The Telegraph’s Lie About Narendra Modi Exposed


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           NOVEMBER 15 , 2013           02.00 P.M.

This is not an original blog written by me . In fact this is not a blog at all . I follow Shri Kiran Kumar ji on twitter . I read few of his postings about Shri Narendra Modi‘s Patna speech in Hunkar Rally . I knew that some canard is being spread and facts are twisted and concocted by vested interests . I wanted to write about the facts and the canards . But it was taking time , as my son met with an accident and I was in and out of the hospital most of the time . So my blog remained incomplete .
Suddenly I read these tweets and thought it proper to copy / paste them on my blog space . Therefore these 4 / 5 tweets are taken from the twitter-handle of Shri Kiran Kumar ji and are being quoted here .
I express my gratitude to Shri Kiran Kumar ji . I also express regrets for not taking his prior permission . I hope I will be forgiven .
Readers can go through it and find out what Shri Narendra Modi actually said in the Hunkar Rally of Patna and what is being spread by paid media . I denounce Shri Shankarshan Thakur for twisting the facts and spreading it for the convenience of his political masters . This is nothing less than professional misconduct . It is shame for a journalist .
English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World E...

Narendra Modi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[ 1 ] =======================================

Sankarshan Thakur‘s lie number 1 in The Telegraph exposed. Narendra Modi did not say, “Takshashila is in Bihar” ->

[ 2 ] ==================================

Sankarshan Thakur’s lie number 2 in The Telegraph exposed. Modi did not say, “Alexander was defeated by Biharis” ->

[ 3 ] =====================================

Sankarshan Thakur’s lie number 3 in The Telegraph exposed. Modi did not use name “Maurya” along with Chandragupta.

[ 4 ] ======================================

Sankarshan Thakur’s lie number 4 in The Telegraph exposed. Modi did not make a reference to Nehru in Patel’s funeral.

[ 5 ] ========================================

My 4 prior tweets based of this awesome rebuttal to The Telegraph and “secular” Nitish. Their lies on Modi exposed -> …


I hope these tweets will make picture clear and discerning public can judge the facts , which Shri Narendra Modi really said and the fiction and canard , which the paid media is deliberately and mischievously spreading on the orders of their masters .

Insignia of Brand VIDUR

I express shock and dismay that in the age of social media activism , such kind of canards can be cooked up and dished out by unscrupulous elements of paid media .

On behalf of  VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I wish and pray : May truth prevail ! May lie get defeated ! May virtue shine unabated !



Jiah Khan , A Life Snapped Abruptly


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 09 , 2013           11.45 P.M.

Sitting in my study in Mumbai and trying to remember Jiah Khan is not easy at this juncture . I met Jiah 7/8 months back . I was approached by her manager and he requested me to train her as she was about to sign couple of big projects soon .

Maxim Magazine (December 2008) - Jiah Khan

Maxim Magazine (December 2008) – Jiah Khan

I had seen few scenes of Nishabd ” [ 2007 ] , her debut film . Then I watched  Ghajini ” [ 2008 ] . I had watched Housefull ” [ 2010 ] also . That was it . But that is her complete filmography . Just 3 films in 4 years . And it was not a conscious decision . She waited for 3 years for her next break . But the wait was in vain .

Cover of

Cover of Nishabd

Ghajini (2008 film)

Ghajini (2008 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After getting call from her secretary , I called Jiah next day . Her mother answered the call . I went to meet Jiah Khan next day . I vividly remember her building , Sagar Sangeet in Juhu . I went to her first floor flat and was ushered in by Jiah’s mother . I sat on the sofa and then few moments later Jiah slowly walked in and sat in front of me .

As has been said by many , she was not a conventional beauty . But I found her stunning , very charming and elegant . She offered me tea and we talked about the modalities of the training . She requested me to start from the coming week .

I came out . But that coming week never came . She kept on postponing the classes . She always messaged me a day prior that since she is under weather , she wont be able to start classes. It went for a couple of weeks .

Finally I lost patience . And when she finally called me one day to start the class , I didn’t answer the call . I curtly messaged back that I have taken another tuition , as I was tired of waiting endlessly . She simply messaged back , ” Oh sorry , but I was really under the weather . ”

Then I lost contact with her . I never cared to call back . I took her to be  another spoiled brat . But when I read about her suicide , I immediately remembered above mentioned event .

A sense of remorse engulfed me . Now I am feeling guilty . May be she was true . May be she was really not well . May be she needed people in her life . I would have been a positive anchor in her life . A caring teacher is sometimes more than a caring father . Had I been her tutor , may be the fate would have been different . But it was not destined to be .

I am sorry but I do have fiery temper . Not knowingly or consciously but I have made some mistakes in my life because of my temper . Saying no to Jiah Khan seems to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life . May be the troubled girl child needed an emotional anchor and I know that I could have been a very positive anchor in her life . But as I have said earlier , it was not destined to be .

On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I offer my condolences to Jiah’s family . VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre also join me in expressing grief . I apologise to her mother , who was so nice to me when I first met her on that day .

I still have Jiah Khan’s cell number but I have no gumption to call her mother . I have no courage to say sorry to her . Today , on a wet Sunday night , I am writing this obituary to express my guilt to one and all .



I don’t know whether I deserve it or not but I seek forgiveness . Jiah’s eyes and her smiling face haunts me and it will torment me throughout my life . As a tutor I should have been more condescending , more understanding and more accommodating . I am 60 years old and she was just 25 .

Farewell destiny’s troubled child . I feel ashamed that I am also in the list of few people , who failed you .



Lok Sabha Election 2014 : [ 1 ]


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 14 , 2013           10.40 P.M.

As the scene is becoming interesting , as the water is becoming muddy , as the temperature is rising menacingly , as the players are getting ready for a fight to finish , as leaders are being chosen to lead  , as the respective armies are getting ready to wager their lives , as the country is getting ready for a spectacular drama , as the world is watching with anxiety , let us start looking at the current scenario in our country.

Lok Sabh or parliamentary election is due in 2014 . But preparation has already started . Over the years I have watched that media ; print and electronic both – proffer some fascinating observations . Some of it becomes reality and some fail miserably . In recent times comments are being made on various social media sites also . Anonymous netizens are posting their views on micro -blogging sites and are making the scene murkier . Already precarious political scenario is becoming more unpredictable .

I will try to save all  the poll related writings till the election results are out in 2014 . It would be very interesting to read all these articles after the results are out .


English: Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar : The Chief Minister of Bihar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first in the series is not a blog in real sense of the term . These are tweets being re-produced here from the twitter-handle of Shri Raghunath AS . He brilliantly exposes claims being made by Shri Nitish Kumar , the Chief Minister of Bihar , about the growth of Bihar .

  1. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest labor force participation rate, Bih not there.ChG[447], Guj[402] feature

  2. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with Teachers Pupil ratio at Primary levels in India Bih Tops at 80!! Guj not in top10

  3. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest enrolments in Medicine In India Bih not there. Kar, Guj, Odisha, MP feature

  4. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest no. of Engineering Colleges in India, Bih not there. MP,Kar, CG feature.

  5. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest Biz Schools in India, Bih not there. Kar, MP, Guj feature.

  6. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest colleges in India, MP & Guj feature ahead of Bihar.

  7. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest Ayurveda hospitals in India,Bih not there. Kar, Guj, MP, HP feature.

  8. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest rural Govt hospital Bih not there. Kar,MP,Guj there. Odisha tops!

  9. Phenomenal growth record of NiKu: In top 10 states with highest LPG distributors Bih not there. MP, Guj, Kar feature.

  10. @asraghunath As rightly said by Laloo abt ShivanandTiwari’s defection to JD(U), that he’s his Hanuman, sent to Nitish’s camp with a mission.

  11. Phenomenal growth record of Nitish Kumar: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh produce more Banana than Bihar!

  12. Phenomenal growth record of Nitish Kumar: Guj, MP produce more Garlic than Bihar.

  13. Phenomenal growth record of Nitish Kumar: Guj, MP, Kar produce more Bajra than Bihar.

  14. Phenomenal growth record of Nitish Kumar: Bihar is not in the top 10 league of the states with largest cropped area. MP, Guj Kar are there.

  15. Phenomenal growth record of Nitish Kumar: Bihar is second state with highest percentage of Rural population in India: 88.7%

  16. MP that pulled itself quietly out from Bimaru status, is on fastest pace. It’s CM is not making as much fuss as Bimaar Bihar CM is making

Till 2014 I will keep on writing blogs and sometimes will re-produce interesting stories from various social networking sites . And will keep on doing this till Election 2014 is over . I feel that VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as ,  Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , is not only an acting institute , it also has some social and national duties and obligations .

I may not be running the most famous acting school of Mumbai , or the most famous acting institute of India , or the most famous acting academy of bollywood , or the most famous acting institute of the world , I may be small and very insignificant , but I thought it proper to offer my views on this important matter .

[ This blog is not entirely written by me . I have re-produced relevant tweets from the twitter-handle of Shri Raghunath AS . I am indebted and express my gratitude .]



Ode – 5 : To Satyamev Jayate [ B ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE  03, 2012           11.10 P.M.

Let me make it clear in the beginning . This is not my original blog . Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan , a friend of mine , send me this on BBM . I got this today , when I finished watching the 5th episode of today’s Satyamev Jayate ” .

I was peeved at the response of some of the critics of the show . You have every right to disagree with the format and content of the show . You have every right to not watch the show .You have every right to dislike Mr. Aamir Khan as an actor  . But attacking him on personal front and on his personal life is crass , crude and vulgar .

I am happy that Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan and people like him are spreading a right and positive message . ” Satyamev Jayate “ is a path-breaking show and it must be encouraged in every possible way .

As for I am concerned , I have already written a blog on ” Satyamev Jayate ” . I am providing the link :

Ode – 5 : To Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan with The Logo of Satyamev Jayate

” Satyamev Jayate “


Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan

” Rather than Appreciating Aamir , Majority of Doctors are taking on his personal life and his earnings . So Let me make it very clear about the money and Sacrifices hez put into making SATYAMEVJAYATE !

1.) Aamir Khan (AKP) spent 32 cr in d making , research n promotions of SMJ.

2.) Aamir ended the contracts with 6 brands worth Rs. 116 cr.

3.) Aamir Paid 23 cr to the brands as a penalty of the breach of contract.

4.) In return he will get 46 cr (3.5 cr per episode) from Star plus , which also includes the pay of AKP team of around 500 members.

5.) He could ve easily earned 3 cr per episode by doing a quiz show

6.) Delayed the 45 cr most awaited film of 2012,Talaash.

7.) He did Satymev jayate becoz he wanted to make it and not for money.

8.) We never said that Satyamev jayate is a perfect show,its an honest effort thats it : Aamir Khan.

The Reason all these things are’nt out in media coz He is not a self praising person!

Share if You Truly Respect AAMIR KHAN’S SINCERE EFFORT. “

English: The present banner of Aamir Khan Prod...

The present banner of Aamir Khan Productions

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Vidur’s Film Diary – April 2011

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA                   MAY 01 , 2011                       00.45 A.M.

This particular edition is the 24th edition of  ”  Vidur’s Film Diaries “ . Two long years , two momentous years and these uninterrupted  notes of the diary about my students and their work in Indian films , TV serials and Theatre productions. A very satisfying  journey indeed. Through the work of my students , I also gauge my own standing in this ever slippery world of entertainment.

April’s first two releases opened as expected. Third release ” Thank You “ also couldn’t cheer the mood. Fate of the other releases were no better.

Twitter handles of trade analysts Mr. Taran Adarsh and Mr. Komal Nahta express the mood , trends and box office results of the month gone by ;

Komal Nahta
KomalNahta Komal Nahta
Game is a weak film with dull chances. Review:
taran adarsh
taran_adarsh taran adarsh
B.O. update: ‘F.A.L.T.U.’ starts with a bang, ‘Game’ with a whimper
Komal Nahta
KomalNahta Komal Nahta
FALTU wins the Friday Game:
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh9 am to 11.15 am morning show trends: ‘Game’ opening 3% to 5% to maximum 10%. ‘Faltu‘ opening 50% to 70% to 80%

Komal Nahta
KomalNahta Komal Nahta
Box Office: FALTU scores over Game over the weekend. Faltu Rs. 10.5 crore , Game Rs. 2.8 crore. Full report:
taran adarsh
taran_adarsh taran adarsh
Overseas B.O.: ‘Thank You’ is amongst Akshay’s lowest openers
Komal Nahta
KomalNahta Komal Nahta
‘Thank You’ makes Rs. 19.2 crore (in all India net collection) over the first weekend.
Box office collection : FALTU Rs 17 Cr , Game Rs 5 Cr
taran adarsh
taran_adarsh taran adarsh
Overseas B.O.: ‘Thank You’ is amongst Akshay’s lowest openers
Komal Nahta
KomalNahtaKomal Nahta
3 Thay Bhai is a weak fare which will go down in box-office history as a non-starter. Review:
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

B.O. update: ‘Teen Thay Bhai’ starts on disastrous note [4% to 7% range]
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

‘3 Thay Bhai’ spoils the party, ‘Thank You’ distributors will lose money, ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ wide release in India, Oseas
Komal Nahta
KomalNahtaKomal Nahta

3 Thay Bhai weekend box-office collections: Rs. 2 crore:
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

B.O. update: ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ opens to dull houses
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

‘Zokkomon’ is an unmitigated disaster in U.S. Punjabi film ‘Dharti’ emerges super-success in U.S.A. & Australia, but not as strong in U.K.

Obituary :


Sachin Bhowmick : Most prolific and one of the most successful and versatile writer of Hindi films , Sachin Bhowmick breathed his last in Mumbai on April 12, 2011 at the age of 80.

He started with Nargis and Balraj Sahni starrer ” Lajwanti ” [ 1958 ]. After this he churned out numerous hits like ; ” Anuradha ” [ 1961 ] , ” Ziddi ” [ 1964 ] , ” Ayee Milan Ki Bela ” [ 1964 ] , ” Majboor ” [ 1964 ] , ” Jaanwar ” [ 1965 ] , ” Love In Tokyo ” [ 1966 ] , ” Aaye Din Bahar Ke ” [ 1966 ] , ” An Evening In Paris ” [ 1967 ]  , ” Brahmchari ” [ 1968 ] , ” Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke ” [ 1969 ] , ” Aradhana ” [ 1969 ] , ” Aan Milo Sajna ” [ 1970 ] , ” Carvan ” [ 1971 ] , ” Dost ” [ 1974 ] , ” Khel Khel Men ” [ 1975 ] , ” Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin ” [ 1977 ] , ” Golmaal ” [ 1979 ] , ” Karz ” [ 1980 ] , ” Do Aur Do Paanch ” [ 1980 ] , ” Bemisal ” [ 1982 ] , ” Nastik ” [ 1983 ] , ” Sahab ” [ 1985 ] , ” Karma ” [ 1986 ] , ” Khalnaayak ” [ 1993 ] , ” Main Khiladi Tu Anari ” [ 1994 ] , ” Yeh Dillagi ” [ 1994 ] , ” Karan Arjun ” [ 1995 ] , ” Koyla ” [ 1997 ] , ” Dushman ” [ 1998 ] , ” Soldier ” [ 1998 ] , ” Aa Ab Laut Chalen ” [ 1999 ] , ” Taal ” [ 1999 ] , ” Koi….. Mil Gaya ” [ 2003 ] , ” Kisna ” [ 2006 ] , ” Krrish ” [  2006 ] and ” Yuvvraj ” [ 2008 ].

He also directed, apart from scripting , Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore starrer ” Raja Rani ” [ 1973 ]. In total he wrote story and screenplay of more than 100  films.

Rami Reddy : A versatile actor and successful villain of Telugu and Hindi cinema died on April 14, 2011 in Hyderabad at the age of 52  . His made his debut in 1990 in Telugu hit ” Ankusam “ . Same year he essayed a successful character in Chiranjeevi and Juhi Chawla starrer ” Pratibandh “ . Later on he worked in Hindi films like : ” Gunda ” , ” Waqt Hamara Hai ” , ” Khuddar ” , ” Jaanwar ” and ” Talash ” .

New Hindi Releases & Me :


First Week – April 01

1 – Game…………………………………………………….Jimmy Sheirgill

2 – F.A.L.T.U……………………………………………….Angad Bedi

Second Week – April 08

1 – Thank You………………………………………………Sonam Kapoor

………………………………………………………………….Rimi Sen

Third Week – April 15

1 – Teen Thay Bhai…………………………………………x

Fourth Week –  April 22

1 – Dum Maaro Dum……………………………………….x

2 – Zokkomon………………………………………………..x

Fifth Week – April 29

1 – Chalo Dilli………………………………………………..Yaana Gupta

2 – I Am……………………………………………………….Sanjay Suri

3 – Naughty @ 40…………………………………………..Sayali Bhagat

4 – Shor In The City…………………………………………x

In total ……….10…………….films got released this month. Out of these ……10………. films …………07……………. students of mine have worked in ………..06………… films.

 Film News This Month :


1 – Jungfrau Railways in Switzerland recently inaugurated a train named after Mr. Yash Chopra with his signature and name on a signboard. A deluxe suite of the Victoria – Jungfrau Grand Hotel has also been named after Mr. Yash Chpora.

2 – Mr. K. Balachander
gets Dadasaheb Phalke Award for 2010.

New Regional Films & Me :


1 – Tamil : Sameera Reddy and Kelly Dorji are working in a film called ” Aasal ” .

2 – Telugu : Allu Arjuna is playing lead in a film called  ” Badrinaath “.

3 – Malayalam :  Genelia D’Souza is playing lead in a film called ” Urumi “.

4 – Bangla :  Riya Sen is playing lead in Bangla / Hindi bilingual ” Nauka Dubi ” / ” Kashmakash ” .

5 – Nepali :  Monica Bedi is playing lead in a film called ” Parichay “ .

6 – Punjabi : Jimmy Sheirgill is playing lead in a film called ” Dharti “.

In the above mentioned ………..06 ………regional films in ……. …06…………. various languages , there are …………07…………. students of mine working in them.

T. V. Trivia & Me :


1 –  Shaleen Bhanot is appearing in a T V serial ” Bheend Banoonga Ghodi Chadhoonga  ” .

2 – Hritik Roshan is making his debut on T V in a reality show ” Just Dance ” on Star Plus T V .

3 –  Mrunal Jain is appearing in ” Looteri Dulhan ” on Imagine T V . 

4 –  Gurmeet Choudhary is appearing in ” Geet……….Hui Sabse Parayi “ on Star One T V .

5 –  Neil Bhatt is appearing in ” Gulal ” on Star Plus T V .

6 –  Yash Pandit is appearing in ” Tere Mere Sapne ” on Star Plus T V.

7 –  Aamir Ali is appearing in ” F I R “ on SAB T V .

8 – Vikas Bhalla is appearing in ” Sanjaog Se Bani Sangini “ on Zee T V .

9 – Jai Kalra and Eva Grover are appearing in ” Bade Acche Lagte Hai Ye Dharti Ye Nadiya Ye Raina Aur Tum “ on Soni T V.

10-  Smita Bansal and Mia Evonne Uyeda are appearing in ” Khatron Ke Khiladi – 4 ” on Colours T V.

In the above mentioned ………….10………..T V shows on various channels, there are…………….12…………….students of mine working in them. Out of these ……….12………..students, …………….09…………..are working in Serials and …………….03……………. are working in Reality shows.

Theatre & Me :


1 –  Mahabanoo Mody – Kotwal is reviving her play ” Love Is In The Air ” . She produces the play .

2 –  Juhi Babbar is reviving her play ” Ji Jaisi Aapki Marzi ” .   She acts in the play as main lead .

3 –  Pratik Kothari stages his new play ” Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi “. He acts in this Gujarati play apart from hosting it.

In the above mentioned …………….03…………….theatre productions, there are …………….03………………students of mine working in them.



Vidur’s Blog Translated in Turkish Language

Hazreti Ali, Irak Bohras Of Mumbai Dawoodi &

Vidur tarafından 16 Nisan 2010 tarihinde gönderildi
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Hindistan Of Times Mumbai sayısında bir zararsız haber 21 Mart 2010 tarihinde vardı.Irak’ta Camii’nde Büyük Küfe oldu restore Mumbai olan Bohras Dawoodi hakkında.Hiçbir şey yok garip ya da İslam’ın geri yeni hakkında cami ve bir mezhebin takipçileri için. Ama burada, cevap iki önemli soru düşünmek için iki uygun noktalardır. hiçbir soru. 1, niçin Mumbai Dawoodi Bohras Irak’ta gerek var mı? Irak bir Müslüman ülkedir.Ve soru Küfe bir cami onarım ve restorasyon acil ihtiyacı vardı neden no.2,? Yine Irak bir Müslüman ülke ve Küfe Şiiler için önemli dini öneme sahiptir. Ama ikinci sorunun kendisi dahili ve doğal cevabı var. Şiiler bu yana Küfe için saygıdeğer cami, belli idi Hüseyin Sünni muhafaza tarafından düzgün Irak’ta Saddam dar görüşlü diktatör gibi ve genel olarak. Bu caminin rağmen İslam’ın çok sayıda tarihi anları sessiz bir tanıktır.için Hazreti Ali kullanılan bu çok cami teklif namaz ve Sajda oldu buyruğuyla ve o süre gün cetvel ve de Muljim İbntarafından 661 yılında öldürüldü, o cami bu çok topraklarına komşu namazı ise civar kutsal. O ve Necef gömüldü onun kutsal mezarYazeed olan Amir 680 ile ordunun da bulunduğu yakın Kûfe. Kerbela, Hazreti Ali’nin ikinci oğlu öldürüldü acımasızca oldu Hüseyin’in torunu İmam ve Peygambertarafından yakındır da bulunmaktadır. Küfe, Necef ve Kerbela , dindar ve kutsal yerlerin Şiiler tüm Sünni yer alacaklar Irak hakim. Saddam Hüseyin, Şii olan bir despot hor ve zalim olarak nefret ve Sünni cetvel gibi mümin. Bu yüzden o yıkık bir durumdaydı tutmak için hiçbir ilgi ve bu kutsal Şii türbelerin bakım ve bu, dindar tarihi ve önemli türbe ödedi.

Şimdi soru bölmek doğar hakkında Şii ve Sünni. Büyük bölmek bu kökenli üzücü çok trajik ve. Hazreti Ali ve oldu Peygamberin oğlu-in-law Peygamber varisi gerçek bir edilmiş olmalı, Şiilere göre. O en Şiiler, sadece Peygamber yanında saygıdeğer olduğunu. Onlar o Peygamber başarılı olacağı varsayılmıştır. Ama Hazreti Ali kızağa ve Miras anda görmezden geldi ve Peygamberimiz Hazreti Osman’ın oldu ve başarılı tarafından Hazreti Ebu Bekir, Hazreti Ömer bu sırada. ve Usman cinayet üçüncü Halife Hz sonra nihayet sonunda Hazreti Ali halife oldu seçilmiştir. o hiyerarşi ve ilk değil dördüncü olmasına rağmen, hala onun takipçileri mutlu etti. Ama Halife gibi, Hazreti Ali barış kural izin değildi. O zaman o Usman oldu sanığın Hz’s idi, Mawia ve intikam cinayeti, Amir cinayet isim ve Amir-E-Şam (Suriye Valisi) üstünlüğü’s Ali reddetti kabul Hazreti ve hilâfet onun isyan karşı. Diye savaş ilan isyan karşı Hazreti Ali ve. hile ile ve ortakları siyasi zeki onun ile yardım, o Siffin savaşı de tablolara çevirmek başardı ve dünya Arap aldatmak mümkün oldu ve Ali Hz. Halife büyük ismi yılında Post, sonra Peygamber tarihinin İslam Ali, Hazreti oldu başarılı çıkarmadan sessizce bu aşağılama kabul, incelikle bu yalancılıktan tolere ve lider başladı dindar ve kutsal Peygamber’in öğretileri göre hayat. Ama düşmanlarını hala onun korkmuştuk. Onun varlığı fiziksel onu ortadan kaldırmak için yumurtadan edildi Amir ve komplo için tehlikeli olarak kabul edildi. de cami Bir gün namaz gitti için Ali zaman Hz,Küfe gördüm bilinmeyen bir adam oturan caminin büyük bir merdiven kapalı pinekleme ve. Onu uyandırdı ve namaz için ve o hızlı hareket etmezse onun zaman, onun namaz sunabiliyoruz olmayacağını söyledim. O adam, İbn Muljim, Ali Hazretibaktı ve Ali kendisi Death) Malkul Peygamberimiz (Maut Of eğer gülümsedi gibi gülümseyen Hazreti ve arıyorum. Sajda zaman Hazreti için eğildi Ali, İbn Muljim,hançer onun alıp dışarı ve tekrar tekrar vahşice saldırıya Hazreti Ali. Hazreti Ali aka Sher-e-Khuda ölümünden birkaç gün sonra ve mücadele, yenik yere düştü. Gr ve Küfe de cami 661 olay oldu ise aynı burası. Küfe Fırat nehrinin kıyısında bir konuma ve Bağdat yakındır. Bu saygısızlık ve ihmal bir yer olduğunu üzücü maruz kaldığı bu önemi.

Dawoodi Bohras imkansız elde ettik. koşullar tarafından yılmayan, onlar 1998 yılında Ulu Cami’nin yeniden başladı. Saddam ve hala hayatta olan demir yumruk ile Irak egemen oldu. Durumu elverişli ve hoş değildi. ABD işgalinin hemen hemen imkansız hale ABD işgalinin ardından konularda en kötü ve mezhep çatışmaları, yaptı. Ama Bohras özenle, sessizce çalıştı ve 2009 yılında proje tamamlanmıştır.

Bu büyük bir başarıdır. Bu eserin ilham değer. Ne yazık ki elektronik medya tamamen görmezden geldi. haber tür Bu dostluk kardeşlik, teşvik getiriyor toplum bizim sinirler üzerinde yıpranmış etkisi yatıştırıcı. Eyvah! Gujarat ve olaylar Trajik gösterilir ve her zaman gözden kaçan haberler, süre art arda oynanan bir tür bu. Gujarat ve ayaklanmalar Toplumlu sapmaları bir ve Kufa Ulu Cami’nin restore ethos bizim milli ve doğal. O ve teşvik edilmelidir ihmal değil.


An Internet Bloomer

It is the last day of 2010. A year, one more year of my life will end within an hour, rather a decade of my life is going to be finished very soon.  Previously I used to learn one new language every year. This seems to be impossible now, firstly because of the advancing age and secondly because of the extremely hectic schedule of mine.

thank you 2010 :)

Image by naoK via Flickr - Thank You 2010

As they say, empty mind is Devils workshop ; luckily I saved my mind from becoming Devil‘s workshop. In 2009 I started dabbling in internet. Slowly, hesitatingly and after several bouts of procrastination, I managed to learn to use internet. Here I will try to chronicle my forays into the maze called internet.

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Facebook : [ Vidur Chaturvedi ]


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This was the first account which was opened for me by my son Raunak Chaturvedi. He used to egg me on to use it but it remained dormant for years. I don’t remember exact dates but I started using it in March 2009. Now I have 517 friends. I have created 16 albums and up-loaded 1163 photos till today. In August 2010, I started posting THOUGHTS OF THE DAY every night and today on 31st night of 2010, I will be posting 140th THOUGHT OF THE DAY. Seems to be a satisfying journey for a reluctant traveller.

Blog : [ ]



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My blog space was created on wordpress for the website of my institute KRATING CHARAKTERS. I posted my first blog ” Putting Pen to Paper ” in the month of March , 2009. I copied same blog and pasted it on the above mentioned blog space in the month of March, 2009. It was 30th March 2009. One year and nine months have passed . I assume , I am quite successful. This is my 150 th blog. I write blogs in 28 categories and have 566 tags. September 27, 2010 was the busiest day, as I got 104 hits in a single day. Till now I have got 8,107 visitors on my blog space. I have received 40 comments also. All these things happen without any kind of optimization. In fact 10 blogs have got more than hundred visits per blog.

Twitter : [ ]


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It is the newest of the lot. It was opened again by my son on June 17, 2009. Till now there are 2,740 tweets with a tiny bunch of 142 followers, who ,God knows why, follow me.

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Apart from these above mentioned accounts, I have Linked in account with 11 connections. Wikipedia, Google, Jai Bhojpuri and Flicr profiles are also there along with YouTube channel. All these accounts are assembled in my Gravatot Profile account.

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In this 20 month-long journey, I feel I have managed to cross few milestones. It is very gratifying and satisfying journey indeed. This journey is now going to enters in the 21st month in just few seconds. Oh, It has now entered in its 21st month. God !

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