Nepal Earthquake & R.S.S. by Rahul Kanwal


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 30, 2015          11.45 P.M.


Devastating earthquake has taken its toll in Nepal and has attracted attention of the whole world. Everyone rushed to help and rescue. I heard and read that a big team of R.S.S. [ RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH ] led by Sah Sar Karyavah Shri Dattatreya Hosable is rushing to Nepal. I was eager to read the news about R.S.S. relief work but national and international media was silent. TV channels also ignored it. Luckily Mr. Rahul Kanwal tweeted about R.S.S. relief work and posted some pictures also. I am re-posting his tweets so that who wants to know about the subject must read it.



Managing Editor, TV Today Network – Anchor Newsroom & Seedhi Baat.



All set for chat at 6 pm on rescue & relief efforts in Nepal. Thamel stirring back to life

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Here’s my ground report on rescue operations in Kathmandu. Do see the excellent work our teams are doing

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Away from the gaze of cameras workers have been doing yeoman’s service in providing relief material in quake hit Nepal. Commendable


Residents queue up at relief camp in quake ravaged Bhaktapur. 20000 people provided aid in this area.

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Here’s the story. Pakistan sends beef masala as aid to quake hit Nepal!

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RSS hits out at Pakistan for sending beef masala to Nepal. ‘Highly insensitive & condemnable’ says Dattatreya Hosable

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1000 swayamsevaks working round the clock on relief operations. 500 tons of relief material being brought in.

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RSS helpline received more than 10000 calls seeking help. So far 6000 people have been rescued by swayamsevaks.

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RSS’ 2nd senior most functionary Dattatreya Hosable personally supervising relief operations in Kathmandu.



[ I am re-producing tweets and photos from the twitter-handle of Shri Rahul Kanwal and that too without seeking his permission. I express my gratitude. ]


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On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I offer my heartfelt sympathy to the people of Nepal.

May God bless them and let us resolve to re-build a new Nepal.




Whither Nepal?

  1. 2Yesterday I read a very sad and disturbing news about Nepal. Ever since monarchy was abolished there and Nepal became a secular country, nothing is going right for her.

When the first ever communist government took charge, they started dismantling almost everything Indian, or even remotely connected with India. The very first step that communist Prime Minister Prachand took, is to abolish learning of Sanskrit. This ancient language of Hindus, this fountainhead of all the sacred scriptures and one of the still surviving prehistoric languages, is now banished from the curricula.

Then Prachand, against all advices, removed Head Priest of revered Pashupati Nath temple, who are traditionally brahmins of south Indian origins and replaced them with priests of Nepali origins. The whole country erupted in spontaneous protest and there were no pooja in the temple. The Supreme Court, The President all were against it but Prachand went ahead. It is because of the people that he was forced to rescind his order.

Then Prachand tried to replace Army Chief, who as per his assumptions was pro Indian. That he burnt his fingers and the President of Nepal refused to play his tunes, is another story. Eventually he resigned and blamed India for the fiasco. After few days of turmoil, another prime minister took reigns of the country.

Thanks to people like Prachand and our neighbours like China, anti India feelings run deep in Nepal. Yesterday I came across a very sad news. Education Minister of Nepal, while speaking in a public function, was heckled by people. His only crime or sin was the language he was speaking in. The minister, Ramchandra Prasad Kushwaha, President of Terai Madhes Democratic Party was speaking in a function, which was organized to inaugurate an Indo-Nepalese educational joint venture. Moreover, he belongs to Terai region, which is basically Hindi speaking region of Nepal. The irony is, previous speaker spoke in English in the same function, and no one objected. But if a basically Hindi speaking person speaks Hindi, they object. Why?

Anti Hindi and anti India feelings keep on erupting again and again and run deep in Nepali psyche. Last year when, Vice President Parmanand Jha took oath of office in Hindi, there were fierce protests for days. When the President wore dhoti, there were angry and wild demonstrations.

India and Nepal are neighbours and there are few historical and geographical limitations, which we can’t ignore. We can’t redraw our boundaries or rewrite our history. So let us accept it and live in peace and harmony.


Nepal: Hidden Agenda Of Prachanda

2 Yesterday when I was writing my blog about Nepal, I wrote about the communists in general and Prachanda in particular. About his China visit and his subsequent defense that it is not his first official foreign visit, I wrote that he simply lied. It was a very harsh expression about a foreign dignitary, and I thought that I shouldn’t have made it.

But today, when I read papers in the morning, I came to know about his secret video footage. Nepal is agog with all kind of speculation. Everyone is talking about a video, which is called “ Prachandagate ” in popular parlance, where Prachanda is seen addressing his maoist cadres. In the video he talks about how he hoodwinked everyone about the real numbers of his army. “ You know we were just 7000 to 8000. But our strategy was to convince them that we were 35,000. That way we infiltrate more people into the Nepal Army. ” Prachanda tells his troop that he wants control over the Nepal Army and eventually he hopes to transform the country to a single-party rule. “ That is our strategy. ”

My God! What a deceit? What kind of man is he? I know that every one who believes in communism, believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat. So declare your intentions loudly. Don’t use democracy as a facade. But this Prachanda is not only a liar but also a sinister person. He wanted to subvert Nepal’s nascent democracy into dictatorship. Good, he stands exposed.

And now maoists are saying that India is interfering in our internal matters. But they are not saying that this video is doctored. Not saying anything is acceptance. It goes without saying that they accept the content, but only accusing India of making it public. In any case Prachanda’s hidden agenda is out. All the other parties should unite and pull Nepal out of this turmoil.


Nepal:A fierce flower called Lotus

2Have you ever heard about fierce flower or a fierce Lotus? Flowers can blossom, flowers can wilt but they can’t be fierce. But Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda was trying to be that. Pushpa ( flower ), Kamal ( Lotus ) and Prachanda ( fierce ), he wanted to combine all three into one and failed miserably.

Let us have a look at the career of this Maoist guerrilla. He fought 10 year long battle against monarchy and for democracy, as he claims. When elections were announced, he fought them and won maximum number of seats in the national assembly and with the help of allies formed the government.

Then he started his experiments with untruth. It was an old tradition that after being sworn in, every Nepali Prime Minister first visited India. Prachanda first went to China. Fine, but then he lied that it was only for the Olympic. India will be the country for his first official visit. He came subsequently, but his preferences were clear.

After that he started media campaign for the abrogation of Indo – Nepal friendship treaty. It is an old treaty between India and Nepal, signifying special status, where citizens of two countries don’t require Visa or Passport for visiting the other country.

Then the head priest of Pashupati Nath temple was removed unceremoniously, simply because they are of Indian origin. This is again a centuries old tradition. A nonbeliever like Prachanda should not have meddled in the matter, but Prachanda’s anti India belief is stronger than his religious belief or the traditions.

Next point in Prachanda’s agenda was to integrate 19,000 maoist guerrillas into the Royal Nepal Army. When the army chief refused to toe Prachanda’s lines he was sacked. In fact this action was imminent because Rookmangud Katawal, the army chief, was trained at the Indian Military Academy and is considered a royalist by the maoist government.

It was said that Prachanda wanted to assimilate maoist people’s courts also in the constitutional legal system. And next on the agenda was to sign a treaty of friendship with China.

Prachanda forgot that he was heading a coalition government. He forgot that Nepal has some Geological compulsions. She has some political complexities, which can’t be avoided. It’s for the good of Nepal that his march towards anarchy was stopped by the President Ram Baran Yadav. Finally. Prachanda resigned yesterday.

It is too early to sing his political obituary, but the crisis has been averted for the time being.


Nepal: Communism in a Hindu Nation

2I was disturbed by the ongoing war in Sri Lanka and the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and hence last week I wrote twice on the matter. I thought that now till May 16, I will write only on the ongoing elections in my country, because it concerns our future. But Nepal government’s brinkmanship and harakiri forced me to write on the topic today.

Which party comes to power in Nepal is definitely the internal matter of Nepali people. So when communists were voted to power, I looked at the situation with alarm but finally I resigned to the fait accomply and moved on.

Then the communists started imposing their hidden agenda. The apprehension, which I had about them, appeared to be true. They abolished “ Hindu Nation ” status of Nepal. The only Hindu Nation of the world is now a thing of the past. They made Nepal a secular country. World tolerated this as there are so many misgivings about the word Hindu, though unnecessarily.

Then they abolished the monarchy. Shah dynasty was ruling Nepal since centuries. I remember Tribhuvan Vir Vikram Shah, Mahendra Vir Vikram Shah and Birendra Vir Vikam Shah, three genaration of Nepali kings, who were true friends of India. King Birendra was killed in his palace under mysterious circumstances and his brother Gyanendra was crowned as a new king. In Nepal, the king is regarded as the custodian of the revered Pashupati Nath temple. Not caring about Hindu sentiments, he was deposed by communists by a constitutional provision and after that virtually quarantined in a secluded building.

They didn’t stop here. Hell bent on hurting Hindu sentiments and that to successfully  twice, they decided to remove head priest of Pashupati Nath temple and appointed a crony of their’s. The Indian origin of the head priest was the pretext, but it was a centuries old tradition. They ignored it and appointed a priest of Nepali origin. This time there were widespread protests and they had to backtrack.

After burning their fingers they remain silent for few months. Soon they found a new target. Under the pretext of integrating maoist gurillas in the Royal Nepal Army, they started putting pressure on the army chief. When he didn’t relent and communists found him not to be amenable, he was unceremoniously dismissed. He refuses to vacate his post and the country plunges into turmoil. In this matter the government ignored advice of Indian government also.     

I fail to understand the motive of communists. They want to undo everything which are centuries old.  They want to undermine India’s position and want to sever all the ties with India. They want to abrogate Indo-Nepal treaty. They want to have closer ties with China. And they are pursuing all these things vigorously.

They should know and remember one thing. They are elected representative of the people and can’t impose their will mercilessly.  They believe in dictatorship of the proletariat, but that kind of communism is banished from their fatherland also. They are playing with fire, which will engulf them one day for sure.



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