Vidur Acting Institute & 10 National Film Awards


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           May 22 , 2016           11.00 P.M.

With this post, I want to tell the world that VIDUR Acting Institute  has a wonderful presence in the arena of NATIONAL FILM AWARDS.

This year in 2016 my student Kalki Koechlin won Jury Best Actor Award for her film ” MARGARITA WITH A STRAW “. When I read the news and started counting , I was surprised to note that till date my 10 students have won NATIONAL FILM AWARDS in different categories.

With Kalki Koechlin on the terrace of her apartment

With Kalki Koechlin on the terrace of her apartment

Out of these 10 recipients, 04 are actors, 03 are directors, 02 are producers and 01 is screenplay writer. Prakash Jha won the awards thrice. 02 as director [ SONAL & GANGAAJAL ] and 01 as screenplay writer [ APAHARAN ].

With Prakash Jha at the launch party of Jai Gangaajal

With Prakash Jha at the launch party of Jai Gangaajal

As I have decide to be truthful in all my reporting, I would like to confess that out of 10 NATIONAL FILM AWARD winning personalities, I have to share credit of 05 with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor as I trained them there as their personal acting coach. They are : Saif Ali Khan , Priyanka Chopra , Arjun Rampal , Arbaaz Khan & John Abraham . 

But the remaining 05 are my own students. They are : Prakash Jha [ 03 Time Winner ] Jugal Hansraj & Kalki Koechlin .

Kalki is a wonderful actor and her portrayals are always very poignant and sensitive. After her debut film ” Dev D ” , she was memorable in ” Margarita With A Straw “.




Satyameva Jayate

 सत्यमेव जयते

In the era of falsehood, VIDUR Acting Institute has chosen the tortuous path of truthfulness. In the season of deceit, VIDUR Acting Institute  has taken the pledge of being factually correct. You can go to the National Film Award website and can check and verify the below mentioned names of winners and their films. But do check the tall claims of so many other so-called “Best Acting Institutes of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Institutes of India”. Grill the so-called “Best Acting Trainers of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Trainers of India” and you will see through their hollow claims. That is the reason I say ;

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतम् ,
सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः ।
येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा ,
यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् ॥

……………….. मुण्डक उपनिषद्

English Translation

Truth alone triumphs ; not falsehood.
Through truth the divine path is spread out ,
by which the sages , whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

…………………………………… Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad



1 – 49th NATIONAL AWARDS 2002 : Prakash Jha – Director SONAL

2 – 51st NATIONAL AWARDS 2004 : Prakash Jha – Director GANGAAJAL

3 – 52nd NATIONAL AWARDS 2005 : Saif Ali Khan – Actor HUM TUM

4 – 53rd NATIONAL AWARDS 2006 : Prakash Jha – Writer APAHARAN

5 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Priyanka Chopra – Actor Fashion

6 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Arjun Rampal – Actor ROCK ON

7 – 56th NATIONAL AWARDS 2009 : Jugal Hansraj – Director ROADSIDE ROMEO

8 – 58th NATIONAL AWARDS 2011 : Arbaaz Khan – Producer DABANGG

9 – 60th NATIONAL AWARDS 2013 : John Abraham – Producer VICKY DONOR

10 – 63rd NATIONAL AWARDS 2016 : Kalki Koechlin – Actor MARGARITA WITH A STRAW

Kalki Koechlin receiving award from President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Kalki Koechlin receiving award from President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

I am so happy that my students are winning National Film Awards in such a large numbers. These awards are prestigious and are very much respected. Presence of my students in this list make me humble and motivates me to work hard and keep on reinventing myself again and again.


Vidur Acting Institute Logo

[ List of the award-winning films and actors has been taken from the website of National Film Awards. I express gratitude. ]



Vinay Shreshtha & My Nepal Connection


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 02, 2016           09.40 P.M.


Nepali Star Vinay Shreshtha

Nepali Star Vinay Shreshtha

On December 17, 2015, I got a message from Vinay Shreshtha wishing me on my birthday. He also told me about his Nepali movie  Resham Filili [ 2015 ] [ रेशम फिलिली ] .

I was surprised to know that apart from Nepal, it also got released in India. This Nepali Comedy is in fact Vinay Shreshta’s 2nd movie. His 1st was  Visa Girl [ 2012 ] .

He was a student of Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab, Mumbai. I don’t exactly remember the year but it must have been between 2000 & 2005. During those years I was working with Mr. Kapoor and Vinay Shreshtha joined the batch.

After completing the course, he returned to Nepal but kept in touch. In 2008 / 2009 he came to visit me when I started my own institute. He was planning  Visa Girl  at that time. He gifted me a replica of PASHUPATI NATH TEMPLE. I still have that gift in my Mumbai office. It always reminds me of Vinay Shreshtha and Nepal.




 Visa Girl [ 2012 ]

Nepali Movie 

Starring – Reecha Sharma, Vinay Shrestha, Karma, Raymon Das Shrestha, Saloni Rajbhandari, Menuka Pradhan, Reema Bishowkarma etc.

Director – Prachanda M. Shrestha

Producer – CG Entertainment [ Entertainment wing of Chaudhary Group. The owner of Chaudhary Group, Binod Chaudhary was declared the first billionaire in Nepal . ]

The much publicized Nepali movie  Visa Girl [ 2012 ] couldn’t do good business in Nepal. On the occasion of Christmas December 25, 2012, the movie was premiered in Gangtok, Sikkim also. The lead actors in ‘Visa Girl’, Vinay Shrestha and Richa Sharma are also the co-producers of the film.

Visa Girl  is a story of three boys named Aditya, Riyaj and Sandesh eager to go abroad at all cost. They have enough of their life in Kathmandu and are trying their best to go USA. In a charity program they met a beautiful girl named Stuti, a green card holder, who was going  back to the USA soon. The trio named Stuti the Visa Girl and start trying their best to impress her.


After  Visa Girl [ 2012 ] , Vinay Shreshtha’s 2nd Nepali release was Resham Filili [ 2015 ]  .




Resham Filili [ 2015 ]

 Nepali Movie  [ रेशम फिलिली ]

Resham Filili  is nepali comedy movie directed by Pranab Joshi. The movie was in limelight after the release of title song Jaalma on YouTube , which became instant hit. I am posting the YouTube link :



Starring – Vinay Shrestha, Karma, Kameshwor Chaurasiya and Menuka Pradhan.

Writer and Director – Pranab Joshi.

Producer – Madhav Wagle

Resham Filili [ 2015 ] is produced under the banner of Actor Vinay Shrestha’s production company V Motion Pictures. This is the second venture of Vinay’s production company,  Visa Girl [ 2012 ] being the first.

Resham Filili was released on April 24, 2015, the day before Nepal earthquake . Earthquake had huge impact on the earning of the film. However,the film earned about 71 lakhs gross in just one day.

The film was then re-released on August 28, 2015 nationwide. It was released in India in December 2015.




In fact my Nepal connection started with Jal Shah, a heroine of Nepali films, who was very popular during the 90s.  From 1996 to 2005, she acted in about 50 Nepali film and is now settled in USA with her family.

Though Jal Shah was my first Nepal connection, but Vinay Shreshtha will always be special because he maintained the relationship. I am happy for him and his film career in Nepal. He is very down to earth and well-behaved even after doing two films. Whenever he talks, he is very courteous and gentle. Though he can throw starry arrogance but he never did it even once.

Nepali Star Vinay Shreshtha

Nepali Star Vinay Shreshtha

May God give him all the success and glory , which he so rightly deserves. He started his journey with  Visa Girl [ 2012 ] and Resham Filili [ 2015 ] is going to be only his next step before he attains international fame and eternal glory as a bright shining super – star of Nepal.


Vidur Acting Institute Logo

On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate Vinay Shreshtha and pray for his bright future.

May God bless him !

[ List of released films,  dates and other information of Vinay Shreshtha and Jal Shah have been taken from Wikipedia . I express gratitude. ]



My Association With ” O Teri “



MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 01 , 2014           11.45 A.M.


I thought to write this blog and post it on March 28, 2014, when Atul Agnihotri produced film ” O Teri “ got released. But I was unable to accomplish my wish because of two factors. First was the coming national elections of the 16th Lok Sabha and the second was the incessant and gruelling work pressure of my acting institute.

2014 Indian general election  were conducted in 9 phases from 7 April 2014 to 12 May 2014 and the results of the election were declared on 16 May 2014. So watching evening and night news on various channels became a must and I was not able to sit and write my blog. Night after night, I sat in front of television set totally engrossed in the election news. As per my habit, I am not interested only in the new batch of my acting institute like few upstart and wannabe acting trainers. I have my social, political and national duties, commitments and obligation to fulfill too.

Then there were work related issues. These days I don’t even find time for lunch. Morning, evening and special classes take all my working hours and it is simply not possible to fit in some time for writing blogs in a  10 hour-long working day. So this much delayed blog is being posted today.

” O Teri “ got released on March 28, 2014 in approximately 1000 theatres across India. As per industry trade pundits it met with mixed response. But this Atul Agnihotri produced and Umesh Bist directed film is very close to my heart.


With Mr. Atul Agnihotri, Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

I am very close to producer Atul Agnihotri and his family. I have worked with his wife Alvira Agnihotri also. His sister-in-law Arpita Khan is also close to me. Atul ji is kind enough to call me whenever he wants an acting trainer for his actors. I worked with Hazel Keech for his ” Bodyguard “. I was again called by him to conduct acting workshop for the lead actors of his new venture  ” O Teri “. As required, I started acting workshop with Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi in Atul ji’s office.

With Mr. Atul Agnihotri in His Office

With Mr. Atul Agnihotri in His Office


With Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

I first trained Pulkit Samrat, when I was working with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor. After completion of the training, Pulkit was chosen for the role of  Lakshya in Ekta Kapoor’s mega serial  ” Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ” [ 2006 ]. I, again worked with him privately in 2007 when he quit ” Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi “, and was searching for work. 6 years later, I worked with him briefly for ” Fukrey ” [ 2013 ]. So when I was called to train him for ” O Teri “, I was very happy. Thus with Pulkit Samrat, it is a 9-year old relationship. His fiance Shweta Rohira is also my student. Pulkit, unlike some other stars of his generation, is very hard-working and always smiling up – coming super star.


With Pulkit Samrat & Amit Kapoor in a Party

With my Wife, Pulkit Samrat & Amit Kapoor in a Party


Bilal Amrohi was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised, when I got to know that he is grandson of legendary producer – director late Kamal Amrohi. He is very emotional, yet he has impeccable comic – timing.


With Bilal Amrohi in the office of Mr. Atul Agnihotri

” O Teri “ is special to me for one more reason. One day I came to know that my son’s friend G. J. Singh has been signed as the music director of ” O Teri “ and his brother Jas a.k.a. Jaspreet is singing songs in the film. They met me one day and made me listen one particular song. It immediately caught my attention because of its very catchy tune and peppy lyrics. Song in question was ” ………….. Ummbakkum Ummbakkum ……………… “. I asked them, “who has written the lyrics?”  They told me that the lyricist is none other but my son Abhinav Chaturvedi. I was surprised. My son made this baby step without my help. And thank God! he never allowed himself to be degraded for getting work. Unlike some uncouth revellers, who, to get a B-grade film, became factotum and doormat of their own student, he never allowed himself to become subservient to anyone.

Raunak Chaturvedi

With my Son Abhinav Chaturvedi in 2011

Abhinav Chaturvedi in April 2014

Abhinav Chaturvedi in April 2014

Irrespective of the box office verdict of ” O Teri “, I am happy to be associated with the film. Apart from Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Agnihotri, with whom I am so close, ” O Teri “ also has Pulkit Samrat, Bilal Amrohi, Jaspreet, G. J. Singh and my son Abhinav. They all are closely associated with ” O Teri “.

IMG_0869 (13)

With Playback Singer Jaspreet

” O Teri “ remains and will always remain a special film for me. To commemorate ” O Teri “, I made a video and up-loaded the same on YouTube.

Vidur Club News Video 3 – ” O Teri ” & ” Main Tera Hero ” :


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , I congratulate all my above mentioned students and the team of ” O Teri “.

VIDUR Editing Studio, VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise would also like to wish them well.




Vidur’s Telly Tales – 14 : Anil Kapoor’s ” 24 “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 30 , 2013           02.05 A.M.

Title card for 24 (TV series)

Title card for 24 (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anil Kapoor made very impressive debut on TV on October 04 , 2013 with his highly acclaimed TV series ” 24 ” . It is Hindi adaptation of the American TV series of the same name , where Anil Kapoor played President Omar Hassan , the part , which is being played by Neil Bhoopalam in Hindi ” 24 ” .

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor (Photo credit: angshah)

This American TV series is produced by 20th Century Fox . Till now 8 seasons of 24 episodes each have been made . The novelty of the show is that each episode takes place over the course of one hour . Another novelty of the series is the use of split screen .

Kiefer Sutherland played the protagonist Jack Bauer in all the 8 seasons of American ” 24 ” .

Jack Bauer

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anil Kapoor essays Kiefer Sutherland’s part in the Hindi version . I was eagerly waiting for this series . Main reason was the immense popularity of the American version and the hype which was created around the Hindi version . I also wanted to watch Anil Kapoor on TV .

Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Mary Lynn-Rajk...

Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Mary Lynn-Rajk…

katee sackhoff, freddie prinze jr., anil kapoo...

Katee Sackhoff, Freddie Prinze jr., Anil Kapoor, Brannon Braga (Photo credit: kara brugman)

Another very personal reason to watch the show was the TV debut of my student Adhir Bhatt . He is playing 2nd in command in ATU [ Anti Terrorist Unit ] . He called me before the premier of the show .

I am pasting the following graphic from the Wikipedia , which shows his name prominently . Only 9 actors are mentioned in this list . Undoubtedly these 9 are the most important characters of ” 24 ” .


24 (Indian series) poster 2013-10-12 18-10.jpg
Genre Suspense
Serial drama
Political thriller
Written by Rensil D’Silva, Bhavani Iyer & Priya Pinto
Directed by Abhinay Deo
Creative director(s) Nivedita Basu
Starring Anil Kapoor
Anupam Kher (cameo)
Mandira Bedi
Yuri Suri
Pooja Ruparel
Adhir Bhatt
Ajinkya Deo
Rahul Singh
Priyanka Bose
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s) Apurba Sengupta
Producer(s) Anil Kapoor
Location(s) Mumbai
Cinematography Jay Oza and Tanay Satam
Production company(s) Anil Kapoor Films
Original channel Colors
Original run October 4, 2013 – present
Related shows 24
External links
Official website




When it was announced in the press that Anil Kapoor is making ” 24 “ in Hindi , some upstart acting trainers started claiming that they are the official casting directors of ” 24 ” . They even auditioned some gullible aspirants . One can visit their facebook page and can find this wrong , mischievous , boastful and false information . I watched the series very carefully , but I don’t see their names as official casting directors anywhere in the above mentioned Wikipedia list or in the credits .

These upstarts acting trainers painted town pink with the news that so many of their students are acting in the series and this became possible only because they are the official casting directors of the series . They carried this mischievous and misleading propaganda throughout the shooting of the serial . I don’t know how many gullible aspirants got impressed with this claim and took admission in their institute . After telecast of the serial , instead of many names ( as claimed by them ) , they dished out just 3  names . Adhir Bhatt is one of them . I fail to see 2 other names in the above mentioned list . Obviously , as usual , it must be a blink – and – miss role .

As for their claim about Adhir Bhatt , it should be pertinent to know that Adhir Bhatt is the student of Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor and the fact of the matter is that I trained him there .


I pity these GAALI GURUS of Facebook Acting School . They are desperate to be in the race but they have nothing to show as their own accomplishments . Therefore apart from making false claims , they have now started mentioning students of other trainers as their own . Can falsehood succeed ? No it can’t ! In public arena you can’t survive on falsehood .

I have mentioned in one of my earlier blog that one day dust will settle and the scenario will be clear for all to see . Time has come . Dust has started settling down . Picture is slowly becoming clear . Soon every false claim will be exposed and people will demand answer .

I have already given my answer in the form of my NEWSLETTER . It is available in 2 versions ; internet as well as print format .

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate Adhir Bhatt on his stupendous success . He is doing fine job and deserves kudos for his nuanced performance .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to congratulate him .

I conclude with the famous quote , ” SUCCESS HAS MANY FATHERS , BUT FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN . ”



So Soon Mohit Ji ?

At the Chautha of Mohit Ji

At the Chautha of Mohit Ji

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JULY 11 , 2013           00.15 A.M.

From the annual trip to my home town Deoria , Uttar Pradesh , I returned to Mumbai on July 02 , 2013 . On July 03 when I reached my acting institute in the morning , I got the shocking news of passing away of Mohit ji . He died of cardiac arrest in the early morning of July 02 , 2013 at the age of 51 .

I was stunned . I was dumbfounded and numb . It was beyond imagination . He was 9 years younger to me . How could he leave us so soon ? 51 is too young to go . 51 is no age to leave this world . 51 is not the age to say good-bye .

In the evening I got a message from his sister that he would be cremated on July 04 , 2013 at electric crematorium , Shivaji Park , Dadar . I reached there in the morning . After some time an ambulance entered in the compound . It was carrying his dead body . Mohit ji in an ambulance ? So unbearable ! So painful ! So sad !

His body was carried out on a stretcher and ah , it opened floodgates of memory to inundate me completely .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait in the Office of My Institute at Patliputra Nagar

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait in the Office of My Institute at Patliputra Nagar

I vividly remember my first encounter with him . I left Assha Chandra ji in the beginning of 1990 and started working with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor . If I am remembering correctly , it was the beginning of 1992 when Mohit ji came to meet Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor with Mr. Jag Mohan Mattoo , a film director . Later on he started working there as an acting instructor . And slowly our friendship grew .

So it was a 20-year-long association with Mohit ji . We were in the same field , in the same profession and for most of the time in the same institute . But there was no jealousy , animosity or rivalry between us . I can say with all honesty that somewhere I might have erred in my association with him . At some juncture of life , I might have failed him as a friend . But he never ever erred or failed me as a friend .

In later years he left Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor and joined Mr. Anupam Kher for a brief period . During last years of his life he was mostly freelancing and training some very brilliant and bright star-kids .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at Inauguration pooja of My Institute at Mhada

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at Inauguration pooja of My Institute at Mhada

It is painful to say good-bye to such a dear friend . It is heart-wrenching to bid adieu to a colleague , who was much younger . It was agonizing  to see him dead . It was sad to see his lifeless body being carried into the electric chamber and coming out as ash in an earthen pot . His smiling face was lost forever . He will not be seen ever again .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at the 2nd Anniversary Bash of the Institute

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at the 2nd Anniversary Bash of the Institute

It seems surreal even today as I am writing this blog . It all seemed unreal when I saw his dead body . Though hallucinatory , but it seems that Mohit ji is still alive . I feel that any moment he will walk in and say , ” hello , Vidur ji , how are you ? ” This is the way he used to address me always .

It is painful to address him in past tense . It is sad to even think that he is gone and we will never meet again in this life .


After his cremation I returned with heavy heart . Then there was chautha and prayer meeting on July 05 , 2013 at Arya Samaj temple , Santacruz . It is painful that so many old acquaintances didn’t turn up either for the cremation or for chautha . A Lab Assistant was conspicuous by his absence . He had no time for a departed colleague and associate , who had given his sweat , blood and youth to him and his now declining institution .

It is sad . It is cruel . It is cussed . But this is life . This is the way film industry works . This is the way the Lab Assistant operates .



Some friends have forgotten you Mohit ji but I shall always remember you as a dear friend .

Farewell my friend !

Good-bye Mohit ji !

You were extremely talented acting trainer . You were definitely better than me . But destiny was cruel to you . You never got what you so rightly deserved . Sorry to say but you were destiny’s neglected child .

Adieu destiny’s neglected child !


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I express my profound grief and sorrow at the sad demise of Mohit ji . VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to pray for the departed soul and offer condolences .

May you attain everlasting peace Mohit ji ! May your near and dear ones get strength to bear this loss . You will be sorely missed . There will be no one like you ever again . A tearful farewell from a friend , who will keep on remembering  you till the last breath .



Being Veteran ( ? ) Acting Trainer

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 30 , 2012           11.55 P.M.

I am amused . I am very much amused . In this ephemeral world people try to project their young image . People hide their age . People loath to become old . In Hindi ” Buddha ” has become a cuss word .

Acting Training field seems to defy this norm . Here every Acting Trainer of Mumbai is trying to project that they are old . Everyone is trying to tell the world that they are veterans . They are the true Thespians . They are doing this job since time immemorial .

You go through my blogs , my websites and other material on the net . Everywhere I have mentioned that I came to Mumbai [ then Bombay ] in 1989 . I joined Ashha Chandra ji immediately . Then in 1990 I joined Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor as Diction Trainer . Within a year I started supervising Acting Classes also . I worked with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor as Acting / Diction Trainer for 14 long years . So from 1990 to 2012 , I have completed 22 momentous years as Acting Trainer .

Among Acting Trainers of India , Shri Roshan Taneja is the senior most person . He is imparting training since 50 years . Then comes Madam Ashha Chandra . She is doing this job since almost 40 years . Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor comes third . His tenure extends to almost 25 years . I am 4th in the hierarchy with 22 years of standing . All the other Acting Trainers of India came after me in this field , even though they might be older than me .

I find it curious that now everyone is imparting training since 22 / 23 years . Now every Acting Trainer is veteran . Everyone is Thespian . Taneja Sahab is now 80 years old . So it is certain that he is training aspiring actors since 50 years . So is the case with Ashha Chandra ji and Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor . They are old enough to be trainers of 40 years and 25 years of standing . I am 60 years old . So 22 years of standing as Acting Trainer seems possible . But I am amused that now everyone is veteran of 23 years .

Another claim , which amuses me to no end that every Acting Trainer worth his salt has trained Hritik Roshan . There are almost every Acting Trainer of Mumbai , who claim to have helped him in his journey . If you make these Acting Trainers of India stand before Hritik Roshan , he would faint . Even he can’t imagine to have so many worthy Acting Gurus .

English: In this image Hritik Roshan is standi...

In this image Hritik Roshan is standing with his wax statue at Madame Tussauds museum of London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This charade of being Hritik Roshan’s Acting Coach should end . It is becoming too much . It is a clever ploy to hoodwink aspiring actors . It is unethical . It is deceit . Within a month I am going to meet Hritik Roshan and will urge him to mention all the names of his Acting Trainers of Mumbai . Mark my words , many Acting Trainers will have to eat crow . Many Gurus will have eggs on their faces .

You can’t make false claims in public arena . You can’t dish out exaggerated list of your students to aspiring actors . It is unethical . It is unscrupulous . But being unethical and unscrupulous has become a norm among Acting Trainers of Mumbai . I am much junior to Shri Roshan Taneja , so I should accept it gracefully . Ashha Chandra ji is my Acting Coach , so I must acknowledge this in public . I worked with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor for 14 long years . So I should not be ashamed to accept this fact . But making false claim just to overshadow someone or to enroll students by hook or by crook is criminal . It is sin .

I , as an Acting Trainer of Mumbai , an Acting Coach of Stars , a Personal Acting Trainer of Star Kids , proclaim in front of the world that please verify every claim of mine . Please go and ask every star whom I have mentioned in my brochure or website . Rummage through my blogs and try to find out a single false claim . If  you can single out even one false claim , I will publicly acknowledge that I am a liar . Foundation of Vidur’s Kreating Charakters are not laid on falsehood . It is laid on solid and true claims .

Let every Acting Trainer be a veteran , a Thespian . Let every Acting Trainer of India have standing of 23 years , I have no objection . But I am aghast that every upstart is claiming to be Acting Guru , Acting Coach of Hritik Roshan and many more super stars . This bubble should burst .

God willing it will burst very soon . Really soon .




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