Vidur’s Travel Diary – 1 : Udaipur [ B ]

I posted my blog about Udaipur trip from Udaipur. Next day I returned to Mumbai and immersed in hectic life style. I wanted to post the second part of my blog  immediately but was unable to do so because of various factors, specially my busy schedule. Since I am through with various pending works , so I decided to complete the blog today. After visiting City Palace and the famous Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake, I decide to visit other famous places on the outskirts of Udaipur. First visit was to SAHELION KI BADI :

1 – The Entrance of Sahelion Ki Badi;


2 – The Fountain & Swimming Pool inside Sahelion Ki Badi:

=============================================== 3 – The lotus Pond of Sahelion Ki Badi :


After Sahelion Ki Badi, it was the turn of MOTI MAGRI. It is a grand memorial of Maharana Pratap, built on the top of a hill.

1 – A Bird’s View of Moti Magri – Maharana Pratap Memorial :


2 – The Statue of Maharana Pratap at the Memorial :


It is sacrilege to be in Udaipur and not to visit Haldighati, the famous battleground of the war between Maharana Pratap and the forces of Akbar. I was dyeing for the pilgrimage but my work schedule in Udaipur was not permitting me. One day my session with Dev Patel got cancelled and I got this golden opportunity to visit Haldighati. I hired a cab and rushed to Haldighati. When I reached the famous pass, I had goosebumps. I became numb. Apart from Panipat and Khanwa, Haldighati is the third most famous battleground in Indian History and here I was entering there, right there ;

1 – The Pass of the Haldighati Battlefield :


2 – Anther View of the same Haldighati Pass :


3 – Gate of Rakta Talai, where actual battle took place :


4 – Another View of Rakta Talai :


5 – The Entrance of Chetak Samadhi :


6- Replica of Haldighati at Moti Magri :


After visiting Haldighati, I went into trance. I felt as if  in my previous birth, I was also there in the army of Maharana Pratap. I could feel the place. I have just one humble suggestion that the place should have been preserved in its pristine form and not as the modern park, which I got to see. But anyway, I am still dazed.


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