A Belligerent , Bellicose China & Qing Dynasty

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Yiwu is a southern city of China in Zhejiang province . It is one of the world’s biggest commodities markets .

An SVG map of China with Zhejiang province hig...

Map of China with Zhejiang Province

China claims to have a legal system in place . Should we salute China for the brilliant and flawless legal system ( ? ) . Two Indian traders ; Deepak Raheja and Shyamsunder Agrawal were held hostage by local Chinese traders and local authorities did nothing . When matter went to court Indian diplomat S. Balachandran was manhandled in the court by Chinese traders . In spite of being a diabetic , he was refused food and medication and was not allowed to leave the court – room even for attending nature call . He subsequently fainted there .

China behaved like a rogue nation . Diplomats have certain privileges . May I demand to know why China didn’t respect that privilege ? Why did she behave like a rogue nation or is that a natural behaviour of this arrogant and bellicose nation of opium – smokers .

I would like them to remember 2 Opium Wars [ Anglo – Chinese Wars ] . First Opium War 1839 to 1842 and Second Opium War 1856 to 1860 devastated China and her Qing rulers . British Empire humbled Qing ruler Dao Guang , defeated his army and his general Lin Zexu , who earlier arrested and placed British nationals under siege . British forces ravaged China and forced them to sign Treaty of Nanking , a humiliating treaty by all standards . China simply obeyed and signed the Treaty of Nanking meekly .

Lin Zexu (1785—1851)

Lin Zexu

The signing and sealing of the Treaty of Nanking.

Signing of The Treaty of Nanking

Flag of the Great Qīng Empire, 1889

Flag of Qing Empire

As per the clauses of the Treaty of Nanking , China ceded Hong Kong to British Empire and gave them Most Favoured Nation status , which was not granted to her . So it was unilateral favour . Qing Emperor Dao Guang accepted this one – sided and humiliating treaty meekly .

The Qing Dynasty Dao-Guang Emperor of China

Dao Guang , The Qing Emperor of China

But as per their national character they , later on , reneged . This led to second Opium War and again China was humiliated and was forced to sign The Treat of Tientsin .

Signing the Treaty of Tientsin, 1858.

Signing of Treaty of Tientsin

After China signed The Treaty of Nanking and The Treaty of Tientsin with Great Britain , United States of America and France demanded similar favours and they got it also from the mighty ( ? ) Qing Emperor Dao Guang .These two Opium Wars are remembered in Chinese history as the China’s Century of Humiliation .

China is an arrogant nation . Her hegemony knows no bounds . That is the reason they behaved atrociously with Indian traders in Yiwu . They humiliated Indian Consular officer Mr. S. Balachandran also .

Are they forgetting the Two Opium Wars and their subsequent defeat ? Are they trying to forget the mighty ( ? ) Qing Emperor Dao Guang’s humiliation ? Dont they remember that Hong Kong and Kowloon were snatched from them by the British and they were subjugated to the Century of Humiliation ?

I am ashamed that India behaved in a shocking manner . Government , which is run by the Congress , The Indian National Congress , genuflected again . China should be told in a firm tone that days of Dao Guang will come to haunt them again if they keep on testing India’s patience .


English: British troops storm the Taku Forts, ...

British Troops Storming Taku Fort - Second Opium War


English: A 12 segment panoramic image of the H...

Skyline of Hong Kong , Which Was Ceded to Britain

These two photos should remind them of  their inglorious past and the fate of Dao Guang , the Great ( ? ) and Mighty ( ? ) Emperor of Qing Dynasty . And the following photo should tell them about their impending  future .

The Map of China with Restive Parts








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