VIDUR Club Newsletter – [ 1 ]


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 31 , 2013           04.45 P.M.

VIDUR Club Newsletter – [ 1 ]

September 2012 – May 2013


Our Success Ratio  in The Last 9 Months = 40%

[ Precisely 35.90 % ]



VIDUR Acting Institute BANNER - Training Students Since 1990

VIDUR Acting Institute BANNER – Training Students Since 1990

VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters , is one among many famous acting schools of Mumbai . These days , to keep their sinking ship afloat , some upstart acting trainers are making tall , preposterous and false claims regarding their achievements ( ? ) , accomplishments ( ? )  .

In such circumstances it becomes necessary to present true picture of VIDUR Acting Institute in front of discerning public . Our Brochure is available and everything is listed there in exhaustive details , but it was printed 9 months back and it was printed in bulk , so it’s almost impossible to update it very frequently .

Therefore to appraise everyone concerned about our recent achievements , I thought it proper to establish VIDUR Club and publish VIDUR Club Newsletter periodically . It will be  available in two formats ; hard copy as well as the internet version . This Newsletter is available not only for my past , current and would-be students , it is also available for my friends & well-wishers , who now reside in the 149 countries of the world . [ The number of countries , at the time of posting this blog , are now 158 ] To verify this particular claim , you can click on the link of my FLAG COUNTER  :

All my old , current and would-be students , all my friends and well-wishers from the virtual as well as internet world can become members of  VIDUR Club . It is absolutely free . You have to send either your e-mail ID or your postal address to us . You will start getting your copy of  VIDUR Club Newsletter regularly in the format chosen by you .

ACHIEVEMENTS in 2012-2013


In the past 9 months [ September 2012 – May 2013 ]  VIDUR Acting Institute has churned out ……….07 …………….  batches . Total number of students in all the batches were ………….. 39 …………. Here is photographic proof .

Batch No. 67

Batch No. 67

Batch No. 68

Batch No. 68

Batch No. 69

Batch No. 69

Batch No. 70

Batch No. 70

Batch No. 71

Batch No. 71

Batch No. 72

Batch No. 72

Batch No. 73

Batch No. 73

Out of all the ………….. 39 …………..students of VIDUR Acting Institute , ……………. 14 ……………. students are working in films . And it is not blink & miss roles in some shelved films or some episodic serials . They are playing either lead or parallel leads in these films . Thus a little less than 40 %  students of VIDUR Acting Institute are working in films . Here is photographic proof .

Neha Trivedi of Batch No. 67 is playing an important role in ” Highway “ . It is directed by Imtiaz Ali of ” Rockstar “ fame . She also did a commercial  campaign for Domino’s Pizza .

Neha Trivedi - Batch No. 67

Neha Trivedi – Batch No. 67

Miss Universe India 2012 Urvashi Rautela of Batch No. 68 is playing lead in ” Singh Saab The Great “ opposite Sunny Deol . The film is directed by Anil Sharma of ” Gadar “ fame .

Urvashi Rautela - Batch No. 68

Urvashi Rautela – Batch No. 68

Manmeen Gala of Batch No. 69 is playing parallel lead in ” What Happens 6 To 6 “ . The film is a bilingual being made in Hindi and Telugu and is directed by Jagan Chhalla .

Manmeen Gala - Batch No. 69

Manmeen Gala – Batch No. 69

Nitin Gowda of Batch No. 70 is a Kannadiga actor . He is playing lead in a Kannada movie ” Ringroad Shubha “ . The film is directed by debutante Priya Belliappa . It has unique distinction of being India’s first all-female-crew film .

Nitin Gowda - Batch No. 70

Nitin Gowda – Batch No. 70

Riya Thakur of Batch No. 71 [ She re-joined me ] is playing main lead in ” Shukla Ji Street “ . The film is directed by Anil Mattoo .

Riya Thakur - Batch No. 71

Riya Thakur – Batch No. 71

Apart from above mentioned ………. 05 ……….. students from the batches , I have also trained ……….. 08 ………… students privately . Here is photographic proof .

Tanvi Rao is doing a pivotal role in the film ” Gulab Gang “ with Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla . The film is directed by Soumik Sen .

Tanvi Rao

Tanvi Rao

Bilal Amrohi is grandson of Producer-Director Kamal Amrohi of ” Pakeezah “ fame . He is doing parallel lead in ” O Teri ! “ . The film is produced by Atul Agnihotri and directed by debutant Umesh Bisht .

Bilal Amrohi

Bilal Amrohi

Sirish Allu is a Telugu actor , who made his debut inGouravam . He is son of Allu Aravind and brother of Telugu heart-throb Allu Arjun . The film is written & directed by Radha Mohan . It is a Telugu , Tamil bilingual .

Sirish Allu

Sirish Allu

Mia Evonne Uyeda , a French-Canadian national , is a former MTV V.J. She is doing parallel lead in Tere Bin Laden – The Third ” . The sequel is being made by the team of ” Tere Bin Laden ” .

Mia Evonne Uyeda

Mia Evonne Uyeda

Apart from above mentioned students ……….. 02 ……… more private students of mine ; Sohoni Paul and Preeti Deasi are also working in films . [ I don’t have their photos at present . ]

Sohoni Paul is daughter of Tapas Paul , the superstar of Bengali films . She is doing ” Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa “ opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui . The film is directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta .

Miss Great Britain 2006 Preeti Desai is currently working in ” One by Two “ opposite Abhay Deol . The film is directed by Devika Bhagat , the screenplay writer of ” Ladies vs Ricky Bahl ” and ” Jab Tak Hai Jaan ” .

Apart from above mentioned ………… 11 ………. students ; …………. 05 …………. from the batches and …………….. 06 …………… private , I am privately training ………….. 02 ………… more students for various projects . They are : Anupama Chopra [ Film Critic & TV Host of ” The Front Row “ ] and  Ganesh Hegde [ The Choreographer ].

My most recent private student is Alia Bhatt . She is doing only Diction class with me .

Thus the grand total of working students in the past 09 months is 14 .



Apart from training above mentioned …………. 14 …………. students , I also did script-based workshop for 3 films . These films are ; Karan Johar’s ” Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ” , Atul Agnihotri’s  ” O Teri ! ” and Anil Mattoo’s  ” Shukla Ji Street ” .

Here is photographic proof .

Kalki Koechlin in "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani"

Kalki Koechlin in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”

Producer Atul Agnihotri & Lead Pair Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi during the Workshop of "O Teri !"

Producer Atul Agnihotri & Lead Pair Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi during the Workshop of “O Teri !”






There were other activities also at the VIDUR Acting Institute . We have published 2nd edition of the diction booklet . It is compiled by me . This is rare and unique feat . No other acting school in India has published such book .

Diction Booklet - 2nd Edition

Diction Booklet – 2nd Edition

Cover & Back of Brochure

Cover & Back of Brochure

Cover Jacket of DVD

Cover Jacket of DVD

Certificate of the Institute

Certificate of the Institute



VIDUR Acting Institute has recently started ad campaign in print media . It became necessary because some unscrupulous upstarts are slyly using my name to further their dwindling , sinking career .

Ad - Film India Jumbo - 2012-13

Ad – Film India Jumbo – 2012-13

Ad - Film India Economy - 2013

Ad – Film India Economy – 2013

Mumbai Mirror Ad - May 13, 2013

Mumbai Mirror Ad – May 13, 2013

We have an enviable list of students . Their names are mentioned in the brochure and they are on our website also .  But for us at  VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters , the journey doesn’t end after printing the brochure or hosting the website . We don’t bask in the past glory .

In fact …………….. for us …………………………..

The  voyage has just started ………….. 

The saga still continues ………………..

Above mentioned facts and data with photographic proofs substantiate my claim without any doubt that my success ratio in the past 9 months has been a little less than 40% . Churning out batches , training actors privately and doing Script Based Workshops , it has been a fruitful , satisfying year indeed .

To further substantiate my standing as the acting trainer of India of 23 years of standing , here are links of the 21 newspaper articles , links of 04 online postings and links of 8 TV interviews :

Link of Articles in News Papers :

1 – DNA article about Neil : #DNA

2 – Katrina Kaif perfects accent in 20 days- Hindustan Times: via @addthis

3 – Screen article about Katrina :
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4 – Times of India, Crest Edition article about Vidur :

5 – List on :

6 – Mumbai Mirror article about Vidur , Hazel & Bodyguard :’s-Hazel.html

7 – Deccan Chronicle article about Vidur :

8 – HT Cafe article about Vidur & Katrina Kaif :

9 – HT Cafe article about Vidur & Dev Patel : Hindustan Times

10 – SHOWBIZ SPY article about Vidur & Dev Patel :

11 – THE GUARDIAN WEEKLY – LONDON article about Vidur & Dev Patel :

12 – THE SIYASAT DAILY  article about Vidur & Hazel Keech : via @AddThis

13 – DNA Article about Vidur : Of bhaiyyas, Bhojpuri and Bollywood connection – Entertainment – DNA

14 – Indian Express Article about Vidur : Actors’ Laboratory – Indian Express: via @AddThis

15 – Sunday Indian Express Article about Vidur : Hindi Lessons for Chikni Chameli – Indian Express: via @AddThis

16 – HT Cafe Article No. 1 about Vidur : Ram Charan trains in Hindi for Zanjeer remake – Hindustan Times

17 – HT Cafe Article No. 2 about Vidur : Learning the desi lingo – Hindustan Times

18 – Screen Article about Vidur : Going Desi Cool –

19 – Dainik Bhaskar Article in Hindi about Vidur :

20 – Divya Bhaskar Article in Gujarati about Vidur :

21 – Mumbai Mirror Article about Vidur :

Link of Online Postings :

1 – A new post about Vidur :

2 – IBNLive posting about Vidur :

3 – DIGITAL SPY – LONDON posting on Vidur : Dev Patel takes Indian accent lessons via @digitalspy


Link of Videos on YouTube :

1 – DD NEWS :


3 – E 24 Coverage (1st) :

4 –  ZOOM Coverage on Neil:

5 – India TV News :
Katrina’s Hindi Guru

6 – E 24 Coverage (2 nd) :

7 – ZOOM Coverage on Katrina :

8 – Sahara Samay Coverage on Katrina :

With this copy of  VIDUR Club Newsletter , I make myself accountable to one and all and voluntarily submit myself even for legal scrutiny . I can vouch for myself only . I don’t know about others .

I will see you very soon with VIDUR Club Newsletter – 2 .







A Visitor From GUERNSEY

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JUNE 09 , 2012           01.00 A.M.

Almost a year back , I added a link of Flag Counter on my blog space . It helps me to know the names of the countries of the visitors of my blog . As soon as a visitor hits my blog , flag of his country appears on my flag counter .

On June 07 , 2012 , when I saw a new flag on the flag counter , I opened the link and got a shock of my life . The new visiting country’s name appeared as GUERNSEY. I rubbed my eyes , pinched my palm and then got assured that the name of the new visiting country is definitely GUERNSEY .

Flag Counter


Free counters!

Till this date , as I am posting this blog , 116 countries have visited my blog space . GUERNSEY is the 115th country . Frankly speaking , I have not even heard the name of this country . I immediately clicked on the flag counter and got some knowledge about the country . Today I googled GUERNSEY and became more familiar with the country . A tiny island , GUERNSEY is situated 30 miles from the west coast of France and 75 miles south of England . GUERNSEY is a British Crown Dependency . She has a population of 65068 only . Her capital is Saint Peter Port and she has total area of  78 km..

Let us try to know something more about GUERNSEY .

[ Excerpts from Wikipedia ]

Guernsey (play /ˈɡɜrnzi/ GURN-zee), officially the Bailiwick of Guernsey (French: Bailliage de Guernesey, IPA: [bajaʒ də ɡɛʁnəzɛ]), is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey embraces not only all 10 parishes on the Island of Guernsey, but also the islands of Herm, Jethou, and Lihou. Furthermore, the Bailiwick includes Alderney and Sark, which each has its own parliament.

Although its defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom, the Bailiwick of Guernsey is not part of the UK; and while it participates in the Common Travel Area, it is not part of the European Union.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is included (along with the Bailiwick of Jersey) in the grouping known as the Channel Islands.

During World War I approximately 3,000 island men served in the British Expeditionary Force. Of these, about 1,000 served in the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry regiment which was formed from the Royal Guernsey Militia in 1916.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey was occupied by German troops in World War II. Before the occupation, many Guernsey children were evacuated to England to live with relatives or strangers during the war. Some children were never reunited with their families.

Several European countries have consulate presence in the island. The French Consulate is based at Victor Hugo‘s former residence at Hauteville House. The German Honorary Consulate is based at local design and advertising agency Betley Whitehorne.

While Guernsey has complete autonomy over internal affairs and certain external matters, the topic of complete independence from the British Crown has been discussed widely and frequently, with ideas ranging from Guernsey obtaining independence as a Dominion to the bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey uniting and forming an independent Federal State within the Commonwealth, whereby both islands retain their independence with regards to domestic affairs but internationally, the islands would be regarded as one state.

English is the language in general use by the majority of the population, while Guernésiais, the Norman language of the island, is spoken fluently by only about 2% of the population (according to 2001 census). However, 14% of the population claim some understanding of the language.  Georges Métivier, considered by some to be the island’s national poet, wrote in Guernesiais. The loss of the island’s language and the Anglicisation of its culture, which began in the nineteenth century and proceeded inexorably for a century, accelerated sharply when the majority of the island’s school children were evacuated to the UK for five years during the German occupation of 1940–1945.

Georges Métivier

[ Georges Métivier, considered by some to be the island’s national poet. ]

Victor Hugo wrote some of his best-known works while in exile in Guernsey, including Les Misérables. His home in St. Peter Port, Hauteville House, is now a museum administered by the city of Paris. In 1866, he published a novel set in the island, Travailleurs de la Mer (Toilers of the Sea), which he dedicated to the island of Guernsey.

Location of Guernsey

Location of Guernsey

Image of the Crown Dependencies

Image of Guernsey , British Crown Dependencies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of Guernsey

Map of Guernsey

Map of the parishes of Guernsey.

Map of the parishes of Guernsey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Guernsey (bordered)

Flag of Guernsey (bordered) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Civil ensign of Guernsey

Civil ensign of Guernsey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Guernsey flying in St. Peter Port

Flag of Guernsey flying in St. Peter Port (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Airport of Guernsey

Airport of Guernsey

St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port

Guernsey 10

Guernsey (Photo credit: neonbubble)

Guernsey 04

Guernsey (Photo credit: neonbubble)



Guernsey Harbour

Guernsey Harbour

Ryman Auditorium, where The Byrds made their a...

Ryman Auditorium, where The Byrds made their appearance at the Grand Ole Opry on March 15, 1968. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guernsey 11

Guernsey (Photo credit: neonbubble)

I never knew above mentioned facts , which I have taken from Wikipedia . I am a student of history and always take pride in the fact that my general knowledge is very good . Still I have not heard about GUERNSEY . I was even oblivious of her existence .

So , when an anonymous visitor from GUERNSEY visited my blog space , I was elated . I was simply ecstatic . I don’t think I will get an opportunity to visit this beautiful island nation . But who know ? May be some day I will land there . May be some day I will get a chance to pay obeisance to the house , where Victor Hugo stayed and wrote some of his famous novels .





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