My 25-Year-Long Journey : From Kareena Kapoor to Alia Bhatt



MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           AUGUST 08, 2014           08.50 P.M.


My fascination with Hindi film heroines started in mid 60s. In the dark environs of Amar Jyoti Talkies, Deoria, my rendezvous with Hindi cinema took place with Rajendra Kumar and B. Saroja Devi starrer Silver Jubilee hit  ” Sasural ” [ 1961 ] . B. Saroja Devi, though not well-known to Hindi cine-goers, was almost alien to me. But after watching the film, I was unable to forget her. Her elegant persona, her well-kept figure, her chiselled face enticed me for weeks and months. She was the first icon of my childhood fancy.

Few years later in 1967, after appearing in High School exams, I watched Dilip Kumar and  Vyjayanthimala, starrer golden jubilee film ” Ganga Jumna “. B. Saroja Devi and  Vyjayanthimala, to my utter surprise, looked almost similar. I was hooked to Vyjayanthimala and my fascination for the film heroines got fortified.

After passing High School, I went to Allahabad for further studies. My true rendezvous with Hindi cinema started in all earnest in Allahabad. I started watching films regularly. I got acquainted with the heroines of early Hindi cinema. I was particularly enamoured by Devika Rani and Kanan Devi. [ Who can forget Devika Rani’s ………. MAIN BAN KI CHIDIA BAN KE BAN-BAN DOLOON RE ……….( ” Achhut Kanya ” – 1936 ) and Kanan Devi’s ………….. YE DUNIYA ,YE DUNIYA TOOFAN MAIL ……… ( Jawaab ” – 1942 ) ? Few years later I watched two earlier films of Kanan Devi; P. C. Barua starrer ” Mukti ” [ 1937 ] and K. L. Sehgal starrer ” Street Singer ” [ 1938 ]. Though they were the heroines of my father’s generation but their etherial beauty, their sweet voice enthralled me and fascinated me during my adolescent and growing up years in Allahabad.

Later on I got acquainted with the works of other highly successful actresses of the bygone era. The list included Nargis, Suraiya, Nalini Jayawant,  Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Nimmi and Geeta Bali. These heroines ruled the golden era of Hindi films. But even they belonged to the earlier era.

My era included highly successful and enchanting heroines like;  Nutan, Vyjayanthimala, Waheeda Rehman , Nanda and Mala Sinha .

I became a die-hard fan of Waheeda Rehman after watching her films Pyaasa (1957) and Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959) . After watching Raj Kapoor‘s Awaara (1951) and of Mehboob Khan‘s Mother India (1957), Nargis, also became one of my all time favourites. Vijay Bhatt‘s Baiju Bawra (1952), made me a fan of  Meena Kumari.  K. Asif‘s Mughal-e-Azam (1960) made Madhubala my eternal favourite.

Then times changed. My journey with cinema matured. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, actresses like Sadhna, Saira Banu, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz and Asha Parekh ruled the Hindi film world.

In the early 70s  Amitabh Bachchan, era started in the Hindi film industry. Actresses from this era included Hema Malini, Jaya BachchanRekha,  Zeenat Aman and Dimple Kapadia. I adored these heroines but frankly, I was neither enchanted or enamoured by them. Mysterious quality of the earlier heroines was missing. Or may be I became mature and the mystique slowly evaporated.

In 1975, I completed my studies in Allahabad and returned to my native place, Deoria. A 14-year-long second phase of my life started in Deoria.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the pendulum swung back towards family centric romantic musicals with the success of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) . Incidentally this was the last film, which I watched in Deoria.

I moved to Bombay [ now Mumbai ] in 1989. This was the year when Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) got released and changed the film-watching experience forever.

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), Dil (1990), Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), making stars out of a new generation and actresses such as Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla and Kajol . In that point of time actresses such as Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai also arrived on the scene.  Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor too appearing in popular comedy films .

Furthermore, this decade marked the entry of new performers in art house and independent films like Satya (1998), directed by Ram Gopal Varma and written by Anurag Kashyap. Manisha Koirala, Tabu and Urmila Matondkar were the heroines of this generation.

So it was a long association with the silver screen heroines. From Kanan Devi to Kajol and Karisma Kapoor , I watched everyone, got fascinated by them and silently admired their etherial beauty. But never in my wildest dream did I imagine that one day I would train few of the present day ruling Divas of Hindi cinema. After 25 year stay in Mumbai, when I look back, I reminisce my by-gone days with astonishment. I am bewildered with my accomplishment.

In 1994 two heroines trained by me made their debut in Hindi films. They are Sonali Bendre in ” Aag ” [ 1994 ] and Divya Dutta in ” Ishq Mein Jeena Ishq Mein Marna ” [ 1994 ] . It uncanny that 1994 was the year when Devika Rani died. Kanan Devi bid us adieu two years earlier in 1992.

My childhood icons left this world in 1994 and present day icons, trained by me , made their entry in 1994. It is strange. It is quirky. It is really uncanny. After debut of Sonali Bendre and Divya Dutta in 1994, flood-gate of the newcomers got opened and it has now submerged the Hindi film industry. I present a list of some of the epoch-making new era Hindi film Divas, who got trained by me :

Kareena Kapoor : ” Refugee ” [ 2000 ] = DEBUT

Priyanka Chopra : ” The Hero ” [ 2002 ] = DEBUT

SONAM KAPOOR : ” Saawariya ” [ 2007 ] = DEBUT

Anushka Sharma : ” Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ” [ 2008 ] = DEBUT

Katrina Kaif :  ” Raajneeti ” [ 2010]

ALIA BHATT : ” Student Of The Year ” [ 2012 ] = DEBUT

KALKI KOECHLIN : ” Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani ” [ 2013 ]

URVASHI RAUTELA : ” Singh Saab The Great ” [ 2013 ] = DEBUT


In the end I would like to submit that the above mentioned list is almost endless. I have mentioned very famous names only. As I watch Alia Bhatt making rapid strides,and other newcomers trained by me making their entry in the tinsel town, my heart beats fast with pride.

Some of the biggest star sons / daughters are currently being trained by me and they are going to make their debut in 2015.

So the SAGA CONTINUES !! Dust settles down. Sun shines brilliantly. And the World { excluding few egoistic nay-sayers } watches with awe, admiration and amazement.


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise , I wish all my above mentioned students all the success and stardom never attained before by anyone and unseen even by the mightiest.

God bless them for making me proud !!




My Association With ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 16 , 2013           01.55 A.M.

” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ got released in the last week of May 2013 and it took the nation by storm . It was , though , expected to do good business at the box office but success of this gigantic proportion was not expected .

It collected 62.11 crore in the opening weekend itself . It went on to collect 100 crore in the first week of its release and now it is the 2nd fastest 100 crore earner till date . Its overseas weekend collection stands at 22.10 crore . It is Ranbir Kapoor‘s biggest opener in overseas . It is the biggest opener of 2013 till date .

It is the 3rd biggest all-time grosser in the history of Hindi cinema .

Top 3 grossers in India: #3Idiots – 202 cr, #EkThaTiger – 199 cr, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – 155.28 cr [still counting].

Because of the humongous success of ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ , Ranbir Kapoor has become the biggest star in overseas after 3 Khans ; Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan and Aamir Khan .

I have every reason to celebrate this success . My name appears in the titles of the film .  I am billed as Diction Coach . My elder son Abhinav Chaturvedi’s name is also there in the credits .

I spent almost a month in Manali with the unit . Ranbir Kapoor is my old student . During this period I worked extensively with Kalki Koechlin and briefly with some others stars .

With Ranbir Kapoor before " Saawariya "

With Ranbir Kapoor before ” Saawariya “

Kalki Koechlin in "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani"

Kalki Koechlin in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”

It has become the norm for acting trainers to revel in fake successes . Revellers beg their friends to promote their film on social networking sites so that they get more shows . And in spite of the limited shows , they brag about its so-called stupendous success . If a film collecting a paltry 50 Lakh is cause to revel for revellers , then I should be ecstatic  because ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ is the 3rd highest grosser of all time . At the time of writing of this blog it has garnered 155.28 crore and it is still going strong .

To present its step by step and day-to-day success , I am re-producing some relevent tweets from the twitter-handle of Shri Taran Adarsh , one of the most respected film journalist of our country . It is for the sceptics , who love to blow their cacophonous trumpets :

  1. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr, Tue 12 cr, Wed *est* 11 cr. Total: 98.11 cr. Nears 100 cr mark!

  2. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd NZ$ 80,648, Mon NZ$ 25,535, Tue NZ$ 16,256, Wed NZ$ 5,415. Total: NZ$ 127,854 [Rs 57.71 lacs]. Super

  3. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd A$ 268,224, Mon A$ 38,125, Tue A$ 54,276, Wed A$ 21,459. Total: A$ 382,084 [Rs 2.06 cr]. Wonderful!

  4. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd £ 408,491, Mon £ 42,015, Tue £ 57,321, Wed £ 70,971. Total: £ 578,798 [Rs 5.08 cr]. Excellent!

  5. So #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani will achieve its target of 100 cr today [Thu]. Before Week 1 comes to a close… Super!

  6. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wednesday *early estimates* seem like 10 cr +. Wait-n-watch!

  7. At the rate it is faring, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani should touch 100 cr mark by Thu noon. Before Week 1 comes to a close!

  8. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr, Tue 12 cr. Total: 87.11 cr. MONSTROUS HIT!

  9. Incidentally, #HumTum [2004], #BuntyAurBabli [2005] and #Fanaa [2006] were also released in the last week of May.

  10. Last week of May/first week of June – Here’s yet another week producers can eye while planning the release of their film/s. Think about it!

  11. There’s something about this week. 4 June 2010 – #Raajneeti, 3 June 2011 – #Ready, 1 June 2012 – #RowdyRathore, 31 May 2013 – #YJHD

  12. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd NZ$ 80,648, Mon NZ$ 25,535, Tue NZ$ 16,256. Total: NZ$ 122,439 [Rs 55.54 lacs]. Fantastic!

  13. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd A$ 268,224, Mon A$ 38,125, Tue A$ 54,276. Total: A$ 360,625 [Rs 1.96 cr]. Terrific!

  14. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Wknd £ 408,491, Mon £ 42,015, Tue £ 57,355. Total: £ 507,861 [Rs 4.39 cr]. Superb!

  15. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Tuesday trends indicate 11.5 cr. Humungous. Wait-n-watch!

  16. At the rate it is faring, don’t be surprised if #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani touches 100 cr mark in Week 1 itself. BLOCKBUSTER.

  17. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is rewriting the rules of the game. A double digit [13 cr] Monday? Most biggies don’t reach that number on Sunday…

  18. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani passes Monday test with distinction marks. Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr, Mon 13 cr. Total: 75.11 cr.

  19. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Overseas *weekend total* stands at approx. $ 3.9 million [Rs 22.10 crores].

  20. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is super-strong on Monday. Early trends indicate 9.5 cr to 11 cr, taking 4-day total to 70 cr+. Wait-n-watch!

  21. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani collected Rs 62.11 cr nett in opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr, Sun 22.5 cr. Outstanding!

  22. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – New Zealand: Collected NZ$ 80,648 [Rs. 36.33 lacs] on 10 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 5 position.

  23. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – Australia: Collected A$ 267,920 [Rs. 1.46 crores] on 17 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 5 position.

  24. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – UAE & GCC: Collected AED 3,000,000 [Rs. 4.61 crores]… Note:- Thu to Sat figures. Sun data yet to be updated.

  25. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – USA & Canada: Collected $ 1,651,000 [Rs. 9.33 crores] on 162 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 9 position.

  26. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani – UK: Collected £ 405,784 [Rs. 3.49 crores] on 88 screens in opening weekend… Debuts at No. 8 position.

  27. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has also emerged Ranbir and Deepika’s biggest opener in Overseas, overtaking #Barfi [Ranbir] by a good margin.

  28. OVERSEAS: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has emerged the year’s biggest opener [so far], crossing #Race2 in key markets.

  29. EXCLUSIVE OVERSEAS DATA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is a smash hit. Xclusive *weekend data* of UK, USA, UAE, Aus & NZ …

  30. Oh yes, it’s a 60 cr+ opening weekend for #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani. Data being compiled…

  31. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani has a superb Sunday. Much better than Fri and Sat. Data pouring in, but trends indicate 23 or 24 cr. Wait-n-watch!

  32. #YJHD Fri-Sat: USA-Canada $ 1.1 million, UAE AED 3 million, UK £ 280,000, Aus $ 180,000. Overseas total: $ 2.6 million [Rs 14.71 cr].

  33. #YJHD Fri-Sat Overseas total: $ 2.6 million [Rs 14.71 cr].

  34. #YJHD crosses $ 1 million mark in USA. Sat $ 607,000. Total: $ 1.07 million. Debuts at No 9 at USA BO. OUTSTANDING!

  35. Looking at Sun trends, a 60 cr + weekend is on the cards for #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani. Week 1 may close at 80 cr+, if the momentum continues!

  36. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Sunday trends: Seems bigger and better than Friday and Saturday!

  37. At the rate it’s faring, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani will cross $ 1 million mark in USA-Canada by Sunday noon itself.

  38. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri NZ$ 20,028, Sat NZ$ 25,845. Total: NZ$ 45,873 [Rs 20.60 lacs]. SUPER… #Race2 [wknd] was NZ$ 71,341.

  39. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri A$ 69,501, Sat A$ 104,632. Total: A$ 174,133 [Rs 94.15 lacs]. EXCELLENT… #Race2 [wknd] was A$ 183,750.

  40. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri £ 118,150, Sat £ 160,468. Total: £ 278,618 [Rs 2.39 cr]. SUPERB… #Race2 [wknd] was £ 356,258.

  41. INDIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri 19.45 cr, Sat 20.16 cr. Total: Rs 39.61 cr. FANTABULOUS… #Race2 [wknd] was Rs 51.35 cr.

  42. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is all set to emerge the BIGGEST *wknd opener* of 2013 in India & Overseas, overtaking #Race2 by a margin…

  43. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani data being compiled, but Saturday biz looks in the same range as Friday. Could be 19 cr, 20 cr or more. Wait-n-watch!

  44. YJHD Overseas gross US $ 1.4mn. USA $400k. UAE 2.1mn Dirhams. UK £120k. AUS $70k. Balance ROW. Extraordinary.

  45. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani USA-Canada Fri $ 334,678 from 119 locations. 43 locations yet to report. MIND-BOGGLING!

  46. Now this is a super start! #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani USA-Canada data still pouring in, but the film opens at No 9 position. Fabulous!… contd.

  47. NEW ZEALAND: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri NZ$ 20,028 … #Barfi NZ$ 22,815 [wknd], #Rockstar NZ$ 21,547 [wknd].

  48. AUSTRALIA: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri A$ 69,501 … #Barfi A$ 138,257 [wknd], #Rockstar A$ 99,676 [wknd].

  49. UK: #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani Fri £ 118,159 … #Barfi £ 229,783 [wknd], #Rockstar £ 184,592.

  50. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani is on a record-shattering spree in India and Overseas. Here are the figures…

  51. Those asking, #Dabangg2 holds the record of No 1 *non-holiday* opener. Will #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani emerge the biggest opener? Wait-n-watch!

  52. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani takes not just India, but Overseas markets by storm. Is all set to beat #Barfi and #Rockstar by a big margin!

  53. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani data being compiled. Like I said earlier, Ranbir’s BIGGEST opener. Will be 2013’s biggest opener too [so far]!

  54. In Overseas, Ranbir Kapoor is right next to the 3 Khans: SRK, Salman, Aamir. #Barfi and now #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani have cemented his status!

  55. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani UAE *revised* Thu AED 900,000 … #Barfi Thu was AED 600,000 and #Rockstar Thu was AED 500,000.

  56. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani *initial trends* suggest 18 cr Friday. Humungous opening!

  57. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani takes a Blockbuster start in UAE. Thu AED 800,000. #Barfi Thu was AED 450,000.

  58. As per trends, #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani should be Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest opener – Day 1, opening weekend and Week 1.

  59. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani opens to a Fantabulous start. Huge opening!

  60. Looking at the craze and screen count of #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani, the film should have a record-breaking start across India on Friday!

  61. #YehJawaaniHaiDeewani review: A wonderful cinematic experience. Watch this celebration of love and get mesmerized! …

  62. Ranbir and UTV = Lucky combo. #WakeUpSid, #Raajneeti and #Barfi, all Ranbir-UTV films, have been Hits. Will they strike gold with #YJHD?

As an acting trainer / acting tutor I am happy with the accomplishment . This time though I am writing about my association with ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ but I am fortunate enough to have associated with all the 3 all time biggest hits of Hindi cinema . ” 3 Idiots “ has Kareena Kapoor , ” Ek Tha Tiger “ has Katrina Kaif and now ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “ has Ranbir Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin . All four are my students .

Self-proclaimed most famous acting school of Mumbai , self-appointed most famous acting institute of India and self-anointed most famous acting academy of bollywood , along with some revellers have only a 50 Lakh grossing film to brag about .



On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate the cast and crew of ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ” . VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to congratulate them for this stupendous success .

It was a nice experience to be associated with the biggest hit of 2013 and the 3rd biggest hit of all time .

[ I have quoted tweets of Shri Taran Adarsh from his twitter handle . I express my gratitude . ]




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