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MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 04 , 2013           11.55 P.M.

Hollywood has long tradition of successful animation films . In India it is the recent phenomenon . Roadside Romeo ” [ 2008 ] , ” Arjun – The Warrior Prince ” [ 2009 ] and Delhi Safari ” [ 2012 ] are the most successful and well – known animation films of India . But they are new compared to the 100 years old Indian Cinema .

” Roadside Romeo “ was produced by Yash Raj Films & Walt Disney Company .  ” Arjun – The Warrior Prince “ was made by UTV & Disney . ” Delhi Safari “ was a film by Nikil Advani .

Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a poster for Arjun. The poster art cop...

Poster of Arjun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though , in India , animation films are latest phenomenon , but it all started in 1974 . Ek Anek Aur Ekta ” [ 1974 ] is considered to be the first animation film of India . But the first 3D animation film of India and till date the most talked about animation film is ” Roadside Romeo ” [ 2008 ] .

” Roadside Romeo “ , technically most perfect animation film of India till date , was produced by Yash Raj Films and was written & Directed by Jugal Hansraj . Voice for the lead characters were given by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor . Saif and Kareena are my old students . Jugal , who was trained by me for Yash Raj Films ” Mohabbatein ” [ 2000 ] , made his directorial debut with this film .

Through ” Roadside Romeo ” , I made my contribution in the world of Indian animation films also . It is so heartening .

List of Indian animated movies

List of animated TV series produced in India

  • The Adventures of Tenali Raman:The Adventures of Tenali Raman (26 X 11 min) is India’s first animated 2D television series by Toonz Animation India.
  • Little Krishna: 13 episodes 3D animated series produced for global audience by BIG Animation (I) Pvt. Ltd. and The Indian Heritage Foundation in both languages Hindi and English. Aired on Nickelodeon on May 2009.
  • Chhota Bheem:Super hit series on Pogo ‘Chhota Bheem’ produced by Green Gold(co-production with Turner International). It started as a 13-episode TV series, and based on the popularity it got extended and till date more than 60 episodes were delivered and work is underway on more episodes.
  • Krishna Balram: 26 stories, of 22 minutes duration each, follow through the capers of Krishna, Balram and Radha. Once again by Green Gold Animation. This series aired on Cartoon Network.
  • Shaktimaan Animated: It is the animated version of the hugely successful Shaktimaan series of the 1990s. The animated series is aired on SONIC.

[ I have taken the above list of animation films and serials from Wikipedia . I express my gratitude . ]

I am happy that my 3 students contributed in the first and most successful 3D animation film of India . I wish and hope that in future more students of my acting class Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  should take part in such endeavour .



Life at 60 : No Retirement At The Age Of Retirement

In My Office at Vidur's Kreating Charakters

In My Office at Vidur’s Kreating Charakters

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 17 , 2012           11.59 P.M.

Yesterday I got a call from my younger brother , Atul  . He was calling from Lucknow and reminded me that today I would be completing 60 years of my existence . Tomorrow 61st year will start and according to government rule , it is time to retire and take rest .

I was bemused . It suddenly dawned on me that all my childhood friends are now leading a retired life and are busy in asinine activities with their grand-children .

Today , when I returned from my acting institute , I got a call from my younger brother , Devesh . He was calling from Jabalpur and he too gently reminded me that it is very important day of my life and now it is time to slow down .

Throughout the day I got calls and messages from my nephews and nieces . Their calls were also a silent and wordless reminder that they have grown up and yes , I am getting old . Or I am rather old .

Life at 60 is definitely different .

It is the time when you become feeble and vulnerable .

It is the time when any uncouth , uncultured and abusive upstart can abuse and threaten you with impunity .

It is the time when you are looking for help , another muscular accomplice keeps a vigil at the door , so that you can’t get any timely succour .

It is the time when you would like to react but have no physical strength to fight or even oppose the brute , his accomplice and his factotum .

It is the time when a person , unworthy of even becoming your peon or a scavenger in your house , can sent you an abusive message on facebook and you have to behave stoically because you are unable to give a tight slap on his abominable face .

It is the time when people working for you and who are family , can be abused and beaten up , and you are unable to protect them and you have to look the other way .

It is the time when you can be called fake by some people who are themselves unscrupulous and unethical .

It is the time when all the credits are usurped and blames are put on your door-steps.

I laughed at turning 60 . When my friends and peers are leading a retired life , I am waging a relentless struggle for my survival .

When my class-mates are leading peaceful life and enjoying fruits of their hard-earned money , I have to wager my house and other belongings and start my professional life from scratch .

When people of my age are playing with their grand children , I am risking my existence , my reputation and 23 years of my life as an acting trainer , tutor or whatever you can call me , and trying to shield myself from continuous and unabated onslaught of a brute , his accomplice and his factotum .

And then I remember phone calls of my brothers . Is it really a day to plan retirement ? Is it time to call it a day ?

No , my work is not over yet . I have to wager my existence , my whole life and prepare for a new Mahabharat . Sound of Krishna‘s Panchajanya is reverberating in my mind . His voice beseeching relentless war against lie and untruth is filling my psyche . As I am writing this blog Robert Frost’s lines are coming to soothe my frayed tempers :

My horse must think it queer ,

To stop without a farm-house near ,

Between the woods and frozen lake ,

The darkest evening of the year .

The woods are lovely dark and deep ,

But I have promises to keep ,

And miles to go before I sleep ,

And miles to go before I sleep !!

I know that I am in minority but I know that I am not alone . Conspirators have their accomplices but I have my benefactors . Children of a lesser God stood with me in my darkest hour . Apart from these 6 people shown in the photograph , 2 more have joined me in my was against lie and injustice .

Children Of A Lesser God

Children Of A Lesser God

Bhishma Pitamah stood to fight , when he was 120 years old . I am half his age . Time is not yet ripe for retirement .

Krishna fought when he was in minority . Chankya fought when was alone . But they defeated mightiest of armies .

I thank all my extended family at Vidur’s Kreating Charakters for standing with me . At the age of 60 , when I have become feeble and vulnerable , they stood with me , became my shield , braced all the hardships , worked without money and still they never complained .

I have to re-pay their debt . So even though government decides to retire people at the age of 60 , I won’t be able to take this luxury .

Battle goes on . The Saga still continues .




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