Remembering Krishna Kalle


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           MARCH 30, 2015           06.20 P.M.


Let me admit that to most of the readers of my blog , the name Krishna Kalle means nothing . Her name doesn’t ring a familiar sound . To general public also , Krishna Kalle remains almost unknown. But for few people like me , who grew in the 60s , Krishna Kalle was a known name in the Hindi film music world. Her name does ring a familiar sound for the music buffs. So when I read about her death, I was saddened. She went unwept and unsung.

She died on March 15, 2015 at the age of 74 in Mumbai.

In the era of Lata Mangeshkar , she , along with Suman Kalyanpur , Mubarak Begam , Kamal Barot and Sharda tried hard to be in the limelight. All the above mentioned five playback singers , who were good in their own way , failed to make any significant mark in the era of a colossus known as Lata Mangeshkar. When even a giant like Asha Bhosle was also struggling to make her mark, what would anyone expect from the likes of Krishna Kalle , Suman Kalyanpur , Mubarak Begam , Kamal Barot and Sharda ?

For me Krishna Kalle is synonymous with few hit songs of 60s and early 70s. Meri Hasraton Ki Duniya  , her duet with Mohammad Rafi in a film called  ” Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi ” [ 1974 ]   and Hume Toh Maar Diya  , a duet with Mahendra Kapoor from the film ” Hum Kahan Ja Rahe Hain ” [ 1966 ] are still fresh in my memory. For the connoisseurs of old Hindi film songs, these are unforgettable gems. Other famous films of that era , which have her memorable songs ,  are : Hum Kahan Ja Rahe Hain  [ 1966 ] , Bambai Raat Ki Bahon Mein [ 1967 ] , Raaz [ 1967 ] , Naunihal [ 1967 ] , Shikar [ 1968 ] , Sati Sulochana [ 1969 ] and Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi  [ 1974 ]

She was born in Karwar. As her father were serving at Kanpur, she completed her schooling from there . She got the sanskar of Hindi and Urdu over there. At the age of 16, she started singing at Kanpur Radio Station. She sung in various Yatra singeet mahotsav in Uttar Pradesh and got popularity. In 1957, she was honoured with national level youth singing awards by India’s first president Rajendra Prasad and first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The following year, she bagged the All India Sugam Sangeet Award first prize , K.L. Sehgal Memorial’s Golden Voice Award and many others. And after this she got a job with All India Radio in 1960.

Arun Date first heard her voice, when she visited Mumbai . He introduced her to music director Yashwant Dev. This started her journey as Marathi singer.

She was active in the Hindi film industry for about a decade from 1960s to the 1970s. She sang over 200 Bollywood songs, 100 Marathi movie songs, 100 bhajans, ghazals and devotional songs . She also released non-film albums with famous singers like Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi.

Krishna Kalle has been named for the ‘Lata Mangeshkar Award for Lifetime Achievement’ instituted by the Maharashtra government. Some other personalities who bagged the ‘Lata Mangeshkar Award for Lifetime Achievement’ include : Manna Dey, Anil Biswas, Sudhir Phadke, Khayyam, Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur, Sulochana Chavan, Kalyanji (Shah), Manik Verma and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. Thus getting the above mentioned prestigious award shows her calibre as an artiste.

After her death, I tried to remember other hit songs of Krishna Kalle , apart from above mentioned two ,  but my memory failed me. Suddenly I found a website, where link of some of the songs are given . URL of the website is :

Here I am posting links of some of her songs from that website :

Songs Sung by Krishna Kalle



It is sad that today’s generation doesn’t know or remember Krishna Kalle. It is very easy for any upstart to write what Shabana Azmi says about Dilip Kumar and post it on his timeline . They both are legends. everyone knows everything about them . But knowing and writing about a lesser known artiste like Krishna Kalle is the job of a fan , a lover of old film songs and a connoisseur. For people like me she was one of the representatives of the golden era of Hindi film music.


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On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I offer my heartfelt condolences and pray that her near and dear ones get strength to bear this loss.

May God bless you Krishna ji ! In this life you never got the kind of success you deserved . I pray to God to be more kind to you in your next birth.


Farewell madam !! Accept this tribute from an ardent fan .

[ I have quoted some facts of Krishna Kalle’s life from Wikipedia . List of her songs are taken from the website :

I express my gratitude . ]




Sunset Boulevard ( 8 ) : ” Lakshmi Talkies : अपना सिनेमा हाल था ये “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           MARCH 17 , 2014           11.40 P.M.

Today when the Hindus , all over the world , are celebrating Holi and rejoicing in festivity , I am sitting in my study in Mumbai and writing this blog about Lakshmi Talkies , Allahabad with tearful eyes . I am struggling for words . I am unable to form sentences . I am full of emotions . Lakshmi Talkies will not ring a familiar bell for several anonymous people or the lovers of cinema . May be some will be familiar of some Lakshmi Talkies of their own cities . But here I am talking about Lakshmi Talkies of Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh .

Few days back I saw the following post on the facebook time line of Shri Neeraj Sri :

अपना सिनेमा हाल था ये …
Lakshmi Talkies - Katara - Allahabad

Lakshmi Talkies – Katara – Allahabad

When I read the post and saw the photograph , I became numb . I was stunned . I was shaken . I was saddened beyond words . I was emotionally disturbed . I spent a sleepless night .

Even now as I am writing the blog , my heart refuses to believe that this is a reality . I was a regular patron of Lakshmi Talkies during my Ganga Nath Jha hostel days . Lakshmi Talkies of Allahabad was a part of my life . Lakshmi Talkies holds a special place for me because Lakshmi Talkies was an integral part of my Allahabad University days . It’s magnificent structure is still fresh in my memory . So when I saw the above picture of a desolate Lakshmi Talkies with moth – eaten walls , broken window panes and barbed wire fencing , I wanted to cry . I wanted to mourn .

I , after passing High School , left my birth place Deoria in 1967 and went to Allahabad for higher studies . Deoria had two cinema halls at that time but being in a small city like Deoria , they were not grand or magnificent , like cinema halls of bigger cities . Allahabad was much bigger city compared to Deoria , so the cinema halls were also huge and opulent . I landed in Allahabad in July 1967 with glitter in my eyes , hope and dreams in my heart for my better future . I , as a 15-year-old small town boy , was fascinated by Allahabad , the city and its atmosphere . Slowly I started getting acquainted with the city of Allahabad . Being a movie buff , I started looking about cinema halls and thus came to know about Lakshmi Talkies at Katara . Lakshmi Talkies management had this strategy of re – releasing old Hindi films . So for me this was a boon because I could now watch all the old classics which I had missed in Deoria .

” Door Ki Awaaz ”  [ 1964 ] , a film directed and produced by Devendra Goel was the first ever film which I watched in Lakshmi Talkies . The Joy Mukherjee , Saira Banu , Pran , Johny Walker and Om Prakash starrer film has some popular Mohammad Rafi gems like , “Ek Musafir Ko Duniya Men Kya Chahiye ……………………….” , ” Husn Se Chand Bhi Sharmaya Hai , Teri Soorat Ne Ghazab Dhaya Hai ……………..” , ” Muqaddar Aazmana Chahta Hoon , Tujhe Apna Banan Chahta Hoon ……………………………. “ , and a lovely duet of Mohammad Rafi with Asha Bhosle ” Haathon Men Haath Hothon Pe Afsane Pyar Ke ……………………” , and the last but not the least , a song sung by Mohammad Rafi , Manna Dey and Asha Bhosle ” Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote Nam Hamara Hota Gabloo , Babloo , Khane Ko Milte Laddoo , Aur Duniya Kehti …………….. Happy Birthday To You …………………” . All these lovely songs were tuned by music director Ravi .

The film , the songs and the whole movie going experience is still fresh in my memory even after 47 long , strife – torn and eventful years of my life .

The last film I watched in Lakshmi Talkies was in 1971 . It was a Hemant Kumar produced and Asit Sen directed ” Khamoshi ” [ 1969 ] . During the same year they also opened a skating ring in the western side of the compound . It was a new experience .

I completed graduation in 1971 and left Allahabad and came to Bombay [ now Mumbai ] . One year after I left Mumbai again and came to Allahabad to complete my post graduation . So I was in Allahabad and staying in the same Ganga Nath Jha Hostel again from 1972 to 1974 before finally bidding adieu to Allahabad in 1975 . During this period I did watch couple of films in Lakshmi talkies but I don’t remember them .

But I do remember a concert of Pandit Ravi Shankar with Alla Rakha Khan , which I was fortunate enough to attend . One evening my friend Pramod Vajpayee came running and informed me about the concert . It was in aid of some NGO . So the ticket rates were low . We went , bought the tickets and took our seat in the packed hall . That evening is still fresh in my memory . It was a life – time experience .

And now 40 years later in March 2014 , I read this posting about the closure of Lakshmi Talkies on the facebook time line of Shri Neeraj Sri and the world of my emotional memory crumbled at one go . A part of my life is gone forever . A silent witness of my many lonely evenings is going to be silent very soon .

Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , I condole the demise of Lakshmi Talkies .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to express grief and pain .

Farewell Lakshmi Talkies !

Neeraj Sri has rightly said , ” अपना सिनेमा हाल था ये … ”



Vidur’s Film Diary – October 2013

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           NOVEMBER 07 , 2013           01.45 P.M.
Month of October 2013 will always be infamously known and remembered for ” Besharam “ , a Ranbir Kapoor film , which is the biggest ever Hindi film release till date with over 3000 prints . It is also Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest flop till date . It is said to be the desi version of Lock , Stock And Two Smoking Barrels ” .
” Boss “ , a Akshay Kumar film , also bombed at the box office . Towards the end of the month , 05 films got released but they all failed to make mark in any way .
It is sad and unfortunate that 5 luminaries of Hindi film world left us for their heavenly abode this month . It made this month more gloomy and melancholic .


Obituary :


Raj Tilak  : 


Popular filmmaker of the 70s and 80s, and son-in-law of legendary B. R. Chopra , Raj Tilak passed away on October 06 , 2013 after suffering from septicaemia . He was 73 years old at the time of his death .

He made some highly popular films like ;  ” 36 Ghante ” [ 1974 ] , ” Mukti ” [ 1977 ] ,  ” Tumhare Liye ” [ 1978 ] and ” Chehre Pe Chehra ” [ 1981 ] .

His film ” 36 Ghante ” [ 1974 ] was based on William Wyler’s cult Hollywood film  ” The Desperate Hours ” [ 1955 ] . And ” Chehre Pe Chehra ” [ 1981 ]  was an Indian version of the famous novella of Robert Louis Stevenson ” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ”  .

Raj has directed bigwigs like Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Rekha and Parveen Babi. He has been an active member of the Producers Guild too.

Krishna Shah :


India’s first true export to Hollywood and a producer – director of repute , Krishna Shah died on October 13 , 2013 in Los Angeles , U.S.A. at the age of 75 .

He produced and directed many successful films in Hollywood . His first Indian film was Dharmendra & Zeenat Aman starrer ” Shalimar ” [ 1978 ] . Incidentally it was also the debut film of Rex Harrison in Hindi . He later made a documentary on Indian cinema . It is called ” Cinema Cinema ” [ 1979 ] .

Posting link of the blog , which I wrote about him :

Adieu Krishna Shah

Randhawa :


Younger brother of Dara Singh and a wrestler of repute , Randhawa died on 21 October 2013 in Mumbai .

He worked in many films along with his brother and also had few solo starrers . His better known films are ” Faulad ” [ 1963 ] , ” Aadmi Aur Insaan ” [ 1969 ] , ” Henna ” [ 1991 ] and ” Duplicate ” [ 1998 ] .

He married Mallika , younger sister of Mumtaz and his son Shaad Randhawa made his debut in Mahesh Bhat’s  ” Woh Lamhe ” [ 2006 ] .

Manna Dey :


After the sad demise of Mohammad Rafi , Mukesh , Kishore Kumar , Hemant Kumar and Talat Mehmood , the last of the titans in the field of Hindi playback singing , Manna Dey died on October 24 , 2013 in Bengaluru at the age of 94 .

Who can forget his immortal melodies like ; ” Ae Mere Pyare Watan ……… ” , ” Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua ……………… ” , ” Aa Ja Sanam Madhur Chandani Men Ham ………………. ” , ” Ae Meri Zohra Jabeen ……………….. ” , ” Qasme Waade Pyaar Wafa……………… ” ” Ik Chatur Naar Karke Singar ……………………….. ” ” Yaari Hai Eemaan Meraa ……………………. ” and ” Ye Dosti Ham Nahin Chhodenge …………………………. ” ?

Posting the link of the blog , which I wrote about him as tribute :

Remembering Manna Dey : Tu Pyaar Kaa Saagar Hai

K. P. Saxena :


Noted Hindi writer and a satirist of repute , K. P. Saxena died on October 31 , 2013 in Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh due to cardiac arrest . He was 81 at the time of his death .

A Padma Shri awardee , he wrote dialogues for couple of Hindi films . Notable among them are ; ” Lagaan ” [ 2001 ] , ” Swades ” [ 2004 ] , ” Hulchul ” [ 2004 ] and ” Jodha Akbar ” [ 2008 ] . He was also nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Dialogue Writer for ” Jodha Akbar ” [ 2008 ] .


New Hindi Film Releases & Me :


First Week – October  04 ( 02 )


1 – Besharam …………………………………………………………… Ranbir Kapoor

Second Week – October  11


1 – Baat Bann Gayi ……………………………………………………. X

2 – War Chhod Na Yaar ……………………………………………. Soha Ali Khan

Third Week – October  18 ( 16 )


1 – Boss ………………………………………………………………….. Harry Josh

2 – Shahid ………………………………………………………………. Vaibhav Vishant

Fourth Week  – October  25


1 – Dilli Gang …………………………………………………………… Vikas Bhalla

2 – Micky Virus ……………………………………………………….. X

3 – Sooper Se Ooper …………………………………………………. X

4 – Wake Up India ……………………………………………………. Chirag Patil

5 – Ishk Actually ………………………………………………………. Rayo Bakhirta


In total …………… 10 …………….. films got released in October . Out of these ………….. 10 ………… released films ……….. 07 ………… films have …………… 07 ……………. artistes , who are trained by me .


New Regional Films & Me :


1 – Bengali : Priyanshu Chatterjee is doing a role in  ” Swabhoomi “.

2 – Bengali : Ashmit Patel is doing a role in ” Swabhoomi ” .

My ………….. 02 ………………. students in ……….. 01 ………….. regional film .


TV Trivia & Me :


1 – Rohit Khurana is playing an important role in  ” Sasural Simar Ka ” on Colors TV .

2 – Adhir Bhatt is playing an important role in ” 24 “ on Colors TV .

3 – Tara Sharma is anchoring a new season of ” The Tara Sharma Show – Diaries Of A New Mum “ on NDTV Good Times .

My ……………. 03 ……….. students in ………… 03 ……………. shows on TV .



Commercials & Me :


1 – Kareena Kapoor is the  Brand Ambassador of ” Colgate  ” .

2 – Katrina Kaif is the Brand Ambassador of ” Titan Raga Pearls ” .

3 – Katrina Kaif is the Brand Ambassador of ” Sony Experia ” .

4 – Saif Ali Khan is the Brand Ambassador of ” Siyaram Suiting ” .

5 – Priyanka Chopra is the Brand Ambassador of ” Nikon ” .

My ………….. 04 …………… students in …………… 05 …………… commercial campaigns .

As an acting trainer / acting tutor I had an average month . Not very satisfying indeed . My 07 students appeared in 07 films , 03 students in 03 TV shows , 02 students in 01 regional film , 03 students in 03 plays and 04 students appeared in 05 Ads also . Thus total number of students working in the month of October comes to 19 .

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I congratulate all my above mentioned students .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to wish them well in their glorious journey ahead .

May they shine in their chosen field .



Remembering Manna Dey : Tu Pyaar Kaa Saagar Hai


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           NOVEMBER 06 , 2013           08.25 P.M.

Manna Dey

Manna Dey (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

Prabodh Chandra Dey a.k.a. Manna Dey

1 May 1919  −  24 October 2013

The news of Manna Dey’s death was almost a certainty and was expected . Advancing age and failing health had prepared us for such an eventuality . Still when I read about his demise , a pall of gloom engulfed me . He died on October 24 , 2013 in Bengaluru at the age of 94 .

Manna Dey , along with Mohammad Rafi , Mukesh , Kishore Kumar , Talat Mehmood and Hemant Kumar , was the most important play back singer of the golden era of Hindi films and a force to reckon with in singing world . With his demise , the last remnant of the golden era of Hindi film music and a gigantic figure among the male play back singers of Hindi film world is gone forever .

Before proceeding further , I must admit my blasphemy that initially I used to dislike his singing . Today as I can understand the nuances of music , I am ashamed of my blasphemy and I am extremely sorry that during my adolescent years , I was unable to appreciate his mastery of the art and craft . The first song of Manna Dey , which I liked and appreciated was the iconic ” Qasme Waade Pyaar Wafa , Sab Baaten Hain Baaton Kaa Kyaa ………………………………………. ” , the song from Manoj Kumar’s ” Upkar ” [ 1967 ] . I was speechless and stunned while listening the song and watching Pran Saheb on screen . It is uncanny that Pran Saheb and his screen voice in many films , Manna Da , both died in 2013 . Pran Saheb left us on July 12 , 2013 and just 3 months 12 days later , his voice on-screen , Manna Da also left us on October 24 , 2013 .

Later on when I started watching old Hindi films in Allahabad in Sunday morning shows , I watched ” Shri 420 ” [ 1955 ] , I was hooked to his voice . ” Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua , Phir Pyaar Se Ab Kyon Darta Hai Dil …………………………… ” , ” Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwaalaa …………………………… ” , ” Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh ………………………. ” and the evergreen ” Ramaiya Vastavaiya ……………… “ are difficult to forget .

After watching ” Chori Chori ” [ 1956 ] , I was mesmerized by his voice . His duets with Lata Mangeshkar are immortal and they are pure gems . ” Aajaa Sanam , Madhur Chandni Men Ham ……………………………….. ” and ” Ye Raat Bheegi Bheegi , Ye Mast Fizayen …………………………………… “ refuse to fade away from my memory even after 57 years .

Who can forget his other immortal melodies like ; ” Ae Mere Pyare Watan …………… ” , ” Ik Chatur Naar Karke Singar ………………………………. ” , ” Poochho Na Kaise Maine Rain Bitayee ………………………………………. ” , ” Aao Twist Karen ………………………………………………. ” , ” Yaari Hai Eemaan Meraa …………………………………….. ” and ” Ye Dosti Ham Nahin Chhodenge ……………………………………. ” ?

Known by his stage name Manna Dey , he debuted in the film ” Tamanna ” [ 1942 ] , and continued to sing till ” Umar ” [ 2006 ] . He went on to record more than 4000 songs during 1942 – 2013 . He , though sang for other heroes occasionally , was the voice of Raj Kapoor , Uttam Kumar , Mehmood and Pran .

Since 1992, Manna Dey withdrew himself from Hindi film music. But he continued to sing in Bengali movies, bhajans and ghazals in different languages and appeared in live performances during 1992 to 2012 . His last live performance was in 2012 in Mumbai. His last recorded song in Hindi films was for the film Umar in 2006 composed by Shamir Tandon, Duniyawaalo Kee Nahee Kuchh Bhee Khabar, which he sang along with Kavita Krishnamoorthy and Sonu Nigam.

He sang duets with singers like Mukesh, Sandhya Mukherjee, Mahendra Kapoor, Talat Mahmood, Amit Kumar, Shailendra Singh, Krishna Kalle, Shardha Rajan Iyengar, Arati Mukherjee, Chandrani Mukherjee, Anuradha Pudwal, Hemlata, Minu Purushottom, Bhupinder Singh, K.J. Yesudas, Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnamoorty, Alka Yagnik, Antara Chowdhury, Preeti Sagar, Dilraj Kaur, Yunus Fazmi, Jaspal Singh, Anwar, Manhar Udhas, Joginder and Mubarak Begum.

He worked with more than 102 music directors in Hindi film industry from working with Krishna Chandra Dey in ” Tamanna ” [ 1942 ] to music composer Shamir Tandon in ” Umar ” [ 2006 ] . Thus it was an unprecedented 64 years – long – singing – career .

The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 1971, the Padma Bhushan in 2005 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2007 . He was presented the Filmfare Life Time Achievement Award in 2011.

Manna Da sang mainly in Hindi and Bengali; he also recorded songs in several other Indian languages .

Music career in other languages

  • He sang around 1262 songs in Bengali : 611 songs in Bengali films and 356 Bengali non-film songs . He also sang 46 Rabindra Sangeet Songs in Bengali , 3 Dwigendra Geet , 84 Shyama Sangeet , 23 songs in Akashvani , 3 title songs for Bengali TV serials , 103 Bengali songs from non-released Bengali films and 33 Bengali songs of other varieties .
  • He sang 35 film songs in Bhojpuri , 2 songs in Magadh and one song in Maithili language .
  • He sang 13 Punjabi film songs and 5 non-film songs .
  • He sang 2 songs in Assamese films and 4 non-film songs in Assamese language .
  • He sang 7 songs in Oriya language and 1 song each in Konkani film and Sindhi film .
  • He sang 85 songs in Gujrathi films.
  • He sang 55 Marathi songs in Marathi films and 15 non-film songs in Marathi .He was good at Marathi natya sangeet too, which is one of the most difficult genres to sing
  • He sang 5 film songs in Kannada .
  • He sang in the Nepali movie ” Maitighar “
  • He sang 2 in Malayalam – “Maanasamaine Varoo” from 1965 film Chemmeen and song “Chemba Chemba” from 1974 film Nellu sung with P Jayachandran both composed by Salil Chowdhary and lyrics by Vayalar.

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I offer my condolences to his family . My heart goes to his daughters and other near and dear ones .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to offer tribute . It is clichéd to say but there will never be another Manna Dey . He bestrode the Hindi film music world like a colossus but unfortunately never got his due .

May his soul rest in peace !

[ Some of the information and the long list of his songs are being quoted from Wikipedia . I express my debt and gratitude . ]



60 Years of Film ” Sangdil ”


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 11 , 2012           11.50 P.M.

In the list of hit films of 1952 , Sangdil stands at the 7th position . I have already written about 5 films . They are ; ” Aan ” , ” Baiju Bawra ” , ” Jaal ” , ” Daag ” andAnhonee ” . I am unable to remember anything about ” Maa ” , the 6th hit film of 1952 . So I have to skip it . ” Sangdil “ stands at 7th .

This Dilip Kumar and Madhubala starrer was way ahead of its time .

” Sangdil ”  was directed by R. C. Talwar . The film is an adaptation of the Charlotte Brontë classic Jane Eyre. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Dara Singh and Leela Chitnis. This film is Dara Singh’s debut film .

This film has lyrics by Rajender Krishen . It’s music is by Sajjad Hussain.

Talat Mehmood‘s ” Ye Hawa Ye Raat Ye Chandni , Teri Ik Ada Pe Nisar Hai …………….. “ is still popular among the lovers of old Hindi film songs . ” Kahan Ho Kahan Ho Mere Jeevan Sahare , Tumhen Dil Pukare ……………….. “ is another gem by Talat Mehmood . During the earlier days of Dilip Kumar and before Mohammad Rafi became his regular voice , Talat Mehmood was his voice .

” Dharti Se Door , Gore Baadlon Ke Paar , Aaja Aaja Basalen Naya Sansaar …………….. “ is another gem by Asha Bhosle and Geeta Dutt . This movie also has a Lata Mangeshkar gem ” Wo To Chale Gaye Ae Dil …………………… ” .

Sangdil (1952 film)

Sangdil (1952 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jane Eyre (1943 film)

Jane Eyre (1943 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After ” Aan ” and ” Daag ” , this film ” Sangdil “ was 3rd consecutive hit of Dilip Kumar in 1952 and thus riding on the wave of 3 super hit films , he reached the dizzying heights of super – stardom , which lasted almost 50 years . Dev Anand followed him with 2 hits in 1952 ; ” Jaal ” and ” Aandhiyan “ and Raj Kapoor also with 2 hits ; ” Anhonee ” and ” Bewafa  . It is not for nothing that this triumvirate of Dilip Kumar , Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor ruled the Hindi film industry for uninterrupted 50 years .


English: I took this picture when he paid a vi...

Dilip Kumar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



English: Press conference by Prime Minister Ma...

Press conference by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to announce the release of Dev Anand’s autobiography Romancing with Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Remembering Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)



English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is one more point for the common public and connoisseurs alike . Lata Mangeshkar is the sole common factor of all the hits and super hits of 1952 . Male and female stars changed . Directors also changed the seats . Music directors and lyricists got replaced . Male singers are not there in every film . But Lata Mangeshkar gave hit after hit in every film , for every heroine and for every music director .


In my acting institute of Mumbai , I have decided to introduce my students to this fantastic world of Hindi films . They should know about the history – making films of India . It will be now a regular feature of the curriculum of Vidur’s Kreating Charakters .



60 Years of Film ” Jaal ”


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 08 , 2012           11.40 P.M.

After Aan and Baiju Bawra , the third most successful film of 1952 was Dev Anand starrer Jaal ” . It was written and directed by legendary Guru Dutt . This was Guru Dutt‘s second movie, after Dev Anand‘s production Baazi ” . After Baazi, this was the second film in which Dev Anand also came through as a confident star/actor, with a style uniquely his own.

It has some memorable melodies by music maestro Sachin Dev Burman , a Dev Anand regular . Lata Mangeshkar‘s 2 songs ” Chori Chori Meri Gali Aana Hai Bura …………………….. ” , ” Pighla Hai Sona Door Gagan Par , Phail Rahe Hain Shaam Ke Saaye ……………………….. ”  are still very popular . Kishore Kumar and Geeta Dutt’s duet ” De Bhi Chuke Ham Dil Nazrana Dil Ka ……………………… “  is my eternal favourite . But Hemant Kumar‘s ” Ye Raat Ye Chandni Phir Kahan , Sun Ja Dil Ki Daastaan ………………… “ is immortal and perennial favourite with the connoisseurs of Hindi film songs . It has several versions . Sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar separately , it has a duet version also by them .

Dev Anand. Guide.

Sachin Dev Burman

Sachin Dev Burman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar as a yo...

Lata Mangeshkar as a young woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A typical crime thriller in Dev Anand style , ” Jaal “ was a far cry from swashbuckling  costume drama ” Aan “ and rustic , tender love story ” Baiju Bawra ” .World of Dev Anand was totally different from the world of Dilip Kumar and Bharat Bhushan . As I have written in my blog about ” Aan “ , I didn’t like the film when I watched it for the first time . But suave , debonaire , sweater clad and guitar strumming Dev Anand , playing a Christian character , became my instant favourite . Moon – kissed beach of Goa , Dev Anand’s immensely likable persona , Geeta Bali‘s vergin beauty and Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant Kumar’s etherial voice in  ” Ye Raat Ye Chandni Phir Kahan , Sun Ja Dil Ki Dastan ……………………….. “ had mesmerizing effect on my mind and the charm refuses to fade away even after 6 decades . Geeta Bali , again my favourite , was in full form in ” Jaal ” . Sachin Dev Burman’s musical genius was totally opposite of Naushad’s . Mohammad Rafi was as different from Hemant Kumar as North Pole is from South Pole . So the liking for ” Jaal “ , compared to ” Aan “ was much more . It is still one of my favourite films . Lata Mangeshkar is the only common link between all the three films and she was equally superb in all of them .

Apart from Dev Anand and Geeta Bali , it has K. N. Singh and Johny Walker also in the steller roles .

As I have stated in my previous blog , as an acting trainer , its my job to make my students aware of these iconic films and I do it regularly in my acting class in Mumbai .

I strive to make it a regular feature in my acting school Vidur’s Kreating Charakters .



60 Years of Film ” Baiju Bawra “


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           DECEMBER 06 , 2012           11.30 P.M.

Today sitting in the office of my acting institute in Mumbai , I was going through some old issues of Screen . Suddenly I saw an article and came to know that the iconic filmBaiju Bawra is now 60 years old . It was released in 1952 . It is the same year when I was born .

Baiju Bawra (1952 film)

Baiju Bawra (1952 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I started following Hindi film songs in 1967 , I heard some of the songs of the film ” Baiju Bawra ” . In 1967 during my High School days , I didn’t know either Meena Kumari or Bharat Bhushan , the protagonists of ” Baiju Bawra ” . I was not even aware of Naushad or Shakeel Badayuni also , who gave music and wrote lyrics of the film respectively . I simply knew Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi , the singers of the film .

After passing High School from the Government Inter College , Deoria , I went to Government Inter College , Allahabad for intermediate in July 1967 . It was in Allahabad that I started following films religiously . There I watched ” Baiju Bawra “ and became aware of Meena Kumari and Bharat Bhushan . I became aware of the legendary status of Naushad and about the good work of lyricist Shakeel Badayuni .

Earlier I had heard the songs of ” Baiju Bawra “ but after watching the film , I started appreciating them in a more positive way . Mohammad Rafi’s ” O Duniya Ke Rakhwale ……… ” and ” Man Tadpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj ……….. “ were my favourites and they still have same sway over me . They are my perennial favourites . ” Tu Ganga Ki Mauj , Main Jamuna Ka Dhara ……….. “ is hugely popular even today .


Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Meena Kumari and Bharat Bhushan were not stars when this film was made with them . Naushad , Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi were the only known names and they were the only stars of this non – star cast film . Music of the film was hit and is still remembered by all the connoisseurs of Hindi films .

English: Indian musician Naushad

Musician Naushad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar as a yo...

Lata Mangeshkar as a young woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All lyrics written by Shakeel Badayuni, music composed by Naushad.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Tu Ganga Ki Mauj” (Raga Bhairavi) Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
2. “Aaj Gawat Man Mero Jhoomke” (Raga Desi) Ustad Amir Khan, D. V. Paluskar
3. “O Duniya Ke Rakhwale” (Raga Darbari) Mohammad Rafi
4. “Door Koi Gaye” (Raga Des) Lata Mangeshkar, Shamshad Begum and chorus
5. “Mohe Bhool Gaye Sanwariya” (Raga Bhairav with traces of Raga Kalingda) Lata Mangeshkar
6. “Jhoole Mein Pawan Ki Aai Bahar” (Raga Pilu) Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
7. “Man Tarpat Hari Darsan Ko Aaj” (Raga Malkauns) Mohammad Rafi
8. “Bachpan Ki Muhabbat” (Based on Maand) Lata Mangeshkar
9. “Insaan Bano” (Raga Todi) Mohammad Rafi
10. “Tori Jai Jai Kartar” (Raga Puriya Dhanashree) Ustad Amir Khan
11. “Langar Kankariya Ji Na Maro” (Raga Todi) Ustad Amir Khan, D. V. Paluskar
12. “Ghanana Ghanana Ghana Garjo Re” (Raga Megh) Ustad Amir Khan
13. “Sargam” (Raga Darbari) Ustad Amir Khan

This Vijay Bhatt directed film ran for 100 weeks and created history . It is so heartening to note that ” Baiju Bawra “ is now 60 years old and for a film connoisseur like me its magic refuses to fade away even after so many years .

As an acting trainer , its my job to make my students aware of these iconic films and I do it regularly in my acting class in Mumbai .

I , on behalf of all the students and staff of my acting school Vidur’s Kreating Charakters , express my happiness on this historic day .




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