Incredible DEV ANAND SAHAB : The Immortal Mortal

With Dev Anand in His Office


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA            DECEMBER 07 , 2011           10.30 P.M.

On December 04 , 2011 , I woke up as usual in the morning imagining a lazy Sunday and as per my habit picked up my BlackBerry to check BBM messages . I opened the page and got a shock of my life , which I won’t be able to forget ever . There was a posting by Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan :


I was shocked beyond belief . I conveyed this message to my wife and she almost shrieked in dismay . I rushed to my TV set and saw the news . I kept on changing channels in hope that may be some will say that the news of the sad demise of  DEV ANAND SAHAB is not true . But ……… alas !

For me DEV ANAND SAHAB was immortal . I thought that he will always be there in this world . At least I will be watching HIM throughout my life . Anyhow HE will outlive me . It was a belief . I won’t be able to give any reason for my belief but the thought of the immortality of DEV ANAND SAHAB was ingrained in my psyche .

So when I knew that HE was in London for medical check up , it was beyond comprehension .

DEV ANAND and hospitals , don’t sink in the psyche .

DEV ANAND and doctors , don’t go together in mind .

DEV ANAND and illness , don’t go together .

DEV ANAND and death , don’t and can’t co – exist .

Even incapacitated and bed – ridden DEV ANAND is beyond imagination . This image doesn’t exist in the galaxy .

So news of his demise is still not sinking in . I am feeling , even today , that HE just vanished from this earth and may be making motion pictures in some far away galaxy .

I met HIM in his office last year on December 20 , 2010 . I was planning to launch my son in a Bhojpuri Movie ” Aber ” , and I wanted DEV ANAND SAHAB to give clap for the Muhurat shot . I requested Mr. Ali Peter John to introduce me to DEV SAHAB .It is honour that HE agreed to meet me .

Watching television coverage all day long , I was ushered to the world of DEV ANAND SAHAB and some sepia toned memories of my childhood rushed to the firmament of my being . ” Dushman ” [ 1957 ] was the first film , which I saw in the Vijay Talkies of Deoria , my home town . After that I watched almost all his films till ” Hum Naujawan ” [ 1986 ] . And after that I lost track of His films but certainly not HIS personality or life .

It has become a habit among some section of movie going public to make fun of his later – year movies . I would like to give few facts :

1 – AS AN ACTOR : [ 65 years – 113 Films  = ” Hum Ek Hain ” [ 1946 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ]   Survive / Exist in the world of cinema for 65 years  and then talk .

2 – AS A PRODUCER : [ 61 years – 31 Films = ” Afsar ” [ 1950 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ]  Survive Exist in the world of cinema for 61 years  and then talk .

3 – AS A DIRECTOR : [ 41 years – 19 Films  = ” Prem Pujari ” [ 1970 ] to ” Chargesheet ” [ 2011 ] Survive / Exist in the world of cinema for 41 years   and then talk .

4 – AS A WRITER : Write your autobiography at the age of  84 years , and that too with pen and paper ; neither dictating it to your secretary , nor typing on the computer , and then talk . AndRomancing With Life is a voluminous book , and it got released by the Prime Minister of India Dr . Manmohan Singh .

5 – AS AN AGING STAR : [ 22 years – 10 Flop Films ]  Survive / Exist in the slippery world of films without a single hit and that too without fading into oblivion for 22 years .  ” Lashkar ” [ 1989 ] was his last hit , and then talk .

If you can equal even one of the above mentioned startling data , only then you have the right to talk about DEV ANAND SAHAB . And if you can’t achieve any one of the above mentioned facts or even dream of doing anything similar , then keep your mouth shut , bow your head and pay obeisance .

It is not for nothing that within 3 days of HIS death , there are 13,894 articles about HIM in the media . It is a record and shows his relevance and importance .

I will always cherish the memory of meeting HIM .I am sharing few facts , which I never said before :

I wanted to touch HIS feet and sought his permission . HE said looking direct into my eyes , ” There is no need . You want to give me respect by touching my feet but I can see that respect in your eyes .”

I gave him brochure of the institute and the booklet , which I have written about diction . HE browsed through and said , ” You are doing great work sir . Keep on doing it . God bless ! ”

When I sought his blessings for my project , he said , ” Keep on working and remember , your dreams should be longer than your memories . Never let your memories be longer than your dreams .”

I will never ever forget his parting words , ” If ever I meet God , I will ask him why didn’t you make man an immortal being ? Were you afraid that immortal human beings can take your place ?  I long for immortality . ”

I left his office with Mr. Ali Peter John , who took me there , hoping that I might meet him soon . But my film project got delayed and I couldn’t meet HIM .

And now I won’t be able to meet him ever .

Evergreen Romantic Star , indefatigable , indomitable , inimitable , Padma Bhushan DEV ANAND SAHAB passed away in his sleep at the young age of 88 in London .

It is customary to say REST IN PEACE . But ……..

DEV ANAND and rest are antonyms .

So I end up saying – keep on making motion pictures in another world SIR . I will definitely meet you there .


In my formative years ,  my family was my epicentre . Apart from family , world of motion pictures was my second universe . That world was adorned by a beautiful canopy . For me that canopy is Ashok Kumar . That beautiful , magnificent canopy was supported by four enormously magnificent and gigantic pillars . Name of those pillars are ; tragedy king Dilip Kumar , evergreen romantic DEV ANAND , show – man Raj Kapoor and rebel star Shammi Kapoor . Once upon a time , not very long ago this canopy stood graciously with the support of these gigantic pillars . Sitting under the canopy , in the vicinity of four gigantic pillars , I was serenaded by the soothing voice of a nightingale , known as Lata Mangeshkar .

Apart from my family , this was my another world . The canopy is long gone . Two pillars ; Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor have also crumbled . With the death of DEV ANAND SAHAB , one more pillar succumbed to the vagaries of nature . Now the solitary pillar remains in the form of Dilip Kumar . And yes , the soothing voice of Lata Mangeshkar still serenades me .

But alas , like my family , my other world has also shrunk beyond recognition . I am shattered . I am numb . I am disheartened .

But if you are a fan of DEV ANAND , you have to move on .

Without you there is no light in my life DEV SAHAB .

But I promise to carry on , just like you .

Thanks a lot DEV SAHAB , thanks for teaching me life .



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9 Newcomers of ” Aber ” , My Bhojpuri Film

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA              APRIL 25, 2011               07.15 P. M.

While preparing for the pre – production of ” ABER ” , my Bhojpuri film , I laid down few rules for myself.

1 – I decided that my actors should be genuine struggling actors and not some wannabes, who are well settled in their respective lives and have this everlasting wishful thinking of becoming actors.

2 – I decided that I would give work to the maximum number of my students. And why not ? If I am imparting training and churning out vast number of talented artistes, why should I rummage through the trash bins of some other trainers and sign their discarded and defective museum pieces for my films?

3 – I also decided that I would give chance to maximum numbers of newcomers. Generally people do not understand the process of film – making. They feel that only talent counts. Outsider’s opinion of film industry is based on sweet dreams and some fallacies. Film – making depends on the will and power of financiers and distributors. You wont get money for a non – star cast film. And finally even if you get the money and any how complete the film , you wont be able to sell it to the distributors. So casting newcomers was the most difficult decision, which I took. Though I was adamant and today I am satisfied that there are 9 new comers in ” Aber ” , my Bhojpuri film. I did talk to Rani Chatterjee , Viraj Bhatt , Swati Varma and Aksshey Varma for my film, because they are big stars and I can sell my film on their name. But here also I fulfilled my first commitment. Swati and Aksshey are my students. So out of 4 stablished stars , 2 are my students. And out of  9  new comers , 7 are my students and remaining 2 are new comers but not my students.

1 – Ashutosh Singh : He is the music director of my film and has done just one film. But that film is not released yet. Apart from that film he has not done anything. And since the film he has done is yet to get released , he is as new and fresh as any new comer. Needless to say that he has done fantastic job.

Ashutosh Singh

Ashutosh Singh

2 – PRIYA SHARMA : She is the romantic lead of my film and she has not done any film as main lead. She has worked as second lead in a film but it is yet to get released.

3 – PRIYAMVADA PANDEY : She has done a serial for Mahua channel but not a film. After Rani Chatterjee and Swati Varma, who are big stars in Bhojpuri film industry, she is playing the most important character in the film and it was a big and risky decision as per the norm of film industry. But I am firm on my decision and have confidence that she will always be known and shall always be remembered for this role.

She is our student and was in Batch No. 27 of KEATING CHARAKTERS.

Priyamvada Pandey

 4 – PRIYA JOSHI : She is a Marathi girl and has not done any thing either in Hindi or in Marathi. Her role is smaller compared to all the above mentioned female characters but this role is catalyst and it is the pivotal role of the movie. When I informed her about my decision, she went into disbelief. At that time her batch was yet to be completed and even her batch-mates thought that I am not serious. But I had seen the sparks and was adamant  that only she could essay the role.

She is our student and was in the Batch No. 46 of KREATING CHARAKTERS.

Priya Joshi

5 – Sandip Yadav : Again a rank new comer , he has done nothing ; neither stage , nor TV or film. He is from Uttar Pradesh and basically a Bhojpuri speaking person.

He is our student and was in the Batch No. 41 of KREATING CHARAKTERS.

Sandip Yadav

Sandip Yadav

6 – Rajnish Gore : Like Sandip , he is also a rank new comer. Totally without experience, he has done nothing. He is Bhojpuri speaking boy .

He is our student and was in the Batch No. 38 of KREATING CHARAKTERS .

Rajnish Gore

Rajnish Gore

7 – Riddhi Bansal : He is very old student of mine and is basically a dubbing artiste. He is from Rajasthan and is playing a police officer in the film. He has done just one film , which has not been released yet.

Riddhi Bansal

Riddhi Bansal

8 – RATAN LAL : He is from Ranchi , Jharkhand and he is a black belt holder. He has done few episode of a serial ” Left Right Left “. Apart from that he has done one Bhojpuri film, which is yet to be released. In my film he is playing the role of a Marine commando.

He is working at KREATING CHARAKTERS as action trainer.

Ratan Lal

9 – Raunak Chaturvedi : He is my son and student too. He has done acting workshop with Nadira Zaheer Babbar. After completing that workshop, he started learning dance from Krishna Sir and is still doing that. Earlier he was with Shiamak Davar’s academy also.

Before admitting him in KREATING CHARAKTERS,  I advised him to work as assistant director so that he should know all the aspects of film making. He has assisted 4 directors. He started with clap boy and graduated to become the 1st assistant director. His last job as assistant was for ” Daddy Cool ” , a Inder Kumar film.

He is our student and was in the Batch No. 46 of KREATING CHARAKTERS.

Raunak Chaturvedi

Raunak Chaturvedi

Poster of " Aber " - A Bhojpuri Film With Difference

Poster of " Aber " - A Bhojpuri Film With Difference

1st Publicity Design of " Aber "

1st Publicity Design of " Aber "

2nd Publicity Design of " Aber "

2nd Publicity Design of " Aber "

3rd Publicity Design of " Aber "

3rd Publicity Design of " Aber "




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