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MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           May 22 , 2016           11.00 P.M.

With this post, I want to tell the world that VIDUR Acting Institute  has a wonderful presence in the arena of NATIONAL FILM AWARDS.

This year in 2016 my student Kalki Koechlin won Jury Best Actor Award for her film ” MARGARITA WITH A STRAW “. When I read the news and started counting , I was surprised to note that till date my 10 students have won NATIONAL FILM AWARDS in different categories.

With Kalki Koechlin on the terrace of her apartment

With Kalki Koechlin on the terrace of her apartment

Out of these 10 recipients, 04 are actors, 03 are directors, 02 are producers and 01 is screenplay writer. Prakash Jha won the awards thrice. 02 as director [ SONAL & GANGAAJAL ] and 01 as screenplay writer [ APAHARAN ].

With Prakash Jha at the launch party of Jai Gangaajal

With Prakash Jha at the launch party of Jai Gangaajal

As I have decide to be truthful in all my reporting, I would like to confess that out of 10 NATIONAL FILM AWARD winning personalities, I have to share credit of 05 with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor as I trained them there as their personal acting coach. They are : Saif Ali Khan , Priyanka Chopra , Arjun Rampal , Arbaaz Khan & John Abraham . 

But the remaining 05 are my own students. They are : Prakash Jha [ 03 Time Winner ] Jugal Hansraj & Kalki Koechlin .

Kalki is a wonderful actor and her portrayals are always very poignant and sensitive. After her debut film ” Dev D ” , she was memorable in ” Margarita With A Straw “.




Satyameva Jayate

 सत्यमेव जयते

In the era of falsehood, VIDUR Acting Institute has chosen the tortuous path of truthfulness. In the season of deceit, VIDUR Acting Institute  has taken the pledge of being factually correct. You can go to the National Film Award website and can check and verify the below mentioned names of winners and their films. But do check the tall claims of so many other so-called “Best Acting Institutes of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Institutes of India”. Grill the so-called “Best Acting Trainers of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Trainers of India” and you will see through their hollow claims. That is the reason I say ;

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतम् ,
सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः ।
येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा ,
यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् ॥

……………….. मुण्डक उपनिषद्

English Translation

Truth alone triumphs ; not falsehood.
Through truth the divine path is spread out ,
by which the sages , whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

…………………………………… Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad



1 – 49th NATIONAL AWARDS 2002 : Prakash Jha – Director SONAL

2 – 51st NATIONAL AWARDS 2004 : Prakash Jha – Director GANGAAJAL

3 – 52nd NATIONAL AWARDS 2005 : Saif Ali Khan – Actor HUM TUM

4 – 53rd NATIONAL AWARDS 2006 : Prakash Jha – Writer APAHARAN

5 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Priyanka Chopra – Actor Fashion

6 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Arjun Rampal – Actor ROCK ON

7 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Jugal Hansraj – Director ROADSIDE ROMEO

8 – 58th NATIONAL AWARDS 2011 : Arbaaz Khan – Producer DABANGG

9 – 60th NATIONAL AWARDS 2013 : John Abraham – Producer VICKY DONOR

10 – 63rd NATIONAL AWARDS 2016 : Kalki Koechlin – Actor MARGARITA WITH A STRAW

Kalki Koechlin receiving award from President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Kalki Koechlin receiving award from President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

I am so happy that my students are winning National Film Awards in such a large numbers. These awards are prestigious and are very much respected. Presence of my students in this list make me humble and motivates me to work hard and keep on reinventing myself again and again.


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[ List of the award-winning films and actors has been taken from the website of National Film Awards. I express gratitude. ]




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