70 Years of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 14 , 2012           00.45 A.M.

Amitabh Bachchan turned 70 on October 11 , 2012 . I am following the news since 2 / 3 days and it seems to be a never-ending saga . On that day almost all the luminaries attended his birthday bash at Film City , Mumbai . It became a national , rather international news .

English: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I have stated in my earlier blog , which I wrote when he completed 40 years in the Hindi Film Industry , I was not his fan initially. But gradually when I grew and when I started understanding cinema , I started appreciating his work more .

I must admit here that I am yet to watch ” Saat Hindustani ” [ 1969 ] , his first film . His first film , which I watched was ” Anand ” [ 1971 ] . A Dilip Kumar fan , who was getting used to Rajesh Khanna , any liking for Amitabh Bachchan was not possible . Though I must admit here that he was very good in that film . Then I watched ” Reshma Aur Shera ” [ 1971 ] . He was definitely very good in that film also . But the era belonged to Rajesh Khanna .

Then I watched ” Ek Nazar ” [ 1972 ] . Sitting in a cinema hall of Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh , I was not impressed or mesmerized by his persona on the screen . I vividly remember some adverse or inimical comments made by public . I was startled because I was watching the film in Allahabad and it being his home town , I was expecting some favourable cheering . But he was being booed . ” Bansi Birju ” [ 1972 ] was another debacle . ” Raste Ka Patthar ” [ 1972 ] , ” Bombay To Goa ” [ 1972 ] and ” Bandhe Haath ” [ 1973 ] couldn’t make matter easier for Mr. Bachchan .

Though things started getting changed in 1973 . ” Zanjeer ” [ 1973 ] got released and things changed for Mr. Bachchan . ” Namak Haraam ” [ 1973 ] fortified his position . From 1973 onwards Rajesh Khanna’s historical debacle started and stupendous ascendency of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan began . ” Deewar ” [1975 ] and ” Sholay ” [ 1975 ] came in quick succession and juggernaut of Amitabh Bachchan became unstoppable . So from ” Zanjeer ” [1973 ] to ” Paa ” [ 2009 ] and ” Department ” [ 2012 ] , it was and it is Amitabh Bachchan tsunami .

After ” Khuda Gawah ” [ 1992 ] he took sabbatical . It was self – imposed semi retirement . He did few film after 5 years but old spark was missing . He again got his lost empire back with ” Mohabbatein ” [ 2000 ] and from 2000 to 2012 he is again numero uno .

2000 is very important year for him because apart from ” Mohabbatein “ , he decided to host ” Kaun Banega Crorepati “ on television . And after that he never looked back till today.

I have tried to chronicle his journey as an actor because he almost forced me to like and appreciate him . I am a self-confessed Dilip Kumar fan . Later on I started liking Ashok Kumar , Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor . My liking and appreciation for Amitabh Bachchan was slow . But now it is complete . Ashok Kumar , Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor are gone . Dilip Kumar doesn’t work anymore . ” Qila ” [ 1998 ] was his last appearance on screen . So naturally Amitabh Bachchan is the only icon , only actor of relevance available .

As Acting Trainer of Mumbai , I need to give example to my students and films of Amitabh Bachchan are my reference point . Almost all the Acting Trainers of India give reference from his films . All the Acting Schools of Mumbai or Bollywood Acting Schools have his photos prominently placed in their premises .

I am lucky that I have chance to bump into him several times . I first saw him at the music release function of  K. C. Bokadia’s film ” Pyar Zindagi Hai ” [ 2001 ] . It starred my students Vikas Kalantri and Ashima Bhalla . This film is also noted because it was K. C. Bokadia’s 50th film . Mr. Bachchan came for the music release function at The Club and I got chance to see him .

I admire him as a man , as an actor and as a public figure . I have got inspired by him and started dabbling in internet . He also inspired me to write blog . So in a way , this blog is my tribute to him .

Wish you a very long life Mr. Bachchan !








Yes , I Am Acting Tutor , Not Acting Trainer

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 12 , 2012           00.45 A.M.


My country has unique quality . Here you will find people who claim that they know everything . Without reading literature , they can teach literature . Without watching old classic films , they can endlessly give sermon on films . Without meeting a single film legend , they boast about being in touch of all the legends of cinema . They can claim that they are polyglot and can write and speak impeccable English . It is another thing that their knowledge of language is limited and their spelling is horribly wrong .

When it comes to languages I am puritan . I did my Post Graduation in English Literature from Allahabad University , which is known as Oxford of the East . Therefore when I see a wrong spelling or a wrong sentence I squirm . I admire and try to follow Queen’s English .

In olden days , standard of education was so high in India that even a wood-cutter could speak impeccable Sanskrit . Let me tell a story . Raja Bhoj , who is known for his erudition and knowledge , was roaming around in a forest . He saw an old wood-cutter . That old wood-cutter was walking with difficulty because of the woods he was carrying on his shoulder . Raja Bhoj thought of helping him . He asked the wood-cutter , ” किं स्कन्धं बाधति ? ” [ Is your shoulder paining ? ] As per Sanskrit grammar , the verb should have been बाधते and not बाधति . Old wood-cutter looked at the king and answered back , ” स्कन्धं न बाधते राजन , यथा बाधति बाधते ” [ My shoulder is not paining but the use of wrong word बाधति is definitely painful. ]

But this is an old story . This kind of knowledge and education is a thing of past . Much water has flown down the holy Ganga . So wrong sentences and wrong spellings are order of the day .

Let me come to the point . Recently I was made aware that I am just a tutor and not the trainer of acting . Acerbic tone of the statement made it clear that it is a gibe and not a genuine praise . Gentleman who made the barb does not know the real meaning of Trainer . Just look at the meaning of trainer given in the dictionary :




1. a staff member on an athletic team who gives first aid and therapy to injured players.

2. a person who trains athletes; coach.

3. a person who trains racehorses or other animals for contests, shows, or performances.

4. an airplane or a simulated aircraft used in training crew members, especially pilots.

I don’t find any reference of acting or fine arts here . Word Trainer is used for the coach of animals , machines or athletes .

Now look at the meaning of tutor :




1. a person employed to instruct another in some branch or branches of learning, especially a private instructor.

2. a teacher of academic rank in some American universities and colleges.

3. a teacher without institutional connection who assists students in preparing for examinations.

4. (especially at Oxford and Cambridge) a university officer, usually a fellow, responsible for teaching and supervising a number of undergraduates.

5. the guardian of a boy or girl below the age of puberty or majority.


6. to act as a tutor to; teach or instruct, especially privately.

7. to have the guardianship, instruction, or care of.

8. to instruct under handedly; coach: to tutor a witness before he testifies.

9. Archaic.
a. to train, school, or discipline.
b. to admonish or reprove.

10. to act as a tutor or private instructor.
11. to study privately with a tutor.

Trainer is associated with animals and tutor is associated with study , knowledge and fine arts . We can find first reference of a tutor in 1631 . You can see the photograph of Prince Charles Louis with his Tutor posted below .

English: Painting: Prince Charles Louis with h...

Prince Charles Louis with his Tutor (1631) by Jan Lievens (1607-1674), Dutch painter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost 240 years later we find another eminent tutor of Oxford University . You can see the photograph posted below .

Mandell Creighton, Oxford tutor in 1870, a yea...

Mandell Creighton, Oxford tutor in 1870, a year before he met Louise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Neumann, British mathematician and Senio...

Peter Neumann, British mathematician and Senior tutor at The Queen’s College, Oxford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was another tutor of repute in that era . I am posting portrait of Vilém Gabler (1821 – 1897), Czech teacher, who was private tutor in rich families .

Portrait of Vilém Gabler (1821 - 1897), Czech ...

Portrait of Vilém Gabler (1821 – 1897), Czech teacher, private tutor in rich families, long-time director of high school for girls in Prague and author of textbooks and travelogues. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now go through the following synonyms of tutor :

Synonyms of Tutor :


coach, direct, discipline, drill, drum into, edify, educate, guide, instruct, lay it out for, lecture, let in on, ready, school, train, update

So it is amply clear that in the field of art , fine arts and acting , there could only be a tutor and not trainer . I don’t know how and when it started but these days the word Acting Trainer is in vogue . I have no problem with the word Acting Trainer . But Tutor is not derogatory . On the contrary Tutor is the right and most appropriate word for an acting coach .

But as I have written in the beginning :


There are Acting Trainers of Mumbai , Acting Trainers of India . Some Bollywood Acting Trainers use the title Acting Guru also . All the reputed and not so reputed Acting Schools of Mumbai and Acting Schools of India take pride in the fact that they have employed Acting Trainers of repute . Let them take the cake .

I state with all the humility that I am the one and only Acting Tutor of India . I am fully satisfied with my life as an Acting Tutor . If people think that being tutor is inferior than a trainer , it is their complexes . It is their limited knowledge of Queen’s English .

But as I have stated in the beginning :









Sad End of Varsha Bhosle

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 10, 2012           00.45 A.M.

On Monday October 08 , while I was going through the tweets of some of the eminent people , whom I follow , I suddenly noticed that many people are paying tribute to Varsha Bhosle . I knew that Varsha Bhosle is the name of legendary singer Asha Bhosle’s daughter , but it didn’t occur to me that this Varsha Bhosle is the same person .

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Indian singer Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though I am a die-hard Lata Mangeshkar fan but I do respect Asha Bhosle immensely . It is sad that at this age she has to face this kind of tragedy . In her tumultuous career and eventful life , she faced many challenges and she faced them bravely . But a tragedy of this magnitude is unimaginable .

I am extremely fortunate that I had opportunity to have telephonic conversation with legendary Lata Mangeshkar once . I am honoured that I had visited Lata Mangeshkar’s apartment at Prabhu Kunj once . I am yet to meet Asha Tai . But I can say that I know Varsha Bhosle . I know her through her writings. I loved her column on internet . When , during pre – social media boom , she started writing her column on a portal called Rediff.com , she got huge fan following . I was one of the followers . Though she wrote for print media also but her internet column was beyond words .

She wrote columns for the web portal, Rediff, during 1997 – 2003; columns for The Sunday Observer during 1994 – 1998; and for Gentleman magazine in 1993. She also wrote a little for the Times of India and for Rakshak – The Protector police magazine .

Before writing columns , she worked as a playback singer in Hindi and Marathi movies, and appeared in concerts with her mother. She sang for a Dev Anand filmLootmaar ” [ 1980 ] .

Varsha ji finished school from Hill Grange High School, on Pedder Road, Mumbai, in 1974, with an ISC. She studied Political Science at Elphinstone College, which is affiliated with Bombay University in Mumbai.

She lived in Mumbai with her mother, Asha Bhosle. She had married a sports writer and public relations professional Hemant Kenkre but the couple divorced in 1998. On September 9, 2008, she attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, after which she was admitted to Mumbai‘s Jaslok hospital. Later, on October 8, 2012, 56-year-old Varsha committed suicide at her residence in Mumbai. She shot herself in the head at her Prabhu Kunj residence in Mumbai.

Almost all the readers of her columns are her life-long fans . She had her own distinct style . She was honest . She was blunt . She was iconoclast . But she always admired and respected her critics . It never took more than a moment to accept her mistakes . And she always accepted it with dignity and without ill – will .

It is extremely sad that such a gifted writer left us too soon . I always wanted to meet her . But now it wont be possible ever .

Rest In Peace Varsha ji . You shall always be with us through your written words .

[ I have quoted few things from Wikipedia . I express my indebtedness .]








Vidur’s Telly Tales – 9 : Bigg Boss Connection [ B ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 09, 2012           01.45 A.M.

Bigg Boss – Season 6 started on October 07, 2012 on Colors . When Bigg Boss – Season 5 started , I immediately posted my first blog about my Bigg Boss connection on October 04, 2011 . I have mentioned in that blog that barring Season – 5 , which has only one student Mahek Chahal , all the other seasons had two students of mine as participants . Here is the list , which I had posted at that time :

Bigg Boss – Season – 1 : Amit Sadh / Ragini Shetty

Bigg Boss – Season – 2 : Monica Bedi / Zulfi Syed

Bigg Boss – Season – 3 : Aditi Govitrikar / Shamita Shetty

Bigg Boss – Season – 4 : Ashmit Patel / Samir Soni

Bigg Boss – Season – 5 : Mahek Chahal

But later on Amar Upadhyay joined the inmates of Season – 5 and this Season too had two students .

I was eagerly waiting for Season – 6 to start and when I watched the opening episode , I was overjoyed that this Season – 6 also has two students . They are Niketan Madhok and Karishma Kotak . Now the revised list is :

Bigg Boss – Season – 1 : Amit Sadh / Ragini Shetty

Bigg Boss – Season – 2 : Monica Bedi / Zulfi Syed

Bigg Boss – Season – 3 : Aditi Govitrikar / Shamita Shetty

Bigg Boss – Season – 4 : Ashmit Patel / Samir Soni

Bigg Boss – Season – 5 : Mahek Chahal / Amar Upadhyay

Bigg Boss – Season – 6 : Niketan Madhok / Karishma Kotak

I thought , isn’t it uncanny ? Isn’t it something special ? Isn’t it unique ? Bigg Boss is hugely popular . It is eagerly awaited . All the participants become household name . And here I can say with utmost satisfaction that I have 2 students per episode . In total 12 students in 6 seasons .

Any Acting Trainer would wish that his students should be in the house . Every Acting Trainer of Mumbai and all the Acting Trainers of India dream for this kind of publicity , which is rare . Some Acting Trainers of Mumbai even make false claims . Luckily ,  as an Acting Trainer of  Bollywood , I got this on platter .

Among all the Famous Acting Classes in Mumbai or reputed Film Institutes of Mumbai , my institute Vidur’s Kreating Charakters is fortunate enough to have such a track record .

A wannabe Acting Trainer of India and few unscrupulous , shady Bollywood Acting Trainers have greeted me with cuss words on the facebook . They sent me message on the facebook so that no one else could read it . This only shows their utmost frustration . Famous Acting Class can’t be run by frustrated people . It is like meditation . You have to slog . You have to work tirelessly , relentlessly and without showing fatigue .

But anyway , it is time to rejoice . It is time to sit down and take stock of the situation . It is very satisfying moment , a humbling experience . I thank almighty for giving me such opportunities and honour .

I am thankful to all my students for making me proud .








The 100 Crore Club of Hindi Films

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           OCTOBER 06, 2012           01.40 A.M.

All the Acting Trainers of Mumbai want successful students . Its natural . Some Acting Trainers of India even make false claims about their student actors to show the world that they are very successful . Its deceit . Almost all Bollywood Acting Trainers have lists of their students , who are now very much successful in Hindi film industry . Some are genuine , some are fake .

In fact all the Film Institutes of Mumbai dish out list of their students , whose films are there in the 100 Crore Club . In olden days Silver Jubilee , Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee used to be the hallmark of a successful films . But now 100 Crore earning films are considered successful .

Till date only 15 films have earned 100 Crore or more . I am reproducing the list of films of all the 15 films of 100 Crore Club from Wikipedia .

The Bollywood 100 Crore Club
Year Film No. of Days Net Gross
2008 Ghajini 18 INR115 crore (US$21.74 million)
2009 3 Idiots 9 INR202 crore (US$38.18 million)
2010 Dabangg 10 INR140 crore (US$26.46 million)
2010 Golmaal 3 17 INR108 crore (US$20.41 million)
2011 Ready 14 INR121 crore (US$22.87 million)
2011 Singham 37 INR100 crore (US$18.9 million)
2011 Bodyguard 7 INR141 crore (US$26.65 million)
2011 Ra.One 11 INR115 crore (US$21.74 million)
2011 Don 2 16 INR115 crore (US$21.74 million)
2012 Agneepath 11 INR120 crore (US$22.68 million)
2012 Housefull 2 17 INR112 crore (US$21.17 million)
2012 Rowdy Rathore 10 INR131.56 crore (US$24.86 million)
2012 Bol Bachchan 20 INR106 crore (US$20.03 million)
2012 Ek Tha Tiger 6 INR186 crore (US$35.15 million)
2012 Barfi! 19 INR100 crore (US$18.9 million)

Out of these 15 films , there are 10 films which have my students are protagonists [ male and female both ] and antagonists . When I go through the list , I feel satisfied that as an Acting Trainer , I have 18 students of mine whose films are there in the 100 Crore Club . I am not blowing my own trumpet but no Bollywood Acting Trainer has such a long list .

I am giving the name of the artistes , who are my students  :

1 – KAREENA KAPOOR  : “3 Idiots”, “Golmaal 3”, “Bodyguard”, “Ra.One”

2 – PRIYANKA CHOPRA : “Don 2” , “Agneepath” & “Barfi”

3 – ARBAAZ KHAN : ” Dabangg “

4 – SONU SOOD : ” Dabangg “

5 – HAZEL KEECH : ” Bodyguard “

6 – ARJUN RAMPAL : ” Ra.One “

7 – KUNAL KAPOOR : ” Don 2 “

8 – HRITIK ROSHAN : ” Agneepath “

9 – SAJID KHAN : ” Housefull 2 ” [ As Director ]

10 – JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ : ” Housefull 2 “

11 – SHAZAHN PADAMSEE : ” Housefull 2 “

12 – KATRINA KAIF : ” Ek Tha Tiger “

13 – RANBIR KAPOOR : ” Barfi “

Out of these 13 students , Kareena Kapoor tops the list with 4 films . She is followed by Priyanka Chopra with 3 films . Rest 11 have 1 film each in their kitty. Out of these 13 students , 12 are actors and 1 Sajid Khan is the director of ” Housefull 2 ” .

Kareena Kapoor was the first to enter in this illustrious club and Ranbir Kapoor is the latest . Both are my student and they both belong to Kapoor family , the first family of Hindi Film industry .

As an Acting Trainer of Bollywood , who runs a Famous Acting Class in Mumbai , known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters , it is a very satisfying journey indeed .

Any Acting Trainer of India can do anything to have such a list .









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