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MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           AUGUST 05 , 2012           02.20 A.M.

I have three fascinations in life , which are not known to many people . Some very close ones know that . I love PENS , WATCHES , STATIONARY & SHOES , and that too in the same order .

I have a large collection of pens . Some of them are really expensive . In my daily life I use two MONT BLANC pens . So one can understand my fad and fetish .

I do like watches and that too big ones . But this fetish of mine is still a fancy . All the famous wrist watches are very expensive and I am unable to afford them at present . I do wish to have them one day , but wishes are only wishes , and not reality .

Wrist watches came to our civilization quite late , though watches were always an integral part of our lives . From pocket watches to trench watches and from trench watches to present day wrist watches , they have metamorphosed a lot .

Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

English: Trench watch (wristlet). The type of ...

Trench watch (wristlet). The type of watch used by soldiers and aviators during the World War I (WWI) – a transitional design between pocket watches and wrist watches, has features of both. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days wrist watches are more of a men’s accessory than just a necessity . Almost every fashion designer , almost all the fashion houses have come up with designers watches with unheard of price tag .

I am listing some of the wrist watches , which caught my fancy and which are still beyond my reach .

1 – Omega : It needs no introduction . This legendary and most famous and hot favourite Swiss watch first made its appearance in the market in 1848 . It is associated to James Bond films . Its Omega Seamaster model has been used in many Bond movies . It has been associated with many sport events also , including Olympics . Its Constellation model is now ruling the market .


English: Omega Seamaster Seamaster 300 M Diver...

Omega Seamaster Seamaster 300 M Diver Chronometer (James Bond edition). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 – ROLEX : Again a timeless favourite of generations of connoisseurs , this British watch has now become iconic . It is popularly regarded as status symbol . Though much junior to others but it has gained a cult status . It first hit the market in 1905 . Its OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE JUST II is the collector’s delight .

3 – BLANCPAIN : This is in the market since 1735 .

4 – JAQUET DROZ : This Swiss watch first hit the market in 1738 . It is three years junior to BLANCPAIN . It opened its London factory in 1774 to meet growing international demand .

5 – Breguet : This luxury Swiss watch maker company is celebrating 200 years of its existence . It first came in the market in 1812 . ItsReine de Naples collection defines the brand today . In 2010 they introduced Haute Joaillerie Crazy Flower watch entirely paved in diamonds with 120 baguette diamonds . Its dial consists of 206 cut diamonds .Every movement of the wrist brings the diamond petals to life . ITS PRICE IS ON REQUEST .

5 – ULYSSE NARDIN : This Swiss watch is much junior to the above mentioned two watches . It came in 1846 .


Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronometer 1846.

Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronometer 1846. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6 – TAG Heuer : This Swiss watch is ruling the market since 1860 . It is my personal favourite . Carrera is my much desired watch , which I wish to possess one day .


TAG Heuer Carrera automatic chronograph with t...

TAG Heuer Carrera automatic chronograph with tachymeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


7 – CORUM : It is much junior in the hierarchy but it is very expensive . It hit the market in 1955 . Its ADMIRAL’S CUP Legend model made it overnight sensation . CORUM Golden Bridge Collection watches are fancied even by connoisseurs and they are really collector’s pride .

8 – PARMIGIANI FLEURIER : Though much junior compared to others , it came in 1976 . All the watches are hand – crafted and it takes 400 hours to create a single watch . This makes them exclusive . Toric , Kalpa and Bugatti 370 are their famous watch lines .

Exclusive watches come with fancy price tag and with such price tags of the watches , I know that I wont be able to possess even a single brand ever . But is there any harm in dreaming ?

Once during my teens , I possessed a hmt watch . Now I use TITAN . I have a ROLEX also . But definitely not the original one and that too was gifted to me by Perizaad Zorabian , a student of mine .

I think , I should finish my blog here and go to the dreamy and fanciful world of PENS and WATCHES and STATIONARY and SHOES .

[ I have culled the material from the August issue of Spice magazine and also from some other fashion periodicals . I express my gratitude . ]




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