Ode – 7 : To Ranbir Kapoor & ” Barfi ”

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 27 , 2012           00.45 A.M.

Few days back I wrote a blog about my association with Karan Johar’s latest movie Student Of The Year ” . Whole film industry is celebrating its super success . I , as an Acting Trainer or Acting Tutor , was also happy for my personal students Varun Dhawan and Shekhar Ravjiani . Twitter handle of Taran Adarsh amplifies the super success of ” Student Of The Year ” :

taran adarsh taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

#SOTY has 48 cr Week 1, superb! http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/trade/top5/id/908/date/2012-10-26 …

” Student Of The Year “ is still continuing its stupendous run at the box office worldwide . Today I got one more happy news about my another student Ranbir Kapoor’s latest hit filmBarfi ” . It was released last month . Apart from being India’s official entry at the Oscars , ” Barfi “ garnered 100 crore at the box office and entered 100 Crore Club of Hindi Films .
Through the twitter handle of Mr. Taran Adarsh I got to know that ” Barfi “ has now become the third biggest grosser of 2012 . It has surpassed ” Agneepath “ and is third only to ” Ek Tha Tiger “ and ” Rowdy Rathore ” .

#Barfi is the 3rd highest grosser of 2012, after #EkThaTiger and #RowdyRathore. Both #Barfi and #RowdyRathore are UTV films… contd.

Oct taran adarsh taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

#Barfi 4th Week – 11 cr, 5th Week – 4 cr. Total: 120.62 cr nett. 3rd biggest grosser of 2012. Overtakes #Agneepath in India and Overseas.

It is rare distinction . Ranbir Kapoor deserves special mention for the choice of his films and portraying different and difficult characters with conviction and rare finesse . I am simply amazed with his brilliance . His understanding of life is amazing . Still he gave me this note , while I was working with him as his private tutor for Saawariya , his debut film .

Ranbir Kapoor's Hand - Written Note to Me

Ranbir Kapoor’s Hand – Written Note to Me

He has written ” looking forward to learn life from you “ . It is sheer humility . He knows life better than me and some morons , who claim to know everything . Still he wanted to give credit to me . It shows his impeccable upbringing and sense of respect for his Acting Coach , Acting Tutor or Acting Trainer , whatever title you would like to proffer me .

Success of ” Barfi “ is remarkable because ” Ek Tha Tiger “ and ” Rowdy Rathore “ are mass entertainers . They are typical Hindi pot – boilers . But ” Barfi “ is different . It is not a box office masala film . It is not that kind of entertainer . Still it is this year’s third biggest grosser . It shows Ranbir Kapoor’s rising super – stardom . I am so happy for him . From ” Saawariya “[ 2007 ]  to ” Barfi “[ 2012 ] , his 5-year-old journey is meticulous and well strategize journey in the hazardous killer field known as Hindi Film Industry .

With Ranbir Kapoor before " Saawariya "

With Ranbir Kapoor before ” Saawariya “

I would like to congratulate Ranbir Kapoor on behalf of  all the current students of Vidur’s Kreating Charakters and Vidur’s Kreating Charakters family on this occasion and for this well – deserved super success . It is very proud moment for an ordinary Acting Trainer of Mumbai like me .








Ode – 6 : To Ms. Tonthoi & Manipuri Films

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 05 , 2012           00.45 A.M.

Does the name Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi ring a familiar bell ?

Does even Tonthoi ring a familiar sound ?

Does this photograph even remotely remind you of anybody ?



I know the answer is , NO .

Now just go through this photo of 59th National Film Awards .

Tonthoi Receiving Best Supporting Actor's Award

Tonthoi Receiving Best Supporting Actress Award

Who is the girl receiving award from Vice President of India ?

I know , the answer will again be a firm , NO .

And this is unfortunate . This is shameful . This is disgusting , to say the least .

I would like to add that when I say this , I don’t exclude myself . My crime is greater . My sin is rather unpardonable . Because I belong to film fraternity . I train actors . And I am doing this job since 1990 . If I , in spite of being a part of the film industry for 22 long years , do not know or recognize  Tonthoi , the National Award winning actress from Manipur , what could I expect from common public ?

When the 59th National Film Awards were announced , I went through the list . I was happy for Vidya Balan . But I did not care to know or remember that the National Award for Best Supporting Actress went to a Manipuri actress , Ms. LeishangthemTonthoingambi Devi a.k.a. Tonthoi . Everyone knows that Vidya Balan won the award forDirty PictureBut ask even the connoisseurs about Tonthoi and her film . Even they will fail to name the Manipuri film for which Tonthoi won the award . I came to know about the film through a recent article of Times of India . Name of the Manipuri film is ; ” Phijigee Mani ” .

Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi

Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi

Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi

Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi

It is unfortunate . We are appalled when we hear some voices of cessation  in some North – Eastern state . We squirm when we hear that 7 states of North East India is different from India and should be allowed to secede . At that time we become nationalists . But a 24-year-old actress from Manipur wins National Award for her film and we fail to know the name of the actress and her film .

I don’t know about others but I am ashamed and I cannot pardon myself . Through this blog I offer an open apology to Tonthoi , Manipuri film industry and people of Manipur .



Of late Manipuri film industry is a robust industry . It produces 30 / 40 films per year . To not know about Manipuri film industry is shameful .

History of Manipuri Films

Manipuri movies were properly made from 1972. Earlier these were mostly documentary in nature. Feature films came into vogue much later.

The first Manipuri movie was ” Matamgi Manipur ” [ 1972 ] . It was directed by Debkumar Kumar Bose. It was one of the Manipuri movies that received the President`s Medal in 20th National Film Festival in 1972.

Some of the other notable Manipuri movies are as follows:

” Brojendragee Luhongba ” [ 1972 ] : Directed by S.N Chand the film won the Best screenplay Award in the 1st state Film Festival in 1984.

” Lamja Pasuram ” [ 1974 ] : This flick was directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma.

” Ngak-E-Ko Nangshe ” [ 1974 ] : It was a S.N. Chand film.

” Saphabee ” [ 1976 ] :  Directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma it bagged Rajat Kamal for Best Regional Film at the National award ceremony in 1976.

” Olangthagee Wangmadasu ” [ 1980 ] : 4 years later history repeated itself with this film when it bagged Rajat Kamal for Best Regional Film in 1980. This particular Manipuri movie was directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma.

” Imagi Ningthem ” [ 1981 ] : another film by Aribam Shyam Sharma , it grabbed the Rajat Kamal for Best Regional Film at the National Awards ceremony (1982), Best Feature Film Award in the 1st Manipur State Film festival, Grand Prix Award at Nantes International Film festival in France (1981) and National Award for Best Child Actor (Master Leikhendra). The film was also screened at several international film festivals.

Other Manipuri movies are : ” Khonjel ” [ 1981 ] , ” Wangma Wangma ” [ 1981 ] , ” Paokhum Ama ” [ 1983 ] , ” Sanakeithel ” [ 1983 ] , ” Thaba ” [ 1984 ] , ” Langlen Thadoi ” [ 1984 ] , ” Yairipok Thambalnu ” [ 1984 ] , ” Iche Sakhi ” [ 1986 ] , ” Kombirei ” [ 1989 ] , ” Ishanou ” [ 1990 ] , ” Ingallei ” [ 1990 ] , ” Paap ” [ 1991 ] , ” Khonthang ” [ 1992 ] , ” Sambal Wangma ” [ 1993 ] , ” Thambal ” [ 1993 ] , ” Madhabee ” [ 1993 ] , ” Mayophygee Macha ” [ 1994 ] , ” Sanamanbi Sanarei” [ 1995 ] , ” Sanabi ” [ 1995 ] , ” Khamba Khamnu ” [ 1995 ] , ” Kanaga Hinghouni ” [ 1996 ] , ” Khamba Thoibi ” [ 1997 ] , ” Chinglensana ” [ 1997 ] .

Amongst these ” Sanakeithel ” [ 1983 ] , ” Ishanou ” [ 1990 ] , ” Sambal wangma ” [ 1993 ] , ” Mayophygee Macha ” [ 1994 ] , ” Sanabi ” [ 1995 ] , won National Awards (Rajat Kamal) .

[ I have taken information about Manipuri films from various sources and sites available on internet . ]

I have very little connection with Manipur . I have just one student from the province . His name is Prasanjeet Sinha .

Prasanjeet Sinha

Prasanjeet Sinha

I hope to rectify this error soon . I would be visiting Manipur in near future . I promise to interact with the Manipuri film industry . This blog is a baby step in that direction .







Ode – 5 : To Satyamev Jayate [ B ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE  03, 2012           11.10 P.M.

Let me make it clear in the beginning . This is not my original blog . Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan , a friend of mine , send me this on BBM . I got this today , when I finished watching the 5th episode of today’s Satyamev Jayate ” .

I was peeved at the response of some of the critics of the show . You have every right to disagree with the format and content of the show . You have every right to not watch the show .You have every right to dislike Mr. Aamir Khan as an actor  . But attacking him on personal front and on his personal life is crass , crude and vulgar .

I am happy that Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan and people like him are spreading a right and positive message . ” Satyamev Jayate “ is a path-breaking show and it must be encouraged in every possible way .

As for I am concerned , I have already written a blog on ” Satyamev Jayate ” . I am providing the link :

Ode – 5 : To Satyamev Jayate http://wp.me/ptyXI-20W

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

” Satyamev Jayate “


Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan

” Rather than Appreciating Aamir , Majority of Doctors are taking on his personal life and his earnings . So Let me make it very clear about the money and Sacrifices hez put into making SATYAMEVJAYATE !

1.) Aamir Khan (AKP) spent 32 cr in d making , research n promotions of SMJ.

2.) Aamir ended the contracts with 6 brands worth Rs. 116 cr.

3.) Aamir Paid 23 cr to the brands as a penalty of the breach of contract.

4.) In return he will get 46 cr (3.5 cr per episode) from Star plus , which also includes the pay of AKP team of around 500 members.

5.) He could ve easily earned 3 cr per episode by doing a quiz show

6.) Delayed the 45 cr most awaited film of 2012,Talaash.

7.) He did Satymev jayate becoz he wanted to make it and not for money.

8.) We never said that Satyamev jayate is a perfect show,its an honest effort thats it : Aamir Khan.

The Reason all these things are’nt out in media coz He is not a self praising person!

Share if You Truly Respect AAMIR KHAN’S SINCERE EFFORT. “

English: The present banner of Aamir Khan Prod...

The present banner of Aamir Khan Productions

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Ode – 5 : To Satyamev Jayate [ A ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           MAY 30 , 2012           01.15 A.M.  

In this age of television almost all the stars of Indian silver – screen have already made their television debut . Aamir Khan was the only exception . On May 06 , 2012 he also made his TV debut with his Talk ShowSatyamev Jayate and created history .

English: The present banner of Aamir Khan Prod...

The present banner of Aamir Khan Productions

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

His television show ” Satyamev Jayate “ was aired simultaneously on Star Plus and other channels within Star Network along with  D.D. National . In the history of Indian Television , it is the first show to achieve this feat . Apart from Hindi , it is dubbed in Tamil , Telugu , Malayalam , Marathi and Bengali .

Till date 4 episodes have been out and they dealt with various burning social issues :

1st Episode – May 06, 2012 –  ” Daughters Are Precious ” [Female Foeticide

2nd Episode – May 13, 2012 –  ” Break The Silence ”  [Child Sexual Abuse]

3rd Episode – May 20, 2012 – ” Marriage or Marketplace ” [Dowry] 

4th Episode – May 27 , 2012 – ” Every Life Is Precious ” [Medical Malpractices]  

6 May , 2012  - 1st Episode

6 May , 2012 – 1st Episode

13 May - 2nd Episode

13 May – 2nd Episode

As expected the show garnered 4.27 TRP . First episode was viewed by 9 crore people .Riding on the wave of public sympathy and word of mouth publicity , ” Satyamev Jayate “ , topped the popularity chart . It created positive buzz and generated public outcry on the issues it dealt with .

As expected , rivals and critics and jealous friends and die – hard nay – sayers panned the show . They started finding faults with everything related to the show .

A minister in Rajasthan government lashed at Aamir Khan and said that instead of hosting the show , he should come to Rajasthan and work for the people . May I ask what is his job ? Why is he elected ? Aamir Khan brought an issue in his notice . Instead of acting with alacrity and acting against the culprits , he is finding faults with the show .

There was some comments in the press that Aamir Khan is charging fee for hosting the show . May I ask why should he not charge his professional fee ? Instead of hosting some inane show like his contemporaries , he is hosting a show which is bringing some burning social issues for public debate .

A journalist tweeted that Aamir Khan should think about his first wife and only then talk about these issues . May I ask why is he so concerned about Aamir Khan’s first wife ? Two adults mutually decide to terminate their marriage without acrimony and bickering and moreover his first wife is not accusing Aamir Khan for cruelty or anything , then why is this journalist raking up a private issue ?

A journalist of Hindustan Times wrote that instead of making people cry , Aamir Khan should try to create laughter . 4th episode was not weepy at all . It was entertaining and at the same time informative  . Her criticism about the near perfect reaction and well – timed teary eyes also fail to impress . When you are narrating a personal tragedy , you don’t need acting skills . Tears come naturally and reaction is instantaneous . Her criticism is cussed and lacks sensitivity .

According to me above mentioned criticisms are result of some jealous minds and envious rivals . ” Satyamev Jayate “ exposed their mediocrity and they are now naked in the open . So their factotum and some paid – journos are fanning the falsehood .

There was a news item that the show failed to generate viewership and that the TRP is only 3.01 . But soon final verdict was out and now it is a known fact that the actual TRP is 4.27 . According to Television Audience measurement the show reached out to 4.96 million people . 1 lakh people tried calling Aamir Khan during the show .

Several topics related to the show were trending on twitter and were among top 5 . Even before the first episode ended , it got 2,254 tweets on micro – blogging site ,  twitter . Due to huge and unprecedented traffic the official website ; http://www.satyamevjayate.in crashed as soon as the first episode ended . On Google Trends also the show was top search in India . The show’s official page on Facebook has received more than 9,71,000 likes .

Hindustan Times conducted an online poll where 88% viewers have voted that they liked the show . 7% remained undecided and only 5% felt that the show failed to impress .

6th May 2012 - !st Episode of Satyamev Jayate

6th May 2012 – !st Episode of Satyamev Jayate

Need I say anything more ? But there were some honest and saner voices also .

Some eminent personalities like ; Siddharth Basu and Newspapers like ; Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal have compared the show with Oprah Winfrey Show . To compare ” Satyamev Jayate “ with Oprah Winfrey Show is a great honour . I totally agree with the view .

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The...

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986








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