Tina Ahuja – My 11th Student To Make Debut In 20 Months


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JULY 05, 2015           11.55 P.M.


It is first Sunday of July 2015. Sunday brings few welcome changes in my daily 18-hour-long-work-schedule. It is the day of late wake up call. It is the day of reading many newspapers and getting soaked in the vortex called Indian politics. And yes, it is the day of the posting of my blog.

Tina Ahuja, better known as Narmmadaa, made her debut this Friday with a film called ” Second Hand Husband “. She is film actor Govinda’s daughter and a student of mine.

I am not an accomplished chartered accountant but as soon as films of my students get released, I start calculating like a diligent, hard-working local bania. And when I calculated this time, I found to my astonishment that she is the 11th student of mine, who made debut in the last 20 months. [ NOVEMBER 2013 – JULY 2015 ]

I know that it will cause severe heartburn to few startups, who think themselves as thespians and claim to be accomplished acting trainers. Mumbai has many acting institutes and acting trainers. Few like ROSHAN TANEJA, ASHHA CHANDRA, BARRY JOHN and ANUPAM KHER are very reputed. They don’t have any problem with me and my success. They have their own successes to celebrate.

There is another one, who was reputed once upon a time. But has resorted to gimmicks and cheap tactics to keep himself relevant. Slashing your fee and advertising it publicly shows the desperation. Once upon a time he used to demand and command huge sum as fee but recently slashed it by half. It is now almost equivalent of my fee. Is it not desperation? Would you like to know the reason? He has failed to produce a single star after 2010.

And yes, there are few others. [ I don’t want to make them immortal by mentioning their names. ] Tucked in the lanes and by-lanes of Mhada, they proclaim to be acting trainers of repute but are nowhere in the scene. They will be troubled a lot by my list of ” 11 debuts in 20 months “. They claim to impart hard-core training. May I demand to know, what is the quality of this hard-core training, which can’t produce even a single star worth the name in these years? I think I should leave it up to the general public to decide.

3 years back I wrote in one of my blog post that hazy picture will not remain forever. Deceit will die its own death. Things will be clear one day when dust will settle down. An egoist startup, who thinks very high of himself, made fun of me and my statement. Within 3 years I am making public my latest list of accomplishments. I notice deafening silence from the other side of the fence. The thespian ( ? ) , who was roaring 3 years back, is conspicuous by his stoic ( ? ) silence. I guess he is maimed and mutilated considerably. I pity his toothless existence.

For public perusal, here is the complete list of my 9 students with pictures. I don’t have photos of Preeti Desai and Ayesha Khanna at this juncture. I will post them later.


2013 = URVASHI RAUTELA – ” Singh Saab The Great ” – 21 November 2013

Urvashi Rautela - Batch No. 68

Urvashi Rautela – Vidur Acting Institute Batch No. 68 [ With Me in My Office ]


2014 = DAISY SHAH – ” Jai Ho ” – 24 January 2014

2014 = PREETI DESAI – ” One by Two ” – 31 January 2014

2014 = TANVI RAO – ” Gulab Gang ” – 7 March 2014

2014 = BILAL AMROHI – ” O Teri ! ” – 28 March 2014

2014 = AYESHA KHANNA – ” Dishkiyaoon ” – 28 March 2014

2014 = ARMAAN JAIN – ” Lekar Hum Deewana Dil ” – 4 July 2014

2014 = PRANALI GHOGARE – ” Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali ” [Serial]

2014 = SAMRIDDHA BAWA – ” Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali ” [Serial] – 17 November 2014


With Daisy Shah In My Office

With Daisy Shah In My Office


With Tanvi Rao in My Office

With Tanvi Rao in My Office



With Bilal Amrohi in Mr. Atul Agnihotri’s Office


With Armaan Jain in His Apartment

With Armaan Jain in His Apartment


Pranali Ghogare & Samriddha Bawa [ Vidur Acting Institute Batch No. 83 ] With Me In My Office

Pranali Ghogare & Samriddha Bawa – Vidur Acting Institute Batch No. 83 [ With Me In My Office ]


2015 = TINA AHUJA – ” Second Hand Husband ” – 3 July 2015

With Narmmadaa [ Tina Ahuja ] In My Office

With Narmmadaa [ Tina Ahuja ] In My Office


Pawni Pandey , who sung the song ” ………………… Sharm Laaj Moh Maar Kar , Hata De Ye Pallu Jhaad Kar ……………. “  in ” Gulaab Gang ” [ 2014 ] is a student of Batch No. 82 of  VIDUR Acting Institute .

She started as a participant in ” Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs ” in 2006 and was a finalist and stood at 5th position . 


With Pawni Pandey in My Office

With Pawni Pandey in My Office


Out of above mentioned 11 students, 10 are actors and the remaining 1, Pawni Pandey is playback singer.

Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my above mentioned 11 students .

Their success validates that even after 26 years of my life as an acting trainer, I have not reached saturation point. I thank God for that.

My life is entering into a new important phase. In 2015-2016, it is going to be downpour of new stars trained by me. Many of them have potential to change the face of Indian cinema. So farewell till then.














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