China’s Festering Wound-1:Xinjiang;Part-2

  • 2 Today I am reverting to Xinjiang again. Within a week, East Turkestan, renamed earlier as Sinkiang and now Xinjiang by China, erupted in protest against Chinese government and the so called People’s. Liberation Army. In today’s news papers there is a photo of an elderly Uighur Muslim woman standing alone in front of a garrison of Chinese paramilitary forces and protesting in Urumqi, capital of East Turkestan ( Xinjiang). This anonymous old lady is standing with the help of crutches. Need we say anything else about the anger of the Uighur Muslim minority of Turkish origin against the Chinese occupying forces and the tyranny of central government of Peoples Republic of China.
  • East Turkestan ( Xinjiang ) is rich in oil and minerals. Her boundary touches India, Pakistan and Cental Asian Islamic Republics. Because of her strategic geographical situation and because of being a mineral rich region, China always wanted to control this Islamic nation, though culturally both are poles apart. Han Chinese majority is very different from the minority Uighur Muslims of Turkish origin. But China annexed the region and imposed her monolithic Han culture on them. Uighur Muslims can’t go freely to mosques, they can’t offer mandatory five prayers a day, they can’t fast during holy month of Ramzan. And yet as per Chinese government, this province along with Tibet, is an autonomous region. Wow, what an autonomy!!!

    The trouble started when two Uighur Muslims workers were killed in Guangdong by Han Chinese workers. This may be the immediate provocation for the uprising in volatile East Turkestan ( Xinjiang ), but anger against Han Chinese was simmering since decades. China controls all her autonomous regions tightly. This time also after riots, Twitter is blocked, mobile and internet services have been cut off and only official verson is allowed on the state control T.V. China blames western powers for the unrest, blissfully forgetting that her policy of allowing Han Chinese to settle in the occupied provinces and thus changing the demographic nature of that particular region permanently, is the root cause of this pent up anger.

    Like Dalai Lama in Tibet, China has found a scapegoat in East Turkestan also. She is 56 years old and exiled Rebiya Kadeer, head of ” World Uighur Congress “. As per official Chinese version, W.U.C. is a seperatist force aided and helped by western forces. According to them apart from ” World Uighur Congress “, there are two other groups inciting violence. They are “East Turkestan Islamic Movement” and “Turkestan Islamic Movement”.
    Chinese government is blaming everyone for the unrest. They say that E.T.I.M. and T.I.M. are terrorist organizations and are affiliated to Al Qaeda. Who knows the truth. May be they are, may be they are not. China lectures us on Kashmir. They always support Pakistani version. They forget that we hold regular free and fair elections in Kashmir. We don’t impose monolithic Hindu culture on them. We have article 370 of the constitution to safeguard their ethnic peculiarities and regional aspirations.

    It is high time. China should stop playing with fire. Memory of one unarmed man, known as TANK MAN, standing in front of tanks during TIANANMEN square massacre of June 1989, is still fresh in the memory of general public. Now again an unarmed and aged Uighur woman on crutches, standing in front of the posse of paramilitary forces in Urumqi, is too poignant to be forgotten. These are the symbolic protests by two unarmed human beings, standing in front of the might of a nation, that to as brutal as China, is too important a lesson to be forgotten.

    In October 2009, China is planning to celebrate 60th anniversary of the Communist rule. Who knows, what is in store for her on that occasion? May be like Russia, another monolithic communist country, China is waiting for implosion. If two unarmed individuals can stand up fearlessly, what will happen if the whole populace will rise in protest?


    China’s Festering Wounds-1:Xinjiang

    2I must admit in the beginning that I am not enamoured by so called super power status of China. I am not going to write copious volumes about her doubtful economic progress. There is a valid reason for my doubt or disbelief. China is not a democracy. She does not believe in free society. And she never encourages or permits free discussions. Chinese government simply dishes out statistics of it’s choice and forces the world to believe it. And the world almost acquiesces and agrees in awe.

    China proclaims that she has domestic stability and there is no dissent. All the ethnic minorities are living in perfect harmony with the Han majority. The myth propounded by China was exposed during the Beijing Olympics last year. The volatile TIBET, their so called autonomous region, revolted against Chinese rule. There were worldwide protests by exiled Tibetans and Chinese claims of unity and ethnic harmony was thoroughly exposed. For Tibetan unrest, China blamed everyone but herself. But about TIBET I will write later.

    Today I am writing about XINJIANG, another so called autonomous region of China. During last year’s Beijing Olympic, precisely four days before the inauguration ceremony, 2 UIGHURS were sentenced to death for killing 17 policemen in KASHGAR. Here again China blamed everyone except herself. Chinese government said that REBIYA KADEER, head of WORLD UIGHUR CONGRESS, is the main force behind the unrest. Sometimes they say that main force behind all these activities is EAST TURKESTAN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT.  Let us go through the facts. On Sunday evening ethnic riots erupted in XINJIANG. As per government sources 140 people died and 800 got wounded. After Tibetan uprising and protests on the streets of LHASA, this is the worst riot in China’s recent history. I am not counting TIEN UN MEN SQUARE massacre here because that is class apart.

    TIBET and XINJIANG, why these two autonomous provinces of China are so restive? The truth lies in the hegemonic aspirations of China. XINJIANG, known in earlier history as EAST TURKESTAN, is rich in oil and is the Muslim majority area.It is native place of 8 million Turkish speaking UIGHUR muslim minority. They complain that Chinese government muzzles their religious feelings and tries to control every aspect of their lives. The fact is, HAN majority Chinese are settling in XINJIANG in large number and UIGHURS are becoming a minority in their own land. How can anyone tolerate this?

    Ethnic minorities are rising in revolt. You can muzzle people for sometime but you can not muzzle or control everybody forever. Very soon this so called emerging world power will succumb to her wounds.



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