Mehdi Hassan Sahab : Chale Bhi Aao Ki Gulshan Ka karobar Chale …..

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 15 , 2012           07.35 P.M.

Mehdi Hassan Saheb is being buried today . An era ended on June 13 , 2012 , when he died . And today on June 15 , 2012 as he is being buried , ghazal is being silenced . When I heard about the sad demise of Mehdi Hassan Sahab , I was deeply saddened . Jagjit Singh Ji left us last year in October 2011 and now Mehdi Hassan is also gone . World of ghazal will never be same again .

Along with Begam Akhtar of India , Mehdi Hassan changed the scenario of ghazal singing in this continent . They were purists . Their singing was based on classical ragas , yet their popularity among masses was immense . It was unparalleled , unflinching and unquestioned .

Begam Akhtar

Begam Akhtar

Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh

Born in Rajasthan , India on July 18 , 1927 in a family of traditional musicians ,  Mehdi Hassan migrated to Pakistan after partition . In 1957 he got an opportunity to sing on Radio Pakistan . Later on slowly he started singing ghazals and became enormously popular , first in Pakistan and later on in India . Subsequently his popularity rose in all the countries of this sub – continent .

English: Cropped version of File:SAARC.PNG foc...

English: Cropped version of Indian Sub – Continent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Due to his illness , he stopped singing from 1980 . Later on he completely stopped singing because of his worsening condition . After suffering for 12 years , Mehdi Hassan Sahab died on June 13 , 2012 in Karachi , Pakistan .

Mehdi Hassan Sahab in Hospital

Mehdi Hassan Sahab in Hospital

I have a LP record of Mehdi Hassan Sahab at my home in Deoria . ” Gulon me rang bhare vade nau bahar chale “ is my favourite . ” Patta patta boota boota hal hamara jane hai “ is another gem . ” Dekh to dil ki jaan se uthata hai “ can make you cry . Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa , aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jane ke liye aa “ is unforgettable . ” Navak andaz jidhar deeda – e – jana honge ” and  ” Phool hi phool khil utthe “ are another tender numbers in that LP record .

Apart from many Urdu ghazals , he sang many Persian ghazals also .

He is being laid to rest today . After Begam Akhtar and Jagjit Singh , now another titan is gone . As I said in the beginning world of ghazal will never be same again .



Jagjit Singh Ji ! Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh , Kahan Tum Chale Gaye ?

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA             DECEBER 31 , 2011                   7.00 P.M.

On October 09th , when I came to my institute and started going through all the twitter postings , I found a tweet , to my shock and dismay, about the sad demise of Ghazal King Jagjit Singh Ji. I knew about his medical condition and also that he was admitted in Lilawati hospital due to brain haemorrhage , but still I was hoping against hope that he would survive .

Jagjit Singh and his singer wife Chitra Singh were not only one of the most popular Ghazal singers of India but they are solely responsible for the resurrection of this genre of singing , popular among royalty of South East Asia . Before the advent of Jagjit Singh , Ghazals had classical base and flowery and chaste Urdu poetry and that too heavily Persianised Urdu . Because of this , genre of Ghazal became the thing of wealthy Zamindars and the selected royalty. This was the reason of limited reach of Ghazals and its subsequent decadence in popularity.

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Ghazal Loving Countries of South East Asia

When Jagjit Singh came to the scene , he realized the precarious situation and single-handedly fought and changed the scene. He chose easy but meaningful and poignant words, simplified the classical Ragas and introduced modern orchestra. His music arrangement was also very modern and catchy. Puritans frowned , as they always do , whenever a change is ushered in , but masses lapped this new kind of Ghazals and slowly puritans also fell in line because you can’t fight with the masses.

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAARC Countries

” The unforgettables ” [ 1976 ] , was the first LP records of Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh and it hit  the market like a tarnado. It created sensation and a new icon was ushered on the firmament of the music world. I am proud to say that I have LP record of ” The unforgettables ” .

English: Lata Mangeshkar releases music album ...

jagjit Singh with Lata mangeshkar

But the journey of Jagjit Singh was not easy . Born In Sri Ganga Nagar , Rajasthan on February 08 , 1941 , Jagjit Singh started learning music at early age . He came to Mumbai in 1961 and started his struggle . Success came to him after 15 long and arduous struggling years . But once it came , Jagjit Singh created history .

Combined album of film songs sung by him ; ” Arth “ and Saath Saath is India’s largest selling album of all times . His ghazal album ” Sajda “ with Lata Mangeshkar is the largest selling album of all times in India in non – film category .

He gave music for films like ; ” Prem Geet ” [ 1981 ] , ” Arth ” [ 1982 ] , ” Saath Saath ” [ 1982 ] ,  and TV serials like ; ” Mirza Ghalib [ 1988 ] and ” Kahkashan ” [ 1991 ] . Just like his ghazal albums , all the songs of these albums were hits . In total he has given us 80 albums and all of them are best sellers .

Besides ghazals . Jagjit Singh also sung bhajans and gurbani . His albums like ; ” Maa ” , ” Hare Krishna ”  and ” Hey Ram … Hey Ram “ and ” Man Jeetayi jagjit “ are much renowned and acclaimed .

His concerts were almost always sold out .

English: Jagjit Singh performing live at Symph...

Jagjit Singh - Live Performance at Symphony

I am ashamed that I am posting this obituary after 3 months . I started writing immediately after his death . But it remained incomplete because so many luminaries died in the last quarter of 2011 and I was travelling incessantly .

I am ashamed for the delay and saddened at the loss of the world of music .




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