60 Years of Film ” Aandhiyan “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 12 , 2012           11.58 P.M.

Dev Anand‘s film ” Aandhiyan “ stands at the 10th position in the list of hit Hindi films of 1952 . I have written about 6 films of 1952 in a row . This , my 7th blog , is about ” Aandhiyan ” . I am unable to write about remaining 3 films ; ” Maa ” , ” Nagina ” and ” Bewafa “ as I have not watched them and there are almost no information available about those films on internet .

Dev Anand stablished his banner Navketan in 1950 with a film called ” Afsar ” , starring himself and Suraiya . Guru Dutt directed ” Baazi “ in 1951 was the second Navketan film and then came ” Aandhiyan “ in 1952 . This film was directed by Chetan Anand and it starred Dev Anand , his future wife Kalpana Kartik , Nimmi , K. N. Singh , Johny Walker , Durga Khote and Leela Mishra . Film’s story was written by Dev Anand himself .

Narendra Sharma’s lyrics were tuned by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan . Hemant Kumar and Asha Bhosle‘s duet ” Wo Chand Nahin Hai Dil Hai Kisi Deewane Ka ………….. “ was the most popular song of ” Aandhiyan ” . Asha Bhosle’s ” Dard Bant Raha Hai Kise Dard Chahiye …………………… “ is another hit . Lata Mangeshkar‘s ” Hai Kahin Pe Shadmani …………………….. “ was also very popular .

Indian classical musician and master of sarod ...

Indian classical musician and master of sarod Ali Akbar Khan,(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar as a yo...

Lata Mangeshkar as a young woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After massive hit ” Jaal ” , this was Dev Anand’s second hit of 1952 and thus he could consolidate his position at the box office as a formidable star and fortified position of his banner in Hindi film industry .

English: Dev Anand, Asha Parekh, at the ABN Am...

English: Dev Anand,at the ABN Amro Solitaire Design Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another ” Andhiyan “ was made by David Dhawan in 1990 and it starred Shatrughan Sinha with Mumtaz . This was the come back film of Mumtaz and it bombed at the box office .


In my acting institute of Mumbai , I have decided to introduce my students to this fantastic world of Hindi films . They should know about the history – making films of India . It will be now a regular feature of the curriculum of Vidur’s Kreating Charakters .

With this blog about ” Aandhiyan ” , I am ending my ” Down The Memory Lane ” category blogs . In the last month of 2013 , I will again return with the hit films of 1953 .









Zohra Sahgal : A Glorious Century of Life

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           MAY 22 , 2012           04.15 P.M.

100 Years Old Zohra Segai

100 Years Old Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal , the legendary film and theatre actor , recently completed 100 years of her momentous life . It is fascinating to know that she is as old as Indian cinema . She , in fact , is a year older . She was born in Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh in 1912 . And the first Indian cinema ” Raja Harishchandra ” was made and released in 1913 in Mumbai . So she precedes Indian cinema and is still among us .

Map showing location of district in Uttar Prad...

Map showing location of U.P. in India & Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh

She was born as Zohra Mumtaz Ullah Khan in an orthodox Muslim aristocratic family and went to Queen Mary’s Girls College , Lahore and later on to Mary Wigmen’s ballet school in Dresden , Germany . There she was trained in modern dance and was the first Indian to get trained at that school . She stayed there for couple of years and fortunately met Uday Shankar there , who was travelling Europe at that time with his troupe .

While still in Europe , she was invited by Uday Shankar to join his troupe . She joined legendary dancer’s troupe in 1935 and worked with him for 8 long years . Along with his troupe , she toured Japan , Egypt , Europe and U. S. A. Later on she became a teacher in Uday Shankar’s India Cultural Centre at Almora .

Uday Shankar (1900-1977), noted Indian dancer,...

Uday Shankar (1900-1977), noted Indian dancer, here seen in a 1930s photograph

The Uday Shankar Ballet Troupe, ca (1935-37). ...

The Uday Shankar Ballet Troupe, ca (1935-37). Also seen at the bottom left Zohra Segal

Zohra Sehgal In Uday Shankar's Troupe

Zohra Sehgal In Uday Shankar’s Troupe

She met her future husband Kameshwar Nath Sehgal at the Uday Shankar’s India Cultural Centre  and married him against the wishes of her orthodox family and  hence , she came to be known as Zohra Sehgal . She has a daughter Kiran and a son Pavan , who is married to the grand – daughter of Munshi Premchand , the renowned Hindi writer .

Young Zohra Sehgal

Young Zohra Sehgal

Later on , she migrated to Bombay [ now Mumbai ] with her family and started working with Prithvi Raj Kapoor’s Prithvi Theatre in 1945  , where her sister Uzra Butt was already working . She essayed many roles in his plays . She was a major star of Prithvi theatre . She also worked with Indian People’s Theatre Association [ IPTA ] for 14 long years .

Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal

Prithvi Theatre Festival 06, commemorating the...

Prithvi Theatre Festival 2006 , commemorating the Birth Centenary of Prithviraj Kapoor

She made her screen debut with IPTA’s first film production ” Dharti Ke Lal ” [ 1946 ] , a film directed by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas . This followed by ” Neecha Nagar ” [ 1946 ] , directed by Chetan Anand . incidentally ” Neecha Nagar “ became the first Indian film to win Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival . Later on she worked in ” Afsar ” [ 1950 ] , first film of Dev Anand’s banner Navketan and ” Baazi ” [ 1951 ] , a film directed by Guru Dutt .

Poster of Dharti Ke Lal

Poster of Dharti Ke Lal

Neecha Nagar

Neecha Nagar

After her husband’s death in 1959 , Zohra Sehgal moved to Delhi and then to London and worked in films like ” The Courtesans of Bombay ” [ 1983 ] , a Merchant Ivory Productions . ” The Jewel in The Crown ” [ 1984 ] and ” Tandoori Nights ” [ 1985 ] are her famous TV role .

Cover of

Cover of The Courtesans of Bombay

The Courtesans of Bombay

The Courtesans of Bombay

In mid 90s , she again returned to India and started her second innings with films like ; ” Dil Se ” [ 1998 ] . ” Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ” [ 1999 ] , ” Dillagi ” [ 1999 ] , ” Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham ” [ 2001 ] , ” The Mystic Masseur ” [ 2001 ] , ” Bend It Like Beckham ” [ 2002 ] , ” Veer – Zaara ” [ 2004 ] ” Cheeni Kum ” [ 2007 ] and ” Saawariya ” [ 2007 ] .

Poster of Dil Se

Poster of Dil Se

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Poster of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...

Poster of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Poster of Veer - Zaara

Poster of Veer – Zaara

Poster of Cheeni Kum

Poster of Cheeni Kum

Poster of Saawariya

Poster of Saawariya

With Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya

With Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya

With Amitabh Bachchan in Cheeni Kum

With Amitabh Bachchan in Cheeni Kum

She won many awards in her long and chequered career . She got Padma Shri in 1998 , Padma Bhushan in 2002 and Padma Vibhushan in 2010 . She also received Kalidas Samman in 2001 and Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship in 2004 for lifetime achievement .

Zohra Sehgal Receiving Padma Vibhushan in 2010

Zohra Sehgal Receiving Padma Vibhushan in 2010

It is fascinating to complete 100 years of one’s life and 61 years of active film and stage career . She started her career on stage in 1945 at Prithvi Theatre . So from 1945 to 2006 , when she appeared on stage again for the Centenary Year celebration of Prithvi Raj Kapoor , it is 61 – year – long stage career .

From ” Dharti Ke Lal ” and ” Neecha Nagar ” [ 1946 ] to ” Cheeni Kum ” and ” Saawariya ” [ 2007 ] , it is again 61 – year – long career in films .

She joined Uday Shankar’s troupe in 1935 . And her last two appearances on-screen ; ” Cheeni Kum “ and ” Saawariya ” came in 2007 . So it becomes incredible 72 – year – long career in fine arts .

She has another distinction to her credit . She worked with Prithvi Raj Kapoor in 1945 . And then she worked with his great grandson Ranbir Kapoor in 2007 . I think this is un – paralleled in the history of world cinema . She beautifullybridged the gap of 62 years and 4 generations .

Her life and achievements are amazing . I have trained Ranbir Kapoor for ” Saawariya ” . So I feel a sense of attachment to the legendary Zohra Sehgal because she was also associated with the film . I feel blessed .

100th Birthday Celebration of Zohra Sehgal

100th Birthday Celebration of Zohra Sehgal

See the photograph posted above . See her zest and vigour . Her energy is infectious . Her impish smile is intact .

I pray for her long life . May she out – live me also . Amen !!!







Incredible DEV ANAND SAHAB : The Immortal Mortal

With Dev Anand in His Office


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA            DECEMBER 07 , 2011           10.30 P.M.

On December 04 , 2011 , I woke up as usual in the morning imagining a lazy Sunday and as per my habit picked up my BlackBerry to check BBM messages . I opened the page and got a shock of my life , which I won’t be able to forget ever . There was a posting by Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan :


I was shocked beyond belief . I conveyed this message to my wife and she almost shrieked in dismay . I rushed to my TV set and saw the news . I kept on changing channels in hope that may be some will say that the news of the sad demise of  DEV ANAND SAHAB is not true . But ……… alas !

For me DEV ANAND SAHAB was immortal . I thought that he will always be there in this world . At least I will be watching HIM throughout my life . Anyhow HE will outlive me . It was a belief . I won’t be able to give any reason for my belief but the thought of the immortality of DEV ANAND SAHAB was ingrained in my psyche .

So when I knew that HE was in London for medical check up , it was beyond comprehension .

DEV ANAND and hospitals , don’t sink in the psyche .

DEV ANAND and doctors , don’t go together in mind .

DEV ANAND and illness , don’t go together .

DEV ANAND and death , don’t and can’t co – exist .

Even incapacitated and bed – ridden DEV ANAND is beyond imagination . This image doesn’t exist in the galaxy .

So news of his demise is still not sinking in . I am feeling , even today , that HE just vanished from this earth and may be making motion pictures in some far away galaxy .

I met HIM in his office last year on December 20 , 2010 . I was planning to launch my son in a Bhojpuri Movie ” Aber ” , and I wanted DEV ANAND SAHAB to give clap for the Muhurat shot . I requested Mr. Ali Peter John to introduce me to DEV SAHAB .It is honour that HE agreed to meet me .

Watching television coverage all day long , I was ushered to the world of DEV ANAND SAHAB and some sepia toned memories of my childhood rushed to the firmament of my being . ” Dushman ” [ 1957 ] was the first film , which I saw in the Vijay Talkies of Deoria , my home town . After that I watched almost all his films till ” Hum Naujawan ” [ 1986 ] . And after that I lost track of His films but certainly not HIS personality or life .

It has become a habit among some section of movie going public to make fun of his later – year movies . I would like to give few facts :

1 – AS AN ACTOR : [ 65 years – 113 Films  = ” Hum Ek Hain ” [ 1946 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ]   Survive / Exist in the world of cinema for 65 years  and then talk .

2 – AS A PRODUCER : [ 61 years – 31 Films = ” Afsar ” [ 1950 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ]  Survive Exist in the world of cinema for 61 years  and then talk .

3 – AS A DIRECTOR : [ 41 years – 19 Films  = ” Prem Pujari ” [ 1970 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ] Survive / Exist in the world of cinema for 41 years   and then talk .

4 – AS A WRITER : Write your autobiography at the age of  84 years , and that too with pen and paper ; neither dictating it to your secretary , nor typing on the computer , and then talk . AndRomancing With Life is a voluminous book , and it got released by the Prime Minister of India Dr . Manmohan Singh .

5 – AS AN AGING STAR : [ 22 years – 10 Flop Films ]  Survive / Exist in the slippery world of films without a single hit and that too without fading into oblivion for 22 years .  ” Lashkar ” [ 1989 ] was his last hit , and then talk .

If you can equal even one of the above mentioned startling data , only then you have the right to talk about DEV ANAND SAHAB . And if you can’t achieve any one of the above mentioned facts or even dream of doing anything similar , then keep your mouth shut , bow your head and pay obeisance .

It is not for nothing that within 3 days of HIS death , there are 13,894 articles about HIM in the media . It is a record and shows his relevance and importance .

I will always cherish the memory of meeting HIM .I am sharing few facts , which I never said before :

I wanted to touch HIS feet and sought his permission . HE said looking direct into my eyes , ” There is no need . You want to give me respect by touching my feet but I can see that respect in your eyes .”

I gave him brochure of the institute and the booklet , which I have written about diction . HE browsed through and said , ” You are doing great work sir . Keep on doing it . God bless ! ”

When I sought his blessings for my project , he said , ” Keep on working and remember , your dreams should be longer than your memories . Never let your memories be longer than your dreams .”

I will never ever forget his parting words , ” If ever I meet God , I will ask him why didn’t you make man an immortal being ? Were you afraid that immortal human beings can take your place ?  I long for immortality . ”

I left his office with Mr. Ali Peter John , who took me there , hoping that I might meet him soon . But my film project got delayed and I couldn’t meet HIM .

And now I won’t be able to meet him ever .

Evergreen Romantic Star , indefatigable , indomitable , inimitable , Padma Bhushan DEV ANAND SAHAB passed away in his sleep at the young age of 88 in London .

It is customary to say REST IN PEACE . But ……..

DEV ANAND and rest are antonyms .

So I end up saying – keep on making motion pictures in another world SIR . I will definitely meet you there .


In my formative years ,  my family was my epicentre . Apart from family , world of motion pictures was my second universe . That world was adorned by a beautiful canopy . For me that canopy is Ashok Kumar . That beautiful , magnificent canopy was supported by four enormously magnificent and gigantic pillars . Name of those pillars are ; tragedy king Dilip Kumar , evergreen romantic DEV ANAND , show – man Raj Kapoor and rebel star Shammi Kapoor . Once upon a time , not very long ago this canopy stood graciously with the support of these gigantic pillars . Sitting under the canopy , in the vicinity of four gigantic pillars , I was serenaded by the soothing voice of a nightingale , known as Lata Mangeshkar .

Apart from my family , this was my another world . The canopy is long gone . Two pillars ; Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor have also crumbled . With the death of DEV ANAND SAHAB , one more pillar succumbed to the vagaries of nature . Now the solitary pillar remains in the form of Dilip Kumar . And yes , the soothing voice of Lata Mangeshkar still serenades me .

But alas , like my family , my other world has also shrunk beyond recognition . I am shattered . I am numb . I am disheartened .

But if you are a fan of DEV ANAND , you have to move on .

Without you there is no light in my life DEV SAHAB .

But I promise to carry on , just like you .

Thanks a lot DEV SAHAB , thanks for teaching me life .







I had written two blogs about DEV ANAND SAHAB earlier . Re – posting them here from my archives :

1 – My First blog about DEV SAHAB :

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