Vidur’s Travel Diary – 7 : Datia

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 18 , 2012           03.15 P.M.

I flew to Gwalior on February 27th , 2012 by afternoon Air India flight . I have lost count of my visits to Dabra and Gwalior . It is place of my in – laws  , so I have to visit it again and again for some function or the other .

This time I went for the house – warming party of my youngest brother – in – law Shri Ashok Tiwari . Party was on March 1st , 1012 . But I went 2 days earlier because this time I wanted to visit Datia , Orchha and several places in Gwalior city also .

I landed at Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia airport at Gwalior in the evening . It is new airport and is quite small compared to other known and older airports . But it is very convenient for me because it connects Mumbai and Gwalior directly . I landed and immediately proceeded to Datia by car .

Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Airport , Gwalior

Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Airport , Gwalior

Datia is a small district , sandwiched between Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh and Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh .

Map showing location of district in Madhya Pra...

Map showing location of Datia district in Madhya Pradesh in India

Highway connecting Gwalior to Jhansi is being re-done. After completion it is going to be a boon for travellers . Few km. of the road which is complete , is testimony to this fact .

A Portion of Gwalior - Jhansi Highway

A Portion of Gwalior - Jhansi Highway

Datia has nothing much to offer . It is very old district but it is still a small town . It has only 445 villages and just 3 towns ; Datia , Seondha and Bhander . It comes under Gwalior Division and could be approached through rail and / or road . Datia railway station lies in between Jhansi and Gwalior .

Rugged Terrain of Datia

Rugged Terrain of Datia

There is nothing much in Datia for a wanderer like me . But it has world-famous temple of Durga Mata . In popular parlance this temple is known as Peetambara Peeth .

My Wife at the Main Entrance of Peetambara Peeth , Datia

My Wife at the Main Entrance of Peetambara Peeth , Datia

Near the Temple Gate

Near the Temple Gate

My Wife Near the Temple Gate

My Wife Near the Temple Gate

Coming Out of Peetambara Peeth

Coming Out of Peetambara Peeth

Apart from Peetambara Peeth , Datia has Hanuman Garhi and a palaces known as Purana Mahal . It was built for Mughal Emperor Jahangir, though he never visited Datia . This palace is visible from the train and road , when you travel from Jhansi to Gwalior .

I paid obeisance to Peetambara Peeth and immediately returned to Dabra in the night . I am not sure when I would be visiting Datia again . May be I will go there , when I visit Dabra again for some function .

As usual I remembered these famous lines of Agyeya , a renowned Hindi poet , while returning :

पार्श्व गिरि का नम्र चीड़ों में , डगर चढ़ती उमंगों सी ;

बिछी पैरों में नदी ज्यों दर्द की रेखा , विहग शिशु मौन नीड़ों में ; 

मैंने आँख भर देखा , दिया मन को दिलासा ; 
पुनः आऊँगा , भले ही बरस दिन , अनगिन युगों के बाद ;

क्षितिज ने पलक सी खोली , दमक कर दामिनी बोली ;
” अरे यायावर ! रहेगा याद ? “
[ Tenderness of mighty mountains reflected in pine trees ,
Upward moving pathways symbolizing my enthusiasm ,
River , flowing deep down like a line of pain ,
Tiny tots of birds sitting silently in their nest ,
I saw everything with contentment ,
Consoled myself , I would come again ,
After a year or may be after ages ……….
Horizon opened its eyes , lightning dazzled in the sky ,
As if saying ………………
O Wanderer ! Would you ever even remember ? ]



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