My Denunciation ; Shame Norway Shame !!!

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY26 , 2012           00.01 A.M.

Since three days I am watching  Times Now coverage of the story of the Indian couple settled in Norway . The NRI couple lost the custody of their children to Norwegian Childcare Services . Anurup Bhattacharya and Sagarika Bhattacharya’s children Abhigyan ( 3 years ) and Aishwarya  ( 1 year ) were taken away from them and they have been living with their foster parents since May 2011 .

Anurup & Sagarika with Their Kids

I am aghast ! ……………… I am shocked ! ………………… I am anguished !

English: Location map of Norway within Europe

Location Map of Norway Within Europe

Barnevarne [ Norwegian Child Welfare Services ] took these children under protective ? ? ? care ? ? ? in May 2011 . The Norwegian authorities took objection to the fact that these kids are sleeping with their father , that the parents are hand – feeding the kids . According to them hand – feeding is akin to force – feeding . According to them kids must have separate bed and sleeping with father is akin to molestation . Authorities of Norway followed the mother Sagarika Bhattacharya and started filming her activities . Now they are saying that since the girl child has no eye contact with her mother so she is disconnected with her mother . Fact of the matter is that the girl in question is 4 months old .

King [Haakon] and Queen [Maud] of Norway and [...

King & Queen of Norway with Crown Prince - File Photo

In the above posted file photo of the King , Queen and Crown Prince Olaf of Norway , royal parents are not having eye contact with their child and vice – versa . What does it mean ? Does it mean that Norwegian price Olaf  was subjected to cruelty ? Does it show that he was not connected to his mother ? Or his mother was incapable of taking care of her child ?

It is absurd ! …………………. It is sheer nonsense !  …………………… It is idiotic !

Norway has some strict Child Welfare laws . They take pride in their welfare society . Mr. Gunnar Toresen , the head of child welfare services at Stavanger , said that , ” the child welfare service has a responsibility to intervene if measures at home are not sufficient to meet a child’s need . ”

Europe map de 2

Map of Europe

Norway and whole of Europe takes pride in their child welfare schemes . Have they forgotten Fritzl case ? Where were their child welfare services when Austria‘s Josef Fritzl was physically assaulting , sexually abusing and raping his biological daughter Elisabeth Fritzl ? Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter in the basement of his house for 24 years and raped her numerous times . He fathered 7 children with his daughter . There was 1 miscarriage also . So this incestuous relationship resulted in 8 births .

Fritzl Father & Daughter & the Basement Cell

Whenever I see this photo , I hang my head in shame . But the head of child welfare services of Europe will still take pride in their social services . Incestuous father Josef Fritzl convinced Social Service  Authorities and became foster-father of his own child with his daughter . Now authorities say that they erred in their judgement .

Mugshot of Josef Fritzl on the night of his ar...

Josef Fritzl of Austria

Authorities can go wrong  . So in my humble opinion Norwegian authorities have erred in this case . Kids should be returned to their biological parents . They need care of their parents . They shouldn’t be deprived of the benefit of being brought up in their ethnic , religious and cultural milieu .

If Norwegian authorities take pride in the infallibility of their judicial system , then they should remember Fritzl case  .




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