I am just a speck in the universe as for as success is concerned. This is fact and I am ready to accept that.

But everything is not that gloomy. There are few occasions to celebrate here and there. Sometimes there is a news to cherish.and rejoice. And today as ” I HATE LUV STORYS” releases in the theatres worldwide , I am feeling that kind of happiness. It is very important film for me. Its main protagonists – Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Sammir Dattani are my students. Its director Punit malhotra, who is nephew of Mr. Manish Malhotra, is my student too. The music director Shekhar Ravjiani of Vishal-Shekhar duo, is also a student of mine. When you have 5 students in one film and that too almost in every important departments, it’s definitely a proud moment for a trainer.

PUNIT MALHOTRA : This well-behaved nephew of ace designer Mr. Manish Malhotra, was my student years ago. At that time he was assisting Mr. Karan Johar and was dreaming to make it big as an actor. He assisted Mr. Karan Johar in ” KABHIE KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM “. Then he was assistant in ” KAL HO NA HO “ and ” PAHELI “ also. After that he became a model and did one ad with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. He was working hard to become an actor but Mr. Karan Johar gave him an offer to direct a film. I advised him to put aside his dream of becoming an actor for the time being and take the plunge . He started scripting and as soon as script was complete, ” I HATE LUV STORYS “ rolled. It got completed and got released on July 02, 2010. It created a lot of positive buzz and Punit’s career as a director is launched. I am happy for the newest director of Hindi film industry.

SONAM KAPOOR : I trained her during ” SAAWARIYA ” days.  I was already training Ranbir Kapoor at that time. He mentioned my name to Mr. Anil Kapoor and one day I got a call from him. I went to meet Mr. and Mrs. Anil kapoor and soon started training Sonam. She is an accomplished Kathak dancer and worked really hard for SAAWARIYA “. It’s unfortunate that film tanked badly and got bad press. But Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor were praised for their acting skills. Sonam’s second film DELHI 6 ” also tanked and it was sad to see this beautiful girl’s efforts not bearing fruits. Fortunately ” I HATE LUV STORYS ” will change the scenario.

SAMMIR DATTANI : I used to go to his Malabar Hills apartment to train him. In those early years of my career I had a Bajaj Super scooter and I used to commute on it. From Andheri to Malabar Hills, it was a tiring ride , but I used to go to his place because of the tremendous respect which his whole family has for me. He started working in Kannada film and made his debut in ” NANNA PRITIYA HUDUGI ” in 2001. Film was a smash hit and launched Sammir in the Kannada industry . He is known there as DHYAN. After that he worked in couple of Kannada films, such as : ” MONALISA ” , ” JOOTATA “ and ” AMRUTHADHARE “. In the last mentioned film even Mr. Amitabh Bachchan played a cameo. Sammir worked in a Tamil film also. Its name is ” KUTTY ” . I have seen all his regional films as he used to have private screening of all his films in Mumbai and never ever forgot to invite me.

Then he was signed to play main lead in a Hindi film called ” UFF KYA JAADOO MOHABBAT HAI “. It was a Rajshri Production film and Sammir was signed for it along with 3 other new comers. Tanishaa was the female lead but later on she opted out of the film. I was assigned to train all of them and I started going to Rajshri’s office. By that  time I had Bajaj Pulsar and I was commuting on that. Film got released and was a damp squib at the box office. Undeterred Sammir signed another Hindi film ” PYAAR MEIN TWIST “ and after its release he thought that he needs some more modulation and voice training . He again called me and I started going to his place once again. Even after so many years, the warmth and respect of Sammir and his family was same for me. It is yet to diminish. Before IHLS , Sammir did some other  good films : ” CORPORATE ” , ” MUKHBIR “ and ” WELL DONE ABBA “ are some of them. His last one is my personal favourite. I was invited for the private screening of ” WELL DONE ABBA “. I went there in my car. So from a rickety Bajaj Super scooter to Bajaj Pulsar and now a Maruti Swift, my relationship with Sammir has seen all the shades and colours of my life.

SHEKHAR RAVJIANI : I got a call from an assistant of Mr. Aditya Chopra and was informed that I have to train Shekhar of Vishal-Shekhar duo. I started going to his  Khar apartment and worked with him. He is a talent music director and a charming human being. He is a good singer and has wonderful screen presence. He made me listen almost all the songs of  ” I HATE LUV STORYS “ and I knew that his score is going to top the charts. He used to work with me in the morning and worked on the  musical score of ” I HATE LUV STORYS “ in the night. Both the work were going on simultaneously. I am happy that I was privy to all the scores of this film even before the official release.

IMRAN KHAN : He is the only one among all the 5 , who is not my private student. He was in the regular batch and after completing his training left for U S A. I lost touch and years after, when he surfaced in Mumbai and made it big with ” JAANE TU YA JAANE NA ” , I am yet to make contacts with him. He is master of special effects and did many such things in the class. Once I made a remark about his voice and told him that he have to work on it. I have an inkling that he felt bad and resented my remarks. Though he didn’t show his displeasure. His subsequent films – ” LUCK ” and ” KIDNAP ” did not get success at the box office but I think he will touch gold with this film. Though his films as child artiste – ” QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK ” and  ” JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDER ” were more successful.

” I HATE LUV STORYS ” has been released with much fanfare and is getting all the positive bytes. I am happy at the moment and as I am about to retire for the day, I am going to sleep as a contented man but remembering these famous lines of American poet Robert Frost :.

The woods are lovely dark and deep ,

But I have promises to keep  ,

And miles to go before i sleep   ,

And miles to go before I sleep .



Celebrating ” RAAJNEETI ” With No Regrets

As the cast & crew of Raajneeti celebrated their success by throwing a lavish bash, I went to watch the movie that evening in a theatre. When a trainer starts training        artistes for a particular film, that film takes a special place in his the heart. And as I was training Katrina Kaif specially for this film, I was attached to this film  even before its theatrical release. I was eager to watch it in theatre. Though I read all the reviews , which were very positive, I got all the bytes from the discerning viewers, which were very good about Ranbir Kapoor and katrina Kaif, but still I wanted to watch it myself. As I watched this film in Cinemax , Versova I was pleasantly surprised to watch Ranbir Kapoor in a very different role of his career. According to me  ” ROCKET SINGH : SALESMAN OF THE YEAR ” is his best film till date, followed by ” WAKE UP SID “,  ” AJAB PREM KI GAZAB KAHANI ” , ” SAAWARIYAand BACHANA AE HASEENO and that too strictly in that order. But I must say that RAAJNEETI is his most mature , different  and difficult film till date. I am happy to watch him grow as an artiste and portraying various roles with  finesse and panache of a mature actor. But frankly speaking he is an accomplished actor and everyone recognizes and accepts that. So there was never any doubt about his acting abilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

My main concern was Katrina. As everyone knows, she is yet to get fluency and mastery in Hindi and in this film she had quite lengthy speeches and that too in chaste Hindi. I was sceptical because I got very less time to train Katrina. But one fact,  which is not known to her detractors, is that she is extremely confident actor and knows her job well. As drama unfolded on the screen and Katrina appeared for the first time my heart started beating faster. my palpitation grew, and I watched her with lots of anxiety.  Frankly speaking, all my anxieties vanished soon. I was happy to watch Katrina Kaif’s performance. I must admit that she worked hard and perfected her Hindi speeches.It should be admitted that she had done a commendable job.  Some critics are still critical and some cynics are still sceptical, but Katrina has done a brilliant job as for as her diction is concerned. No doubt, still she has miles to go as for as her acting skills are concerned. I am sure she will accomplish that also because she is very hard-working and dedicated artiste.

Arjun Rampal is also my student. And he is very good in the film. But I have no contacts with him. He is not my private student. He was in the class. So it was just a formal relationship. Warmth and intimacy in relationship was never there. I only met him once after he left classes and that was eons ago.

As the film ended and credits started rolling, I started coming out of the theatre wading through the crowds.  Suddenly a thought occurred  to me. I was also associated with this film in a way. Three students of mine ; Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina kaif and Arjun Rampal are doing prominent roles in the film and they are hugely appreciated for their histrionics. But in the crowd no one knows this fact. No one recognizes me. Should I be sad ? Am I complaining ? No way . This is the beauty of the job. Bhagwan Krishna is known to the universe but his guru Sandipani Muni lived an unknown and spartan life. While Krishna bestrode this terra-firma like a colossus, his guru was silently doing his duty in the hinterlands of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. All the kudos , all the claps and all the praise belong to my students only. I wont ever be there to share their due credits. My job is to train them to the best of my ability and then, as they start taking gigantic steps in the world of cinema, watch them in the dark confines of a theatre with misty eyes. Glitter and glamour belong to them and them only.

After watching RAAJNEETI, I came out of the theatre fully satisfied and treated myself with a spartan dinner.




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