The Saga Turns A Year Older


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           30 OCTOBER , 2013           06.00 P.M.

As I write this blog , I remember and would like to remind all my readers that I have been training actors since 1990 . In such a long journey , I took several different paths , passed through various difficult routes . I achieved many milestones . I faced some disappointments . I missed few points here & there . But overall it was a satisfying journey indeed .

My job took me , apart from Mumbai , to Pune , Bengaluru and Nashik . It took me to the sets of several big and important films . From Bollywood to Hollywood , I worked with the best of actors and directors . In the process I got enriched and got their respect and love also .

As I complete one more year of my acting training career , I posted few thoughts regarding VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as VIDUR’S KREATING CHARAKTERS on the timeline of my facebook . Today I am posting all of them together in this blog so that one could find it easily and read it . I tried to follow a pattern and posting was done as per the progression of my thoughts .


1 – [ 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया ;
सींकचों में सिमटा जग , किन्तु विकल प्राण विहग ;
धरती से अम्बर तक , गूँज मुक्ति गीत गया ;
एक बरस बीत गया ॥
2 – [ 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  A year of insult ended . A year of slander gone .

जब वक़्त पड़ा था गुलशन पर , मुझसे ही लहू का दान लिया ,
फिर मेरे लहू के छींटों से , होली भी मनाई लोगों ने ॥

3 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  A year of accusation ended . A year of allegation gone .
किस ने खेल खेला है , किस ने हिज्र झेला है ;
अब गुज़र गया जानम ,  सवाल का मौसम ॥

4 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  A year of deception ended . A year of conspiracy gone .
आने वाले किसी तूफ़ान का रोना रोकर ;
नाख़ुदा ने मुझे साहिल पे डुबोना चाहा ॥

5 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

 एक बरस बीत गया  A year when the minority turned tormentors . A year when the majority turned onlookers .
खड़े हैं सांस रोके सब तमाशा देखने वाले ;
कि अब मज़लूम बस कुछ ही क़दम क़ातिल से आगे है ॥

6 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  Never cried for help . Never involved anyone in my struggle .
शोर -ए -मातम न हो , झनकार हो ज़ंजीरों की ;
चाहिए क़ौम के भीष्म को चिता तीरों की ॥


7 – [ 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]
एक बरस बीत गया  When I was threatened not to take a principled stand .
कुछ और ज़माना कहता है ,  कुछ और है ज़िद मेरे दिल की  ॥



8 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

 एक बरस बीत गया  My 23-year-old journey took a new turn .
ग़लत को हमेशा ग़लत ही कहा है ; सही को हमेशा सही बोलते हैं ।

नहीं आँख जिनकी मिलाने की हिम्मत ; मेरे पीठ पीछे वही बोलते हैं ॥



9 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  A saga of uninterrupted 23 years reaches a new milestone .

यह उथल पुथल उत्ताल लहर , पथ से न डिगाने पायेगी ;
पतवार चलाते जायेंगे , मंज़िल आएगी आएगी



10 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  The voyage passed through Tumultuous Tempest . Blinding Blizzard . Windy Windstorm .

कहो नाख़ुदा से कि लंगर उठा दे ; मैं तूफाँ की जिद देखना चाहता हूँ



11 – [ 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  The voyage survived Quicksand . Overcame Pitfalls .
सुनूँ क्या सिंधु ! मैं गर्जन तुम्हारा , युग – धर्म का हुँकार हूँ मैं ।। =======================================================



12 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  A new hope dawned . A new dream unfolded .

नई मंज़िल , नई राहें , नया है मेहरबाँ अपना ;

न जाने जा के ठहरेगा , कहाँ अब कारवाँ अपना ।।


13 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  The saga still continues !
आज जाहिल भी हैं , आलिम का लबादा ओढ़े ;
ऐसे मुल्लाओं से ईमान बचाए रखना ॥

14 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया Dust has now started settling down .

हटा कर तेरे सर से ताज , साबित कर दिया हमने ;

हमें अकड़ी हुयी गर्दन को ख़म करना भी आता है ।। =====================================================



15 – [ 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]

एक बरस बीत गया  YEAR AT A GLANCE

Total Number of Batches = 10 // Total Number of Students = 59

Number of Current Students Working [ Only in Films ] = 22

Success Rate of Last Year = 40.00 % [ 37.20 % Precisely ]

Script Based Workshop Done = 7 Films




16 – 21 September 2012 – 21 September 2013 ]
एक बरस बीत गया  On the auspicious occasion of NAVAMI ; Unveiling The Insignia of Brand VIDUR
ये ज़मीन है बेवफ़ा , ये आसमाँ बेमेहर है ,
जी  में है अब इक नया आलम करें ईजाद हम ।।

I am happy that as an acting trainer or acting tutor I had one more very satisfying year . My success rate in 2012 – 2013 is 40% and believe me , this is unprecedented . No acting institute can claim to have such a track record .

When I say and talk about acting institutes , I don’t include Shri Roshan Taneja . As I have stated in my earlier blog , he is beyond any list . A man , who is training actors since 50 long years , is definitely an uncrowned king in this field .

I don’t include Madam Ashha Chandra also . She is my teacher and I have no audacity to compare myself with her . At least my upbringing , my SANSKAR does not permit me to do that .

But yes , when I talk about acting institutes , I do include all the other ones . Veterans and upstarts have become desperate after the advent of Vidur Acting Institute . A veteran has put up road signs with arrow mark at every nook and corner signalling and indicating his address . His inglorious and shameless disciples are making tall claims and revelling in false glory . They are audacious enough to make preposterous claims . They claim to have trained almost everyone , who are there in my student list . But despite all their deceitful and mischievous efforts , they are slipping . They are failing miserably . The beginning of the end has started for the GAALI GURUS of Facebook Acting School .

As per the famous quote of Abraham Lincoln – ” You can fool some of the people all of the time , and all of the people some of the time , but you can not fool all of the people all of the time . ”



On the occasion of the anniversary of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I thank all the eminent people of the film industry , who helped me in my long and arduous journey .

VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to thank all our students , friends and well-wishers  for their support and condescending behaviour .

May God bless them all !




Maharashtra Municipal Elections 2012 : Congress’ Rout ; Saffron Juggernaut

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 24 , 2012           02.40 A.M.

Municipal and Local Body elections 2012 in Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra just got over and now process of installing the mayors and other office bearers are underway .  These elections gave some very startling and surprising results this time .

It was initially thought by left – liberal intellectuals / journalists and slowly it became general perception that this time the saffron front is facing rout . It was widely believed that in the ensuing municipal corporation elections in Mumbai the ruling front ; the Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party , is playing on sticky wicket . BMC [ Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ] is the richest corporation of India . Its annual budget is bigger than the budget of some of the state assemblies of India . So these elections are considered prestigious and this time it was keenly watched .

English: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumb...

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

In Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation , the ruling Front of Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janta Party was in power for unbelievable 3 consecutive terms . Therefore the Congress and NCP [ Nationalist Congress Party ] came to conclusion that incumbency factor will harm the ruling front and invariably brighten the prospect of opposition front . It was also felt that MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] will eat into Saffron Front votes and thus going to deprive them of victory . But unseen hands of destiny had few shocker for the Congress and NCP this time also .

Election Symbol of Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP Symbol

Shiv Sena

Symbol of Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena patriarch Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray and acting president Shri Uddhav Thackeray , along with Mumbai BJP President Shri Raj Purohit and some other state level BJP leaders , devised some new strategies to thwart the freshly hatched game plan of the Congress and NCP of Sharad Pawar . Their ” KARUN DAKHWALE ” campaign was brilliant . They roped in RPI [ Republican Party of India ] headed by Shri Ram Das Athwale , in the front . So the joint strength of Shiv Sena , Bharatiya Janta Party and Republican Party of India [ SS , BJP , RPI ] fought elections unitedly and comfortably trounced the Congress and NCP front .

English: NiTin Gadkari - President of Bhartiya...

Shri Nitin Gadkari President BJP

English: Photo of Uddhav Thackeray, taken at B...

Shri Uddhav Thackeray Working President Shiv Sena

When results were declared , it became apparent that SS , BJP , RPI have got the maximum number of seats in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation . Though they fell short of 7 seats , still they won the BMC fort . Congress , NCP alliance came a distant second with 65 seats and MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] , perceived to be king – maker , was third with 28 seats in its kitty .

Out of 10 Municipal Corporations of Maharashtra , BJP and SS have won 5 . These are ; Mumbai , Thane , Ulhasnagar , Nagpur and Akola . NCP of Sharad Pawar is the clear winner in Pimpri – Chinchwad . NCP can capture Pune , Solapur and Amarawati also with the help of Congress . MNS has won maximum number of seats in Nashik . But here are some more shocker .

BJP has won more number of seats compared to Shiv Sena  in Pune , Solapur , Nagpur and Akola , BJP has outnumbered Congress also in Nagpur and Ulhasnagar and has equal number of seats in Akola . BJP has outnumbered NCP also in Nagpur , Mumbai , Solapur and Akola . In BMC BJP has won 31 seats compared to 28 in 2007 . BJP tally has improved everywhere .

Sharad Pawar , known as Maratha warrior , Maratha strongman in Marathi news papers , have bitten dust . Other so – called NCP stalwarts and strong men like Dy. Chief Minister Ajit Pawar , R. R. Patil and Chhagan Bhujbal , both former Dy. Chief Ministers , have eggs on their faces . Supriya Sule has simply vanished from the scene .

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodha...

Sharad Pawar - President NCP

It’s sheer luck that because of assembly elections in 5 states , Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi can not visit Maharashtra . So they have some face – saving excuses . But Congress Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan , ex Shiv Sainik and former Chief Minister Narayan Rane and Mumbai Congress Chief Kripa Shankar Singh have nothing to say . So they have gone into shell . They are incommunicado and blame game has started .

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi

In 2007 BMC elections Congress and NCP had no alliance and they fought separately . So according to some left – liberal journalists , SS and BJP won because of the division of secular votes . But in 2012 , Congress and NCP fought the elections as alliance partners and still they lost . SS and BJP have won convincingly . Now left – liberal journos have to eat crow . They have nothing to say .

BJP and Shiv Sena flags

BJP and Shiv Sena flags in a Rally

Shri Nitin Gadkari and Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray can take pride that they have snatched victory from the opponents and that too against all odds . It is satisfying fact that MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] instead of eating into saffron votes , ate Congress , NCP votes and dealt severe blow to their nefarious designs .

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections along with 9 other civic body elections of 2012 are eye opener in real sense . It heralds saffron juggernaut and decimation of pseudo – secular forces.




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