Vidur’s Telly Tales – 14 : Anil Kapoor’s ” 24 “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 30 , 2013           02.05 A.M.

Title card for 24 (TV series)

Title card for 24 (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anil Kapoor made very impressive debut on TV on October 04 , 2013 with his highly acclaimed TV series ” 24 ” . It is Hindi adaptation of the American TV series of the same name , where Anil Kapoor played President Omar Hassan , the part , which is being played by Neil Bhoopalam in Hindi ” 24 ” .

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor (Photo credit: angshah)

This American TV series is produced by 20th Century Fox . Till now 8 seasons of 24 episodes each have been made . The novelty of the show is that each episode takes place over the course of one hour . Another novelty of the series is the use of split screen .

Kiefer Sutherland played the protagonist Jack Bauer in all the 8 seasons of American ” 24 ” .

Jack Bauer

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anil Kapoor essays Kiefer Sutherland’s part in the Hindi version . I was eagerly waiting for this series . Main reason was the immense popularity of the American version and the hype which was created around the Hindi version . I also wanted to watch Anil Kapoor on TV .

Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Mary Lynn-Rajk...

Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Mary Lynn-Rajk…

katee sackhoff, freddie prinze jr., anil kapoo...

Katee Sackhoff, Freddie Prinze jr., Anil Kapoor, Brannon Braga (Photo credit: kara brugman)

Another very personal reason to watch the show was the TV debut of my student Adhir Bhatt . He is playing 2nd in command in ATU [ Anti Terrorist Unit ] . He called me before the premier of the show .

I am pasting the following graphic from the Wikipedia , which shows his name prominently . Only 9 actors are mentioned in this list . Undoubtedly these 9 are the most important characters of ” 24 ” .


24 (Indian series) poster 2013-10-12 18-10.jpg
Genre Suspense
Serial drama
Political thriller
Written by Rensil D’Silva, Bhavani Iyer & Priya Pinto
Directed by Abhinay Deo
Creative director(s) Nivedita Basu
Starring Anil Kapoor
Anupam Kher (cameo)
Mandira Bedi
Yuri Suri
Pooja Ruparel
Adhir Bhatt
Ajinkya Deo
Rahul Singh
Priyanka Bose
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s) Apurba Sengupta
Producer(s) Anil Kapoor
Location(s) Mumbai
Cinematography Jay Oza and Tanay Satam
Production company(s) Anil Kapoor Films
Original channel Colors
Original run October 4, 2013 – present
Related shows 24
External links
Official website




When it was announced in the press that Anil Kapoor is making ” 24 “ in Hindi , some upstart acting trainers started claiming that they are the official casting directors of ” 24 ” . They even auditioned some gullible aspirants . One can visit their facebook page and can find this wrong , mischievous , boastful and false information . I watched the series very carefully , but I don’t see their names as official casting directors anywhere in the above mentioned Wikipedia list or in the credits .

These upstarts acting trainers painted town pink with the news that so many of their students are acting in the series and this became possible only because they are the official casting directors of the series . They carried this mischievous and misleading propaganda throughout the shooting of the serial . I don’t know how many gullible aspirants got impressed with this claim and took admission in their institute . After telecast of the serial , instead of many names ( as claimed by them ) , they dished out just 3  names . Adhir Bhatt is one of them . I fail to see 2 other names in the above mentioned list . Obviously , as usual , it must be a blink – and – miss role .

As for their claim about Adhir Bhatt , it should be pertinent to know that Adhir Bhatt is the student of Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor and the fact of the matter is that I trained him there .


I pity these GAALI GURUS of Facebook Acting School . They are desperate to be in the race but they have nothing to show as their own accomplishments . Therefore apart from making false claims , they have now started mentioning students of other trainers as their own . Can falsehood succeed ? No it can’t ! In public arena you can’t survive on falsehood .

I have mentioned in one of my earlier blog that one day dust will settle and the scenario will be clear for all to see . Time has come . Dust has started settling down . Picture is slowly becoming clear . Soon every false claim will be exposed and people will demand answer .

I have already given my answer in the form of my NEWSLETTER . It is available in 2 versions ; internet as well as print format .

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate Adhir Bhatt on his stupendous success . He is doing fine job and deserves kudos for his nuanced performance .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to congratulate him .

I conclude with the famous quote , ” SUCCESS HAS MANY FATHERS , BUT FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN . ”



Understanding Tamil Nadu – [ 3 ]


VAITHEESWARAN KOIL – TAMIL NADU – INDIA           DECEMBER 25 , 2012           10.55 P.M.

The political state of Tamil Nadu in India was...

The political state of Tamil Nadu in India was created in 1969 when erstwhile Madras State was renamed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After going through my two previous blogs on ” Understanding Tamil Nadu ” , I think that E. V. Ramasamy Naicker ” Periyar ” and his various steps , which he took during his movements , would be properly understood out of Tamil Nadu also . His rationalism , espousal of self-respect , advocacy for women rights and eradication of caste system is epoch – making and has everlasting effect on Tamil people and Tamil Nadu .


A Young E. V. Ramasamy Naicker Periyar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His works among weaker sections of Tamil Nadu , his efforts for the uplifting of lower castes , long subjugated by Brahmins , would be always held in high esteem and would be considered exemplary .

His untiring efforts for the uplifting of women bears indelible marks on the social psyche of Tamil society . Widow marriage , in my opinion , is his most colossal work .

He tirelessly worked for the eradication of child marriage . He espoused inter – caste marriages and opened many educational institutions for the weaker section of society .

It is not for nothing that UNESCO citation in 1970 described Periyar as ” the prophet of the new age  , the Socrates of South East Asia , father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance , superstitions , meaningless customs and base manners .”

His blind opposition of HINDI , HINDU , HINDUSTAN somewhat darkens his other exemplary and far – reaching social works . It is this aspect of his personality and work that brings suspicion and doubt in the minds of large sections of North India . To understand Tamil Nadu better , let us take all the three causes of Periyar , one by one .

HINDI : I closely followed politics since my Allahabad days . I went to Allahabad in 1967 and it was the year when anti – Hindi agitation started in Tamil Nadu . I read many wicked stories published in the Hindi newspapers and magazines of those days . One story said that if you are lost and approach a Tamil speaking person for asking the right route , you will be unable to get an answer if you ask in Hindi . Even if  a Tamil speaking person knows Hindi , he won’t answer and will go away saying ” HINDI ILLAI ” .

I found this story false during my recent forays in the hinterlands of Tamil Nadu . If I approach a person for asking something and even if I ask the question in Hindi , I was not spurned . I get the answer in broken Hindi and that too with smiling face . Sometimes if the person genuinely doesn’t know Hindi , instead of running away , he tries to explain everything in fluent Tamil with lots of hand movements and facial expressions .

If Tamil people think that Tamil is an ancient language and it is older than Hindi , I think that we have to respect the sentiment . Tamil is used in every sphere of Tamil Nadu and you will hardly find signboards in Hindi but in my opinion that is absolutely fine . A particular language should be respected and should be used in the land of its origin . That’s the basis for the formation of linguistic states , which has been agreed by all the political parties .

HINDU : E. V. Ramasamy Naicker ” Periyar ” was atheist for sure . Through his organization Dravid Kazhagam , he started denouncing Hinduism . It started with denunciation of Iyers and Iyengars , Brahmins of Tamil Nadu and culminated in processions , where idols of Ram , Sita and Lakshman were garlanded with slippers .

I can understand his dislike for Brahmins . I am willing to fathom his opposition of Sanskrit language also . I am willing to accept his credo of atheism . We in India have accepted Charvak , the first atheist , as a saint . But you can’t force your belief of not believing in religion on others .

He organized a procession to the Marina beach in 1956 , to burn pictures of Rama , the God . His followers broke idols in the temples , banished Brahmins from the every section of tamil society and organized Ravan Leelas .

But in my recent visits to the state , I found to my surprise that in every temple of Tamil Nadu  a serpentine queue of devotees are visible . It has to be seen to be believed . People come in very large numbers and they pray and worship . Temples are well maintained in Tamil Nadu and I can vouch that Hinduism is thriving in the state much vigorously . Dravid Kazhagam is now a smaller force and Tamil Nadu is as religious as any part of India . In following the tenets of Hinduism they are much ahead and dogmatically strict . On EKADASHI , I found people thronging the temples . I am yet to see same enthusiasm on EKADASHI in North India . Moreover the Tamil Nadu state emblem tells it in a more fitting way .

English: Emblem of the State Government of Tam...

Emblem of the State Government of Tamil Nadu used by the state government for public notices in the press and for publicity purposes. The emblem of India is the image used on the India Wikipedia article. தமிழ்: தமிழ் நாடு அரசின் சின்னம். (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burning effigies of Bhagawan Ram and other Hindu Gods and the days of celebrating Ravan Leelas are over . Atheism can be accepted , as Charvak was accepted in olden times and he was even called a RISHI .

HINDUSTAN : One of the most disturbing legacy of Periyar was to give a call for Dravid Nadu . He wanted to unite all the four provinces of South India and wanted this entity to be an independent Dravid Nadu .

But majority of his supporters revolted against this demand . In the leadership of C. N. Annadurai , they formed Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam and fought elections . Since 1965 either D.M.K. or A.I.A.D.M.K. rules the state and the demand of so-called Dravid Nadu is thrown somewhere in the trash bins of history .

But demand for separation from India is there in Jammu & Kashmir and all the provinces of North East India . They are more palpable . In fact these provinces are waging armed struggle against the nation . Then why to blame only Tamil Nadu ? There was just a demand and that too by just one organization , Dravid Kazhagam . And today Dravid Kazhagam is not a major force .

A very interesting fact of Tamil Nadu and Dravid politics is that Periyar was himself a Kannada speaking Kannadiga . One of the most successful chief ministers of Tamil Nadu , M. G. Ramachandran was a Kandy , Sri Lanka born and Malayalam speaking actor turned politician . current chief minister Miss Jayalalithaa Jayaram is also a Kannadiga and the irony of the situation is that she is a Brahmin . And she speaks fluent Hindi . Present day superstar Rajanikant , incidentally , is a Maharashtrian .

English: , the Chief Minister of , India.

Jayalalitha , the current Chief Minister of , Tamil Nadu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the fort of atheism and anti Hindi these days is held by Muthuvel Karunanidhi only . But even his family members have changed . M. K. Stalin and Kannimozhi are not that dogmatic .

English: K. Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tam...

K. Karunanidhi, the ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am stating with all my knowledge accumulated during this visit that Tamil Nadu is changing . Or it has already changed ?

After my return , I would love to share these findings with all the current students of my acting institute Vidur’s Kreating Charakters .



New Female Playback Singers of Hindi Films

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           NOVEMBER 10 , 2012           00.35 A.M.

When ” Alam Ara ” , the first Indian talkie , hit the screen in 1931 , an era started , which could easily be called the era of singing stars . All the actors sang their own songs on the screen . Well known female stars of that era were no exception . From Devika Rani to Leela Chitnis and from Kanan Devi to lesser known starlets, every heroine worth the name sang their own songs .

English: Alam Ara poster, 1931.

Alam Ara poster, 1931. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Scene from the 1936 film Achhut Kanya

Ashok Kumar & Devika Rani in a Scene from the 1936 film Achhut Kanya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kanan Devi

Kanan Devi (Photo credit: tonymitra)

Then came the era of Noor Jahan and Suraiya . Both were immensely popular stars and huge singers of their generation . Their songs and their films are still popular . Their retirement from the films finally brought an end to the glorious era of singing stars . Salma Agha , another singing star , came in ” Nikah ” [ 1982 ]  but it was an exception . Singing stars era had ended much earlier .

After the end of singing stars era , playback singing in films became popular . Rajkumari Dubey could be called the first female playback singer . She started her singing career in 1940 . Her songs with Mukesh in ” Bawre Nain “[ 1950 ]  are still famous and they are memorable . Modern day movie goer are familiar with her song from ” Pakeeza “[ 1972 ]  . It is ….. najaria ki mari mari more saiyan …….

Another playback singer from that era was Shamshad Begum . She rose to prominence with ” Khazanchi ” [ 1941 ] and ” Khandaan ” [ 1942 ] . Her career suffered major set back with the advent and subsequent supremacy of Lata Mangeshkar andAsha Bhosle . Amirbai Karnataki was another famous playback singer from that era .

Then began an era which is known as Lata Mangeshkar Era . She , along with her younger sibling Asha Bhosle , dominated the playback scene of Hindi films like a colossus for almost 5 decades .

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Indian singer Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During their era many singers came and went into oblivion . Geeta Dutt , Suman Kalyanpur , Kamal Barot ,  Sudha Malhotra , Mubarak Begum and Sharda came and eclipsed quickly without leaving a mark .

In 70s , while Lata Mangeshkar was still reigning supreme , again a new crop of female playback singers emerged . Alka Yagnik , Sadhana Sargam , Kavita Krishnamurty andAnuradha Paudwal came , gave some memorable hits and faded into oblivion . Lata Mangeshkar still ruled and gave memorable hits like ; Yash Chopra directed  ” Veer – Zaara ” [ 2004 ] .

Now a new crop of playback singers are hovering on the horizon . Shreya Ghoshal has become numero Uno like Lata Mangeshkar and Sunidhi Chauhan has almost taken Asha Bhosle’s place . But there are other female playback singers  also . They are fast emerging on the scene .

ADITI SINGH SHARMA : With chart – busters like ; ” Aali Re …. ” & ” Dilli , Dilli …… ” in ” No One Killed Jessica “ and ” Chhoomantar ….. ” in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan , she became a singer to watch in future .

ALYSSA MENDONSA : Daughter of Loy Mendonsa of Shankar – Ahsan – Loy fame , she sang ” Uff Teri Ada ……. ” in ” Karthik Calling Karthik “ and immensely popular ” Khwabon Ke Parindey ….. ” in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara .

ANUSHKA MANCHANDA : She sang re-mix version of ” Dum Maro Dum …… ” with a rare conviction and forced everyone to take notice of her talent .

HARSHDEEP KAUR : With ” Katiya Karoon ….. ” of  ” Rockstar “ and ” Jugni ………….. ” of ” Cocktail “ , she hit big and is surely on her way to the top .

MAHALAXMI IYER : She hit the bull’s-eye with ” Ae Ajnabee ……….. ” in ” Dil Se ” , ” Sadka Kiya ………… ” in ” I Hate Luv Storys “ and hugely popular Punjabi numbers like ; ” Laung Da Lashkara ……. ” & ” Rola Pe Gaya …….. ” in ” Patiala House ” .

NEHA BHASIN : ” Kuchh Khas Hai …….. ” in ” Fashion “ and ” Dhunki Dhunki ……. ” in ” Mere Brother Ki Dulhan “ brought her on the top .

SHIPLA RAO : In a hit number like : ” Khuda Jane …………… ” of ” Bachna Ae Haseenon “ , she found her moorings .

SHRUTI PATHAK : With ” Marjaawan …………… ” in ” Fashion “ and ” Payaliya ………… ” in ” Dev D “ , she arrived and made her presence felt .

SHWETA PANDIT : She made her debut in Yash Raj Films ” Mohabbatein ” [ 2000 ] . From ” Mohabbatein “ to ” Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ” [ 2011 ]  , she had sung several hits in Hindi . She regularly performs with A. R. Rehman‘s stage shows also . She is extremely popular singer in Telugu films also .

With Shweta Pandit in My Office

With Shweta Pandit in My Office

In a way she is my student . Though she never took admission in my Acting Institute and didn’t come to my regular batch . But still she come to my institute whenever she is free and participates in the improvisation classes of my institute Vidur’s Kreating Charakters .

I am happy for her and wish her greater success . I am sure in years to come she will be top playback singer of India .

I am happy that I have at least one student in playback singing field also .



My Column ” Kal Aur Aaj ” in Bhojpuri City – [ 5 ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA                  MAY 05 , 2011                      11.45 P.M.

That I write a fortnightly Hindi column is now known to all my readers. It is being published in a magazine called Bhojpuri City “. It is a Bhojpuri film trade magazine being published from Mumbai. This is my 5th column and it is focussed on the tradition of Item Girls in Hindi and Bhojpuri films.

I am reproducing here the cover page of the current edition of the said magazine and the 2 page article, which is 5th in the series.

Cover of Bhojpuri City - May 1st , 2011

Cover of Bhojpuri City - May 1st , 2011



My Column ” Kal Aur Aaj ” in Bhojpuri City – [3]


I am reproducing here my fortnightly Hindi column ” KAL AUR AAJ ” . This is the third article of my first ever Hindi column . First article of the column was published  in the December 1st, 2010 issue of Bhojpuri City. This third article of the column was published in the GOLDEN JUBILEE ISSUE [February 2nd & March 1st , 2011 ] of Bhojpuri City on the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bhojpuri cinema.

It comes and will keep on coming in ” BHOJPURI CITY ” , a Bhojpuri Film Trade Magazine. This fortnightly magazine is published from Mumbai.



My Column ” Kal Aur Aaj ” in Bhojpuri City – [2]

I am reproducing here my fortnightly column ” KAL AUR AAJ ” . This is my first ever column and it is in Hindi. First article of the column was published  in the December 1st, 2010 issue of Bhojpuri City. This one is the 2nd article of my column.

It comes and will keep on coming in ” BHOJPURI CITY ” , a Bhojpuri Film Trade Magazine. This fortnightly magazine is published from Mumbai.

Bhojpuri City – Cover of February 1st 2011

Kal Aur Aaj - 2 February 1st 2011




My Column ” Kal Aur Aaj ” in Bhojpuri City – [1]

I am reproducing here my fortnightly column ” KAL AUR AAJ ” . This is my first ever column and it is in Hindi. First article of the column was published  in the December 1st, 2010 issue of Bhojpuri City.

It comes and will keep on coming in ” BHOJPURI CITY ” , a Bhojpuri Film Trade Magazine. This fortnightly magazine is published from Mumbai.

  • Bhojpuri City – Cover of December 1st, 2010
  • Kal Aur Aaj - 1 December 1st, 2010

    Column - 1/2 Kal Aur Aaj December 1st, 2010


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